Standard Power Rankings – Week of 7/13/2020

Hi everyone!  A new week and a new power rankings starting with Temur Rec and Bant Ramp!  Here are this weeks power rankings:

Tier 1

1. Temur Reclamation

Another week, another power rankings, another Temur Rec in first place.  The Red Bull Untapped Tournament over the weekend had an all-star Temur Reclamation final between Javier Dominguez and Yoshihiko Ikawa.  Congrats to Yoshihiko Ikawa on winning the event.  The top eight had four Reclamation decks, as has come to be the norm for big events. 

2. Bant Ramp

The next best Growth Spiral deck and the next best deck.  Bant Ramp has been number two for quite a while now, and will likely live out the format in that position, as Temur is likely to live out the format in the first spot.  Bant had one copy in the Red Bull Untapped top 8, on par with three other non-rec decks, but Bant is still the second strongest.

3. Mono-Green

The aggro deck of choice in standard right now, I think it’s clearly the best aggressive deck, a ton of fun to play, and very powerful.  I’ve written about and played with this deck recently on CFB, and had a lot of fun and success with it.

4. Sultai Ramp

The final three color Growth Spiral deck, I’d rather play either of the other two, but the black cards, particularly discard, provides a good plan against Temur Rec.

5. Simic Ramp

This is less popular than the other Growth Spiral decks and maybe a little weaker, but it still gets access to the good Simic cards, so it is one of the best decks, just not as good as the others.

Tier 2

6. Rakdos Sacrifice

Rakdos Sacrifice seems to have passed Jund in both success and popularity after jund had dominated the sacrifice share of decks for the beginning of the format.  Rakdos has better mana, and is generally able to be a bit move aggressive, which helps a lot in the Temur Rec matchup.  Compared to Jund, which tries to grind a little bit more, Rakdos is where I’d rather be against the rec deck.

7. Jund Sacrifice

Jund, however, is where I’d rather be against Bant.  However, Temur is still the best deck and the deck you’re going to need to beat to win the tournament, seemingly, so I give the slight edge to Rakdos at this point.

8. Mono-Red

Mono Red has had a bit of a resurgence in popularity, despite not having a ton of success, though.  It has definitely been showing up more than it has been successful.  Mono Red is just very strong, though. Embercleave is a great card, I just think green is a better choice.

9. Mono-Black

Black, like Red, has been showing up a bit more without a ton of success.  Mono colored aggro decks are really fun, and it’s fun to do something different sometimes, so it makes sense to me that people are trying this stuff.  That being said, I think Mono Black is the third best mono colored aggro deck.

10. Gruul

I’d rather play mono green or mono red, personally, but like Mono Black, Gruul is fun and competitive if you’re looking for a change of pace.

Look, I write these every week, and every week I do my best to rank the decks as accurately as possible.   The truth of the matter is; if you want to win above all else, play a Growth Spiral deck.  Any of these decks can compete with those decks, certainly, but they aren’t ahead in the aggregate.  Lots of these decks are fun, but they just aren’t as good, for the most part. 


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