Standard Power Rankings – Week of 11/9/2020

1. Gruul Adventures

Gruul was definitely the deck to beat over the weekend in the second weekend of MPL and Rivals League play.  It seemed like Gruul was performing well overall. There were definitely some decks that came heavily metagamed for Gruul, which will always happen in these types of small field tournaments, and is also likely to happen when a deck has as big of a metagame share in any type of field.  Gruul is just a powerful aggressive deck with great cards, and for this reason, I think a healthy deck to be the most popular deck.

2. Dimir Rogues

The Rogues deck in league weekend also adjusted to Gruul, at least one list including four main deck copies of Lullmage’s Dominance.  Overall, Rogues is another deck with great cards and a strong proactive gameplan.  In my personal experience, the rogues lists with maindeck Zareth San, the Trickster seem to be the best, as that card overperforms against rogues while also being good against the next deck on the list.

3. Esper Doom

The rise in popularity of this deck, I think, can be directly attributed to the rise in popularity of Gruul.  Esper Doom is a deck that has a decent matchup against Gruul, with access to plenty of sweepers and removal as well as Yorion itself and the value generated putting the deck in a good position.  Some of Gruul’s best draws can be doubly shut down by Elspeth’s Nightmare, killing an Innkeeper and ridding the hand of an Embercleave or The Great Henge.

4. Mardu Doom Foretold

This is similar to Esper Doom, just with a few red cards instead of a a few blue cards.  Raphael Levy brought this deck to the MPL League Play Weekend, but also Jan Moritz Merkel won the CFB Pro Showdown, before ultimately succumbing to end boss LSV and his UB deck.  Side note; someone please take out LSV next time, it’s getting tiresome hearing him brag about his undefeated record as the end boss of the CFB Pro Showdown.

5. Rakdos Midrange

This deck didn’t have nearly the results of the first and second place decks, but it did take down the CFB Clash Qualifier in the hands of Mattias Leveratto.  A lot of the upside of Rakdos is the ability to prey on rogues due to the milling of Rakdos’s escape cards.  If Rogues falls off, Rakdos may too, but Rogues is still one of the two most popular decks and Rakdos is strong enough to have game in every matchup.

6. Mono-Green Food

This is another deck that had a couple copies in play over the weekend.  The deck seemed good against Gruul, with Wicked Wolf, a card that I love, and Feasting Troll King.  I’m not sure how well the deck performs against other archetypes, though, but the cards are strong enough that it seems like it should be reasonable.

7. Temur Ramp

This deck has some trouble against Embercleave, but it still fast and powerful enough to beat draws without Embercleave.  I found that Temur also had some trouble against Rogue builds with more counterspells, and UW builds with more counterspells.

8. Selesnya Yorion

I am somewhat surprised this deck never picked up more in popularity.  I thought the Wicked Wolf/Skyclave Apparitions were good as the format shifted more into creature strategies.  I think this is a good choice if you want to play something different but with a good chance to do well.

9. Abzan Yorion

Similar to Selesnya Yorion except with a bit worse mana.  The black cards do provide some upside, but not sure if it’s worth the cost.

10. UW Yorion

What a difference a couple weeks make.  I remember when we expected all the tournaments to be all UW Yorion decks, and now the deck is hardly represented at all.  Seems that the Doom versions are just stronger, and the UW versions lack the staying power.

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