Standard Eldrazi Brew Fest

Original Zendikar block with Rise of the Eldrazi was one of my favorite times to be playing Magic. I remember seeing the Emrakul, the Aeons Torn spoiler on the DailyMTG mothership—a giant alien rising up out of the mist.

HOW big? 15 / 15??? Annihilator SIX!!?? Take an extra turn??? But FIFTEEN MANA!! Can this thing even be cast??? But cast it I have done. Each and every time has been a delight.

With Battle for Zendikar prerelease right around the corner, the Eldrazi are back in Standard with some new weapons. The first thing I want to do is brew with Eldrazi in Standard and I’m excited to do it as a community with the next Brew Fest.

The Reward

So far there’s no Emrakul for reward, but there’s some pretty crazy ones at the 9- and 10-mana mark.

Desolation Twin is an absurd 20/20 over two bodies, while Ulamog exiles TWO permanents on casting! We also have the new Void Winnower which makes it so your opponents can’t even even. This thing is like a giant Chalice of the Void with legs, but even crazier.

Definitely worth the reward. But castable??

The Ramp

So we need to get to 9 or 10 mana. How are we doing it? Well, it’s not going to be easy, but it’s certainly doable. Standard has some existing options but we have some new ramp toys to play with as well.

First, we have the new Eldrazi lands.

Shrine of the Forsaken Gods doubles up once we have 7 lands, and Sylvan Scrying can find it. Spawning Bed also works well, taking 6 mana to set up but giving us a 3-mana boost from there.

Next up, we have some interesting ramp spells and creatures.

Beastcaller Savant and Herald of Kozilek can give you a conventional start. Hedron Archive, Kozilek’s Channeler, and Conduit of Ruin tap for 2 mana which is huge. And From Beyond acts as a new age Awakening Zone which can power out Eldrazi all by itself, given enough time.

Standard Eldrazi Brewfest

So now we have an idea of the new ramp and rewards from Battle for Zendikar. Eldrazi castable? Yes! I want to see what we can do as a community. If you post your brew below I will take a look at it, and next week I will pull some of the more interesting ones to show what’s possible in the new Standard.

Standard Eldrazi Brewfest Guidelines

  • Format – Standard
  • Plays Expensive Eldrazi
  • Deck is Cost Sorted Low to High
  • Description is Brief (<250 words)

Thanks to everyone who chooses to participate, and I’m excited to see what we come up with! Eldrazi are certain to be a hit in Standard and we can be the first to get the ball rolling.


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