Standard Power Rankings – Week of 5/25/2020

Tier 1

1. Jeskai Lukka

This deck doesn’t seem like it will be moving from the top spot in the rankings any time soon. I would expect a LOT of this deck in the Arena Open this coming weekend.

2. Cycling

I still believe that Jeskai Lukka and Cycling are the two clear front runners in a format that has definitely slowed down in innovation over the past couple weeks.  I wouldn’t be surprised if these two decks stay here for the duration.

3. Temur Rec

Temur Rec is still a super strong deck without a companion.  What it lacks from the extra card in the “opening hand” it makes up for in pure power.

4. Other Yorion

Both Bant and Azorius Yorion are still strong decks, but I think they are clearly inferior to the Jeskai version of the deck.

5. Mono-Red Obosh

The best aggressive deck in the format, the deck is capable of killing extremely quickly with a deck full of one-drops and Heraldic Banner into Obosh.

6. Temur Clover

Still a metagame call, still a strong deck.  Temur Clover has a lot of game and decent chances against the rest of the Tier 1 decks, while being the only deck that I think is a clear favorite over Jeskai Lukka.

Tier 2

7. Gruul Umori

This deck has risen a lot in popularity after its performance at Red Bull untapped last weekend.  I don’t think it’s quite as good as the best decks, but Umori and Marauding Raptor in combination can make for some explosive draws.

8. Jund Food

I like the fact that this deck has a super powerful card in Bolas Citadel that can provide massive amounts of advantage the turn it’s put into play.

9. Jeskai Winota

This deck has really declined a lot in popularity, which I still think is due to consistency issues.

10. Mono-Black Obosh

Worse than mono-red Obosh but better than many of the other options down here in the rankings.


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