Standard Deck Tech: U/R Eldrazi

I gotta be honest: After a few hectic months of misery, Standard is looking pretty sweet right now. I managed to secure a winning record with my U/B Cycling list last week, and this week I’m taking a look at a pretty sweet U/R Eldrazi list piloted by D00mwake to a 9th place finish in the Magic Online PTQ.

Now don’t get me wrong—the Pro Tour indicated that Standard might become a format full of Ramunap Red decks, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the metagame will adjust. Let’s take a look at today’s weapon of choice.

U/R Eldrazi

Yes, more Eldrazi! One thing you can always count on from me is playing Eldrazi lists whenever they rear their ugly, alien heads. One of the benefits of the new Deserts is that they add both colorless mana and the exact color of mana you’re looking for. The closest we came before this was one-shot lands like Crumbling Vestige and Aether Hub (which we’re still playing, mind you). These new lands have actually been a quiet boon for the Eldrazi.

You also have quite a few ways to ramp out your larger Eldrazi, like 4 copies of both Herald of Kozilek and Eldrazi Skyspawner. As far as removal goes, you’re looking at 3 copies of Spatial Contortion and 3 copies of Abrade, which seems to be the premier removal spell in the format, as it allows you to easily get rid of God-Pharaoh’s Gift, Vehicles, and Oketra’s Monument.

Let’s see if the weird aliens still have what it takes.

I’m not sure if at any point I was able to actually keep a Metallic Mimic on board for more than a turn. Ha! One thing is certain: This format is hostile toward creatures with small toughness. I would have loved to live the dream of Metallic Mimic into Eldrazi Skyspawner but alas, it was not meant to be.

I don’t understand why we don’t have the fourth Abrade in the deck. The card is so versatile right now and considering the fact that small aggressive creatures and big artifacts are everywhere, I don’t think I can have enough versatile main-deck removal. The counter argument is that Spatial Contortion can pump my own guys, making it act like something of a Lightning Bolt when needed, but another Abrade just seems more useful here.

I actually really liked the sideboard. Five counterspells is comforting, and having additional removal for the small decks is nice. The best decks in Standard right now do a great job of hitting you with small, incremental damage with cards like Sunscorched Desert and Ramunap Ruins. I ended up losing to two of these decks, and it made me wish that blue and red had access to some form of life gain.

If this deck tells me anything, it’s that cards like Thought-Knot Seer and especially Elder Deep-Fiend are still strong enough to hang with whatever is happening in Standard right now. When you can win games by sacrificing your own Thought-Knot Seer to cast back-to-back 8 drops, you’re usually in good shape, and I was impressed with how frequently that’s the case. It turns out that Elder Deep-Fiend is still hard to deal with a good amount of the time, and still acts as a Time Walk.

The deck was sweet. Eldrazi are sweet. Standard is sweet. Check it out and be sure to smash that like button and leave a comment!

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