Snake Tribe Brew Off


Tribalism – Loyalty to and drawing power from a social group.

Seems to be deep-rooted in the human psyche.

For most of human history we haven’t been lone wolves. We’ve lived in tribes—and when in cities, formed tribes within tribes.

It just feels good and right to surrender ourselves to something greater than ourselves, whatever that is. It gives us welfare through a social connection, and it gives us power from greater meaning.

In the modern world, however, many of us are born without a strong sense of belonging to a tribe. Lost. I understand this feeling, being a misfit human in the modern world, not knowing who or what greater group to submit to.

Many of us turn to fantasy at times to simulate feelings of tribalism, and Magic: the Gathering is great for that.

In the Magic multiverse there are many groups of sentient tribes to associate with—Elves, Goblins, and Merfolk are a few tribal groups that come to mind.

Thematically and mechanically, tribes have been overtly supported throughout Magic’s history. Tribes are given specific cards that work only within that tribe to strengthen that tribe.

As a Magic player, it’s fun to play with these tribes and imagine being a part of that tribe—a part of something greater.

We have many options of tribal species to choose from. Some of them better supported than others.

Snake Tribe

Some people have a strong affinity for Snakes. Many others don’t.

The snake can feel antithetical to a human mammal. Snakes are cold-blooded, slithering, reptilian—hard for some to relate to.

Perhaps as a result, the Snake tribe gets very little attention, even though this tribe has been reasonably well supported throughout Magic’s colorful history.

Today we change that and embrace “Creature – Snake.” We surrender ourselves to our scaled overlords and offer our services to further the benefit of the tribe.

Snake Tribe Brew Off

This week’s Brew Off will reward a $25 CFB store certificate to the Snake tribe brew that I find to be the most resourceful, the most creative, the most flavorful, the most competitive, and of the most benefit to the Snake tribe.

For this competition, submitted deck lists should be Snake based, though Naga creatures are flavorfully acceptable for their close familial relation to Snakes.

Snake Tribe Submission Guidelines

Snake tribe submission guidelines are as follows:

  • Modern Format
  • Snake-creature themed
  • Deck description less than 250 words with concession to brevity
  • Presented clearly
  • Cost sorted low to high

As always, your submission should be deliberately cost sorted from low to high in order to communicate your plan as efficiently as possible. Avoid unnecessary extra characters if possible.

Green Summer

When presented like this it’s easy to determine your turn-by-turn plan. For the above lost it is obvious from the cost sort that your 1-drop plays into your 3-drop into your 6-drop.

You may encounter some strategy in how to best communicate cards with varying casting costs, such as X-spells.

Put these cards in the curve to communicate where you might expect to cast them. Listing Green Sun’s Zenith as a 1-drop implies that you plan on casting it for x=0—listing Green Sun’s Zenith as a 7-drop implies that you want to cast it for x=6 to grab a Primeval Titan.

The overlying strategy is how to best communicate what you are trying to do with the Snake tribe.

Snake Tribe Submissions

Post your Snake Tribe brews in the comments of this section. I will go through them up until Thursday morning when I will pick my favorites.

Thanks to everyone who participates. I hope you find this exercise useful in deckbuilding and embracing your inner tribalism. I look forward to reading your submission.



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