Standard Power Rankings – Week of 11/23/2020

The CFB Clash series concluded this past weekend with the championship. First and second place both finished at the top with Temur Ramp strategies. Mono-Green Food was also all over the top standings of major tournaments during the weekend.  Given all that, you shouldn’t be surprised with the results of this weeks Standard Power Rankings.

1. Mono-Green Food

Its been tearing through standard tournaments: Mono-Green Food.  This deck is powerful, versatile, and has good game against all the archetypes.  Ramp is one of the tougher matchups for green, but that didn’t keep green from having great results, including three of the top eight in the Clash.

We currently have two ways to read about this deck. Luis dives deep into playing it here or you can look at Andrea’s deck list here.

2. Temur Ramp

With two copies in the CFB Clash Championship Top 8 and additional copies putting up big results in other events this weekend, it’s time to give Temur the number two spot.  No matter how much of the ramp rotates or is targeted with bannings, the ramp decks always seem to find their way close to the top.  Congrats to cftsoc on winning the CFB Clash Championship!

3. Dimir Rogues

Rogues will be tough to dethrone from high up in the rankings because the deck is so powerful.  The deck is very formulaic, and that formula leads to success: cheap interaction, cheap threats, card draw, and removal. The parts of the deck change a bit, but it has the power and strategy to keep it near the top of this meta.

4. Dimir Control

I was surprised to see so high in the various standings from the weekend. The strength of counter spells against ramp giving it a good match up against Mono-Green and Rogues give it an edge. Look for Dimir to hang around if the metagame doesn’t see big changes.

5. Gruul Adventures

Gruul has been falling as the metagame adjusts to it.  The results for Gruul over the weekend were not great, though the deck is still relatively popular. The thing that holds back Gruul – and aggressive decks in general – is the linear strategy. It’s harder for them to adjust to changing metagames when so many spaces in the deck have to be dedicated to furthering the primary game plan.

6. Esper Doom

Disclaimer – Part of Andrea’s agreement for playing on TeamCFB requires I include Esper Doom on each week’s Standard Power Rankings, even if it doesn’t deserve the spot. Kidding, of course.  Esper is still a fine deck. It found success and came into its own preying on Gruul decks. With Gruul failing to adapt to the meta and falling out of favor, Esper Doom is losing the momentum that kept it on top.  I’d expect that trend to continue if Gruul continues to drop off.

7. Rakdos Midrange

This is still a strong deck with a strong game plan that doesn’t outclass the other decks on this list. It main deck’s Escape which is good against Rogues and being able to return 6/6s that also generate card advantage from the graveyard to play for free has been shown to be a powerful strategy for a while now.

8. Rakdos Ramp

This deck didn’t really show up much this week after winning the CFB Pro Showdown last week. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

Eight decks seems like the right place to end it this week. There weren’t many other decks with results worth mentioning this past weekend. Thanks everyone for reading, and to all of you who celebrate it; have a Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week!

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