Standard Power Rankings – Week of 11/16/2020

This past weekend we saw the CFB Clash as well as the Bash Bros Battle.  A lot of attention was paid to the MTGO Championship, congrats to Michael Jacob for winning it, but that event didn’t contain any Standard.  I’ve looked through the results of the weekend, and here’s where I’d rank things for this week:

1. Dimir Rogues

This deck moved up in the rankings to #1 largely because Gruul had such a poor showing over the weekend.  Gruul was still very popular, but it simply didn’t perform. I think a big part of that is the rogues players were showing up with Zareth San, which is great in the matchup, but also the dramatic rise in popularity of Mono Green, which is good against Gruul.

2. Mono Green Food

As I said, this deck is great against Gruul.  It also has decent matchups in other places, and due to the high card quality and power level of cards, it’s hard to find a matchup that’s too bad for this deck.  The deck, from my perspective, is a midrange deck, but can double as an aggro deck in a pinch, which gives it additional game in matchups where that’s important.

3. Gruul Adventures

From #1 to #3.  This Standard seems healthy to me.  Ever since the banning of Omnath, the top spots have shuffled around quite a bit.  This shows that with tuning and metagaming, the world is figuring out ways to iterate and improve.  Recently, we have gone through long stretches where these things didn’t happen.  I’m happy to see this place we’re in now.

4. Esper Doom

Esper Doom fell slightly to make room for Mono Green at the top.  Some of the decks, like Esper Doom, that were largely played to do some preying on Gruul, might need to be adjusted a bit if the rise in Green creates a bit of a fall in Gruul.

5. Temur Ramp

This deck saw a little bit of a resurgence over the weekend.  There were 12 copies in the CFB Clash event and the deck won almost 2/3 of its matches.   I would think this deck is strong against mono green because the deck isn’t that fast and Temur really gets time to do its thing.  Likely Temur performed well for that reason.

6. Rakdos Midrange

This deck will go up and down based on the popularity of rogues, in my opinion.  All the main deck escape is really strong and it can be hard for the rogues deck to answer, especially in game 1.

7. Rakdos Ramp

Deck Guide Coming Today!

This deck won the CFB Clash Qualifier.  It’s quite a cool deck based around Irencrag Feat and my man, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon.  Previously, I’ve only seen this deck in the mono red form, but it’s possible I just missed it.  Like Temur, I suspect this deck did well because it fared well against green, which rose a lot in popularity.

8. Mardu Doom

This deck was worse than Esper Doom before, and like Esper Doom, has the Gruul fall off effect.  This deck is still strong, and I suspect it never got its due because it was just a little worse than Esper.

9. Selesna Yorion

Again, the less popular Gruul gets, the worse this deck will get.

10. Azorius Yorion

Huey, it’s probably time to just give up on Azorius, no matter how much you like it, and remove it from the rankings.  Wait, who said that?

Team CFB What They’d Play –

Huey – I’d play Mono Green.  I think the deck is strong and it’s the only one of the top decks I haven’t played a lot yet.

Reid – I’d like to try Temur Ramp with Genesis Ultimatum, The Great Henge, and Terror of the Peaks.

Martin – Dimir Rogues.

Yellowhat – I’d play Esper Yorion, I still think it’s pretty good.

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