Standard Power Rankings – Week of 10/26/2020

Hi all! Here are the power rankings for the week of 10/26/2020. These are mostly based on the results of League Play over the weekend:

1. Gruul Adventures

This deck was the metagame deck of choice over the past weekend in the MPL and Rivals League play. Off the top of my head; Brad Nelson, Martin Juza, Ondrej Strassky and Rei Sato all played versions of the deck. I played against all three of the MPL players, and despite having close matches each time, I ended up falling 0-3. Rei Sato posted the best record of the weekend at 11-1. Embercleave is still a great card, so is Edgewall Innkeeper, and all of these players lists were very strong.

2. Dimir Rogues

Dimir Rogues showed up in large numbers, I think likely because it was a good choice against what was expected to be a Yorion heavy field. There was so much Dimir in the tournament, that a lot of players did well and some did not so well. The big decision in the Rogues decks was whether to play Lurrus or Shark Typhoon. I opted for Shark Typhoon, as did my teammates, as we thought it was stronger against the UW Yorion decks.

3. Rakdos Midrange

PV in MPL and Mike Sigrist in Rivals both played Rakdos to good results over the weekend. I would consider this to be a reaction to the reaction to Yorion. Having a lot of escape cards is really strong against people who are putting a lot of cards in your graveyard for you. It’s like drawing extra cards for free. It’s also decent against Yorion, and those two decks figured to make up a lot of the field.

4. Temur Ramp

Temur Ramp is a deck that seemed to do very well against creature and midrange decks, but maybe a little worse as the blue decks added ore and more counterspells. Many of the Yorion lists a few days before the tournament, had very few main deck counterspells, and a lot of reactive cards like Glass Casket or enablers like Charming Prince, which are weak in this matchup. Versions of this deck were played by Autumn Burchett, Emma Handy, Jessica Estephan, and Ken Yukirhiro, and I think that group performed pretty well overall, also.

5. UW Yorion

Yorion was one of the decks to beat this weekend, and I think for the most part, people did just that. Yorion is a strong enough strategy with powerful cards and a good game plan, so the deck will definitely have a chance to adjust. I think the stronger versions of the deck are the ones that included more counterspells and perhaps even many copies of main deck Shark Typhoons as a means for fighting the opponents.

6. Esper Yorion

Most notably this deck was played by Andrea Mengucci. I think this was a good choice, I was particularly fond of the four main deck copies of Elspeth Conquers Death, which I think is a great card against the Rogues deck, as well as any other creature decks that might show up.

7. Abzan Yorion

So much Yorion. This is a cross between the two previous decks, focusing on Yorion as well as food cards such as Trail of Crumbs. The deck, like Esper, has access to Doom Foretold, which is a powerful card. The black can provide discard and removal. There wasn’t a lot of this over the weekend, but there was some, and I also noticed Kanister on twitter note that if he had an extra day or two to practice, this may have been what he chose for the weekend.

8. Selesnya Yorion

Jacob Wilson and Matt Nass crushed it in rivals with this deck, both notching 8 wins. This deck was popularized last week in the CFB Pro Showdown by winner Ondrej Strasky, and although it would seem to not match up that well against UW Yorion, it seems to have done just fine in the hands of Matt and Jacob even in a Yorion heavy field.

9. Selesnya Adventures

I didn’t even know this was a deck until NumotTheNummy showed up with it in the Rivals League over the weekend. He did very well with it too, another 8 win deck.

10. Mono Green

I needed a 10th deck. Stonecoil Serpent is a good card, and mono green has good removal and powerful creatures. I’d probably not play this deck unless I was just really of fan of the archetype. It’s definitely good enough to win, but not one of the best few decks.

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