Standard Power Rankings – Week of 6/22/2020

Hey everyone!  Welcome for what will be the final installment of the Power Rankings for Ikoria Standard.  We laughed, we cried, we played some companions, and we cast some Explosions.  

1. Temur Reclamation

With six copies out of sixteen top eight players in the two Players Tours on Arena over the weekend, Temur Reclamation is going to close out the format in the number one position.  It is clearly the best deck, and even with a lot of time to metagame, it was unable to be held down, winning PT 4 in the hands of Akira Asahara and taking second place in PT 3 in the hands of Rei Hirayama.

2. Bant Ramp

Bant will close out the format in second place.  The combination of Nissa, Uro, Krasis, Teferi, and Elspeth Conquer’s Death made for a very strong deck.  Maybe if the format had more time, Bant could have continued to be tuned to be better against Temur, but maybe not.

3. Jund Sacrifice

Jund Sacrifice is a grindy deck that I think would be a much better deck if it didn’t have to worry about Temur Reclamation.  Grindy decks are often weak against combo, and despite the success of Jund Sac over the weekend, putting two into top 8, I think that’s why Jund suffered.

4. Azorius Control (Yorion)

When Gabriel Nassif settles on a deck, its already worth taking a harder look at it.  When he makes top eight, we need to look again.  When another competitor, in this case Thomas White, also makes top 8, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

5. Orzhov Rats (Yorion)

I played this deck over the weekend.  Designed by Eric Froehlich and Brad Nelson, I thought it was a really great deck.  It’s hard for me to put it much higher due to only having a couple days of being played.  The results for the deck were good, but also it was played by some great players, with Ben Stark being the lone top 8.

6. Sultai

The last, and weakest, of the Growth Spiral decks. It turns out that Growth Spiral plus Uro and a bunch of other good cards can make any deck good enough.

7. Mono-Green

This deck is probably going to close out the format as the best aggro deck.  Popularized by Cedric Philips last weekend during the first two Arena PTs, the deck has been a fairly popular choice since then.  Largely popular due to the deck’s ability to fight against Temur Rec.

8. Mono-Red

Always my favorite aggro deck.  I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you Cleave.

9. Rakdos Sac

I feel this deck was stronger than it gets credit for at this point, largely because the metagame shaped up in a way where Jund Food was a stronger strategy, but similar enough to push the two color sacrifice deck, Rakdos, somewhat down in popularity.

10. Bant Flash

This deck might be better than #10, I really haven’t had a chance to see it in action. With M21 releasing this week, it’s possible I might never get to.  This deck did make top 8 in the hands of  Thomas Hendriks over the weekend.  I suspect the deck would rise in popularity over the next week if the format wasn’t winding down.


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