Standard Power Rankings – Week of 7/1/2020

1. Temur Reclamation

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Temur Reclamation has been either the best deck or one of the best decks in standard for a very long time.  The addition of M21 doesn’t seem to have changed that, and I’d expect Temur Reclamation to remain close to the number one spot as long as Wilderness Reclamation, Expansion//Explosion, and Growth Spiral are all legal..

2. Jund Sacrifice

Jund Sacrifice won the CFB Pro Showdown over the weekend and continues to impress in M21 Standard.  The deck is very grindy and capable of out grinding basically anything in the format.  M21 didn’t add any real haymakers to the deck; mostly cards like Solemn Simulacrum and Village Rites.   Jund is a very powerful deck, but might need to have things break well for it in matches against Temur Rec.

3. Bant Ramp

The Ramp decks will always be among the best decks in standard as long as Growth Spiral is legal.  Bant has been found in either classic Bant Ramp, or some lists are now playing some copies of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon.  Ramping into Ugin is gamebreaking, and sometimes if Ugin is removed, which is already a lofty task, Elspeth Conquers Death can put it right back onto the battlefield.  Jolrael has also been showing up in a lot of Bant lists, which actually seems like a good and fun card

4. Mono-Green

This deck has continued to impress into M21 standard.  It had already been picking up popularity and win share towards the end of the previous format, and with the addition of Scavenging Ooze, mono green continues to be a real player and seemingly the aggro deck of choice.

5. UG Ramp

I think any of these green ramp decks that can accelerate into Ugin are going to be contenders in standard for the time being.  Naturally, the best color pairing for green ramp is blue for Growth Spiral and Uro, so Simic Ramp is a natural choice to make the rankings.

6. Simic Flash

This is the first deck I tried in M21 standard, and as I’ve said before, I was very impressed.  Mostly the thing that impressed me was the combination of Rewind plus Nightpack Ambusher.  Being able to counter our opponent’s turn four spell and still play a Nightpack Ambusher has felt almost unbeatable.  The downside is, the deck has a lot of trouble beating a resolved Teferi, and cheap powerful cards like Edgewall Innkeeper or Runaway Steam-kin can be a problem

7. Sultai

The last but weakest of the three color Growth Spiral decks, Sultai tends to sacrifice a little bit of power for a little bit more grindiness and cheap interaction.  Sultai is a strong deck, but still lagging behind Bant and Temur.

8. Azorius Control (Yorion)

The control deck of choice, and one of the last decks to use Yorion, Azorius Control has a lot of power and consistency.  This was a great deck before M21, and what worries me a little is that Azorius doesn’t seem to have picked up a great deal.  It is a deck that can slot in maybe one copy of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, which is cool, but not nearly as powerful as the decks that are ramping to it.

9. UR Spells

This is a cool deck that sort of reminds me of some of the old Prowess decks, or Arclight Phoenix decks, but without the Phoenix.  The deck uses a lot of cantrips and ways to get repeatable advantage from casting spells, specifically Fairie Dragon.  Also, the thought of playing with four copies of Frantic Inventory is exciting to me.  I’m not completely sold on Stromwing Entity, but maybe it’s better than I’m giving it credit for.

10. Paw Blade

I’m gonna level with you; I’ve played against this deck a few times, and I think I’ve always beat it.  That being said, you can consider the tenth place nod this week to be a combination of the best name in standard and a deck that looks incredibly fun to play, which might actually end up being tuned to be pretty good.

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