Standard Power Rankings – Week of 10/19/2020

#1: Selesnya Yorion

Yorion strategies saw a massive resurgence in the standard metagame over the weekend. Ondrej Strasky went [su_label]9W-0L[/su_label] in the CFB Pro Showdown, before succumbing to end boss Luis Scott-Vargas. Let’s be honest, though, Luis probably would have won on both sides, so we can’t count that one against the deck. Skyclave Apparition has become one of the better cards in Standard and Yorion plus ECD is still a great combo.

#2: UW Yorion

The “other” Yorion strategy, Luis was able to defend CFB’s honor in the showdown with. The deck has been very impressive. Both Yorion strategies are great, because now that there are not a small number of broken cards that you’re forced to play, and most cards in even 80 card decks are strong, the cost of playing the extra 20 cards is not very high.

#3: Dimir Rogues

This deck has continued to do very well. One thing that I took particular note of when reviewing the weekend’s results was that Sandydogmtg played Dimir Rogues in the Bash Bros. Battle over Mono-Red. Dimir Rogues is a strong deck and numbers can be tuned very well as metagames shift, due to access to large numbers of counterspells as well as creature removal and discard.

#4: Esper Doom

Esper Doom is strong, Doom Foretold can actually allow the deck to answer basically any permanent, and Dance of the Manse is a strong finisher. The deck can also play Yorion, which makes it more appealing. All that being said, because of the rise in popularity of Skyclave Apparition, lots of people have a more than average number of main deck answer to Doom Foretold itself.

#5: Gruul Adventures

Gruul Adventures was clearly the best performing aggressive deck over the weekend. This makes some sense, as the format is shifting to a little bit slower, towards more midrange and control decks. Gruul gets to use Edgewall Innkeeper to have a bit of a better chance against some of those decks, plus still has Embercleave as a finisher.

#6: Golgari Adventures

Golgari Adventures is another deck that performed pretty well, without hitting any home runs. That being said, I’ve liked this deck. It has a lot of power and consistency, as well as having access to black for discard and creature removal, both of which are strong in various places in the format. Edgewall Innkeeper and The Great Henge are both capable of winning games and Lovestruck Beast is still great against people playing creatures.

#7: Mono-Red

Silas Groves took second in the CFB Pro Showdown to Ondrej with Mono-Red, a great result. There was not really any other Mono-Red until all the way down at 20th, though. Still, Mono-Red has cheap attackers and Anax plus Embercleave.

#8: Mono-Green

Mono-Green is another deck that fell off the map, to a degree. There are a lot more Shatter the Sky floating around now than previously, for sure. Maybe that contributed, or maybe people were just ready to try other things. I still think Mono-Green is a strong deck with great threats with the added advantage, at least for a green deck, of having strong creature removal.

#9: Rakdos Midrange

This I another deck that didn’t show up in large numbers. This deck was doing a good job of preying on the aggro decks, and since they’ve fallen off quite a bit, that’s likely the reason for the drop. Rakdos does remain good against rogues, due to all the escape cards.

#10: Temur Ramp

Honestly, I don’t know if this deck is very good, but Brad Nelson played it over the weekend, so I put it on the list. Ramp is probably still a good strategy, even without Omnath and Uro.

What Would You Play, Team CFB?

Huey: One of the Yorion decks. I find them to be such a fun strategy and I also really enjoy the advantage of having access to the deck’s key card in every game for only three mana.

LSV: UW Yorion, I was undefeated in the CFB Pro Showdown with it.

Reid: Dimir Rogues. I value the ability to play at instant speed against people trying to set up big turns with Yorion, Embercleave, and Genesis Ultimatum.

Martin: The metagame is literally all over the place right now, so I would probably just play what I know best and enjoy the most – RG Cleave.

Andrea: UW Control. I love too much Skyclave Apparition and found UW Yorion to be a great shell for it.

Gab: UW Yorion.

Thanks for reading, see you all next week!

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