Standard Power Rankings – Week of 4/5/2020

1. Rakdos Sacrifice

Despite coming up just short in the Magic Fest Online Weekly Championship in consecutive weeks,
Rakdos Sacrifice was one of the best and most well represented decks.


2. Bant Ramp

Bant Ramp has an extremely high concentration of the best cards in standard; Nissa, Who Shakes the
World, Elspeth Conquer’s Death, Teferi Time-Raveler, Hydroid Krasis, and Growth Spiral. Also, one of
the most powerful deck building contingents in Magic, the Czech Magic house, have been advocating for
it, which is a ringing endorsement in my book. Congrats to Ondřej Stráský on his first place in the
Weekly Championship.

Hydroid Krasis

3. Jeskai Fires

Before the first Magic Fest Online Weekly Championship, I would’ve put Jeskai Fires at number one.
After two weeks of not having very good showings, I’m starting to wonder if it’s too high even at numbers 3. But, due to success across the course of being in standard, I’ll leave it at 3 for now.

Teferi, Time Raveler

4. Temur Flash

Temur Flash had a very strong showing over the weekend and sits at the number four spot this week.

Nightpack Ambusher

5. Temur Reclamation

Temur Reclamation may be ranked higher here than it should be because of the sort of melding together
of Temur Flash and Temur Reclamation into what it’s becoming more of just a single hybrid archetype.

Mystical Dispute

6. Sultai Ramp

Congrats to Mark Jacobson on winning the First Magic Fest Online Weekly Championship with Sultai
Ramp. This deck had a steep increase in success and popularity in the time leading up to that event, but it
seems to already have started to decline in popularity.

Nissa, Who Shakes the World

7. Temur Adventure

A month or so ago I would’ve had Temur Adventure in the number one slot. It has really fallen in
popularity since that point, from my perspective, but it is still a very strong deck.

Edgewall Innkeeper

8. Mono Red

Mono Red is a super powerful deck and a personal favorite. What Mono Red has going against it right
now is that the decks that have risen to the top happen to be quite strong against mono red.

Anax, Hardened in the Forge

9. Jund Food

This deck has largely faded in popularity due to Rakdos becoming the en vogue (and better) cat/oven

Cauldron Familiar

10. Azorius Control

PVDDR was a deserving world champion with Azorius Control, but since then, the deck has slowly
declined in popular in favor of more versatile midrange decks such as Bant and Sultai.

Dream Trawler
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