Standard Power Rankings – Week of 8/17/2020

1. Sultai Ramp

Sultai seems to be doing what Temur Rec was doing before the bans; continually occupying large swaths of the top spots in all the tournaments I look at.  This past weekend it was the Red Bull Invitational Qualifier; Sultai “only” occupied 7 of the top 16 slots, easily claiming the #1 spot for this week. In the SCG Qualifier, it was 9 out of 16.

2. Temur Clover

I seem to rank this deck higher than it is successful.  Maybe I’m overrating it or maybe I’m too attached, but to me it still seems like the second best deck.  The draws with Clover can often feel unbeatable and an unanswered Edgewall Innkeeper can run away with the game.

3. Mono Red Aggro

The best aggro deck in standard, once again, belongs to the Cleave.  Believe in the Cleave.  Seriously, though, red has fast aggressive creatures, a pinch of burn, and some of the best top end that an aggro deck could hope for; featuring, of course, EMBERCLEAVE.

4. Izzet Aggro/Tempo

This deck won the Red Bull Invitational Qualifier and seems to be popping up more and more in the tournament results.  Congrats to Anthony Arevalo.  I haven’t played with this deck yet, myself, but it seems fun.  The deck features a lot of cheap spells and cantrips and uses them in combination with Sprite Dragon, Stormwing Entity, and Dreadhorde Arcanist to create value and advantage.

5. Mono Green

Mono Green used to be my pick for best aggressive deck in standard, but since the bans, I think the green deck lost a bit of its value.  I think it happened to be somewhat stronger against the top decks befor ethe ban, but now red is the stronger of the two.

6. Mono Black

In third place for the best mono colored aggro deck in standard, we have Mono Black.  Overall, I think Mono Black just has weaker cards than both the green deck and the red deck, without a ton of upside.

7. Mardu Winota

This deck has fallen off a little bit, but I still think it’s pretty strong.  Winota is just so powerful, she threatens to end any game very quickly if not answered, and for that reason, any Winota deck will always something to be prepared for.

8. Rakdos Sacrifice

After getting back in the rankings last week, I was wondering if Rakdos would rocket it’s way back up.  It hasn’t quite yet, though it has been putting up some moderate results.  Maybe next week it can breakthrough in its new iteration.

9. Orzhov Yorion

This deck had a bit of a popularity surge last week, but has already seemed to drop off and start to fade again.  The deck is reasonable, but not one of the best decks. I can still recommend it as a very fun deck to play that is definitely competitive.

10. Boros Cycling

Oliver Frith took second in the Rebull Qualifier with Boros Cycling.  Could the deck be back?  Maybe.  Will it get back to being regarded as highly as it once was?  That remains to be seen.


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