Standard Power Rankings – Week of 5/4/2020

Standard Power Rankings for Week of 5/4/2020

#1 Yorion Jeskai Lukka Fires

(Deck guide coming soon)

Oliver Tiu took down the Magic Fest Online Weekly Championship yesterday with this deck, and there were many more copies in contention. Most, but not all, of the top players that were in contention late in the event were playing Yorion decks, and this one was the deck of choice. The deck has been all the rage recently, and there is a reason for it; because it is great.

#2 Bant Yorion

Yorion is the best companion in Standard, I think that’s become clear. While the Lukka deck is a notch ahead right now, the Bant deck is also great and occupies the number two spot.

#3 Cycling

This deck has impressed me in terms of its pure power. It has inherent consistency because half, or whatever, of the deck, can cycle for just one colorless mana. Also, because so much of the format consists of people trying to value each other out with Yorion decks, there just isn’t a lot of cheap removal in the format. This causes Flourishing Fox to constantly run away with games.

#4 Temur Reclamation 

The best deck without a companion, Temur Rec has moved down a bit in the rankings. I think what Temur Rec lacks for in companion advantage, it does make up for in pure power. That being said, my opinion has shifted a little since last week, thinking it’s a bit less likely to be worth the sacrifice.

#5 Rakdos Sacrifice Obosh

Obosh is just a natural fit for the Rakdos Sacrifice deck.  It does kind of stink to lose out on Priest of Forgotten Gods, but Mayhem Devil doing double damage is worth the upside. I can’t imagine how much better this deck would be if Obosh also powered up the cat/oven combo without the help of Mayhem Devil or Judith.

#6 Mono-Black Obosh Aggro

(Deck guide coming soon)

Obosh decks are the best aggressive decks in the format right now. Obosh itself is a strong companion, and the advantage of being able to play a 5-mana card in an aggressive deck and being guaranteed to have it means that you don’t have to play multiple copies and ever risk drawing more than one, which is huge for this kind of strategy.

#7 Jeskai Fires Keruga

I think this deck has fallen in the rankings, just because the other Fires deck broke out, is the same colors, and uses a better companion. Jeskai Fires is still a super strong deck, and if the metagame gets to the point where Bonecrusher Giant and Deafening Clarion are stronger, it could potentially move back towards being the Fires of Invention deck of choice.

#8 Aggressive Lurrus

I think you can take your pick of Rakdos or Orzhov here. Unfortunately, Obosh is the better aggressive deck, so Lurrus has once again dropped in the standings.

#9 Gruul Fires

This deck is strong, but I think weaker than the other things we can do with Fires of Invention.

#10 Jeskai Winota

I still maintain that this deck has perhaps the most powerful draws in all of standard, but is diminished by a real lack of consistency and lack of resiliency.  If Winota were a companion, this deck would probably be near the top of the rankings, but sometime we don’t draw her, and those games are too tough.


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