Standard Power Rankings – Week of 5/18/2020

Tier 1

1. Yorion Jeskai Lukka

Another week gone by, another week for Yorion Jeskai Lukka at the top of the rankings and another tournament, RedBull Untapped, with a great showing for the deck.  This deck has pulled far ahead of the pack and I really don’t even thing there are many arguments for other decks in the #1 slot.

2. Cycling

This deck impresses me more and more and continues to put up results. I’m intending to play some Cycling this week, myself, and to write a deep dive on it.

3. Other Yorion

I’m sort of cheating here and using other Yorion to represent Bant and Azorius. PVDDR had his great showing last week and this week Enrico Gobetti took down the Red Bull Untapped event with Azorius (congrats to him!).  It’s Yorion’s world, we’re all just living it.

4. Temur Rec

I’m moving this up a bit in this week’s rankings because the deck continues to perform well, putting two in top 8 over the weekend. I still think the deck is hurt due to the lack of a companion when most other decks have such powerful ones themselves.

5. Mono-Red Obosh

This deck burst onto the scene in a big way, consistently putting up results and giving aggro players something to be happy about.  

6. Temur Clover

This deck still has a great matchup against the top deck, but Temur Rec appears to be having a little bit of a resurgence which is a strike against Temur Clover, as it is a metagame deck right now, trying to prey on Jeskai Yorion.

Tier 2

7. Jund Food

Deck Guide Coming Soon

I’m going to be honest; I haven’t played with this deck in ages. But Yuuki Ichikawa made top 4 of the Red Bull event and the deck looks super spicy to me. Bolas’s Citadel is a super powerful card and may be able to just steal games against the Jeskai Yorion deck. I am not comfortable putting it in Tier 1 quite yet, and maybe 7th is too high, but I’m more excited by this deck than the decks listed below.

8. Rakdos Sacrifice

This is still a decent deck and it had a pretty good performance, despite not putting any copies in top 8. I think as long as Cat/Oven is around and all the other ways to fill out the archetype, Rakdos Sacrifice will be a reasonable deck in standard.

9. Jeskai Winota

Still one of the better decks to draw a perfect hand with, still one of the hardest decks to win with when you don’t draw your key card, Winota.

10. Mono-Black Obosh

Unfortunately, this is just a worse aggro deck than Mono-Red Obosh. It’s still a fine deck, but I don’t think there’s much of an advantage to playing the black version over the red version.


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