Snake Tribe Brew Off Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Snake Tribe Brew Off. We received over 100 submissions, full of crazy Snake brews.

There were flavorful and synergistic Snake tribal brews and absurd Snake-fueled combo decks. The diversity in Snake submissions really shows the power of this oft-looked over tribe.

For those of you that participated in this brewing experience, I hope you found it productive in producing new webs of thought. We can select only one winner but all of us can gain from this.

I had many favorites and want to highlight some of the most interesting directions before selecting a winner.

Snake Tribal

My initial idea was to draw the full flavor from the Snake tribe and some submissions captured this beautifully.

To me, fully embracing the Snake tribe means drawing strength from numbers, supported by Snake legends. We have our swarm, and we have our leaders, and all together we have a tribe of Snakes.

My favorite pure Snake tribal deck came from Lance Nel who went all-in on a mono-green version.

Lance Nel‘s Legends of the Snake Tribes

Poisonous Snakes

Moving on from “tribal” to “flavorful” we have the poisonous snakes. The human-snake relationship is generally not the best, because some snakes have lethally poisonous bites. So many of us humans think of snakes in this light.

In Magic, Snakes are expressed in this way as well with poisonous, infectious, and deathtouch bites.

There were several poisonous Snakes submissions dripping with flavor, with my favorite from Clint Taylor.

Clint Taylor

Snake Combos

I was surprised by the diversity of Snake combo decks which ended up being the majority of submissions. There were big mana combos, mash up combos, infinite combos, and highly synergistic Snake engines.

Big-mana “Snakeshift” style decks were common, with these big spells as the prime finishers.

Infinite Snake combo decks can be powered by Seed the Land to produce a truly endless swarm.

Infinite turns and infinite Snakes are also possible with Sosuke’s Summons, Spellweaver Helix, and Time Warp.

Snakes are also capable of producing infinite mana with which you can win however you want.

George Tecos

Finally we have an absurd snake-style land-heavy Treasure Hunt brew that may not be competitive but is amazing to think about.

Bas de Vaan

Snake Tribe Winner

My favorite Snake tribe submissions were those that made best use of Mystic Snake. Mystic Snake produces some serious nostalgia in me for one of my favorite past brews.

When I was much younger I used to play a Hunting Ground-fueled Mystic Snake deck filled with value, selection, and bounce. Over time you could lock the opponent out completely and drown them in Snakes.

There were a dozen or so Mystic Snake submissions that really brought me back to these times and I had to pick my favorite as the winner.

This Snake Tribe deck is certainly a Snake tribe deck, and has the feeling of winning by constriction—the way of the Snake.

You have the Mystic Snake lock.

And you have the Shisato, Whispering Hunter lock to slowly constrict the opponent until they succumb to a horde of Snakes.

Anthony Harrison’s Snake-sis: Stasis with Snakes

“This tribal snake deck has three main paths for locking down the opponent that each complement each other. The deck generates Snake tokens which work well with Glare of Subdual—the tokens also feed Shisato and the Glare helps him get through, which prevents the opponent from untapping. You can also repeatedly counter your opponent’s spells with Mystic Snake, which becomes a reusable effect with Crystal Shard. I love Crystal Shard in tandem with Aether Vial, as it blanks removal, repeats your triggers, makes your Snakes uncounterable (along with with non-budget-friendly and very cuttable Cavern of Souls), all while saving you mana. Gavony Township allows you to leverage your superior board position into incredible damage—for either a beatdown backup plan or for the killing blow after your opponent has been completely locked out.”

Congratulations to Anthony Harrison and thanks for the epic submission.

Thanks to everyone who participated as you all produced some amazing love for the Snake tribe, unveiling lots of potential in a variety of directions.

I hope you found this exercise useful. Let me know in the comments what your favorite featured submission was and what other type of community brewing challenges you would like to see!


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