Standard Power Rankings – Week of 6/8/2020

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first edition of the power rankings since the recent banned and restricted update as well as the change to companions. Let me know what you think of the rankings by leaving a message in the comments.

1. Temur Reclamation

It’s no surprise that Temur Rec has jumped out to an early lead as a contender for the best deck in the format. It was one of the best decks before, and it really didn’t lose much.

2. Jund Sacrifice

Jund Sacrifice has made a major resurgence in the past week and especially in the Red Bull Untapped events over the weekend. Jund Sacrifice is a very grindy deck that gains a lot of advantage over a long game. With the grindiest deck of all, Jeskai Lukka, gone from the format, Jund seems to have taken over that role, and also one of the top spots.

3. Cycling

Cycling lost a bit of power in the Lurrus department but Flourishing Fox and Zenith Flare remained powerful and effective ways to quickly dispatch opponents. It does seem that Cycling has fallen off a bit in popularity, so maybe I’m giving the deck too much credit, but it has always really impressed me.

4. Mono-Red

Believe in the cleave. Embercleave is back, and the deck is primed to have some attack phases. There’s been a big drop in Deafening Clarions and we’ll see how decks like Temur Reclamation try to adjust to a world with this type of mono red.

5. Azorius Yorion

The new control deck of the format, Azorius Yorion is very good but not as good as the previous iterations of Yorion decks. Control decks are the toughest to tune in “new formats” because they are more reliant in knowing what will be thrown at them compared to other archetypes.

6. Temur Clover

Another deck that really hasn’t lost anything, except for the fact that the top deck, Jeskai Lukka was previously a good matchup. The top deck now, Temur Reclamation, is not a very good matchup, which is a strike against Temur Clover.

7. Bant Ramp

The format is definitely starting off by going back to standard before companions existed, or at least doing a close approximation of it. Bant Ramp was super powerful before as it has some of the best cards in the format; Uro, Elspeth Conquers Death, Teferi, and potentially Nissa, so again, there is no surprise about a resurgence here.

8. Rakdos Sacrifice

I expected this deck to be somewhat heavily represented but what I didn’t really expect as much was that Jund would be so much more represented and seemingly successful. For that reason Rakdos is a bit lower on the list.

9. Gruul Aggro

Gruul is another strong Embercleave deck. Gruul Aggro has sort of been a 7th-10th best deck type of deck every time it’s gained popularity in the last year or so in standard, and now it seems to be back to that point. Don’t get me wrong, though, Gruul is a strong deck with powerful cards, and has some things going for it; particularly Questing Beast and Embercleave.

10. Mardu Knights

Mardu Knights is another deck that was sort of in the background, but also benefits in a huge way from a greatly diminished number of Deafening Clarions floating around.


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