Seth Manfield Wins the Mythic Invitational

Seth Manfield has won the Mythic Invitational! The four day event concluded on Sunday, September 13th. Due to technical issues the stream for the event was delayed until September 14th. This meant that while the tournament was for all intents and purposes over, players were not able to discuss the results.

The Historic Constructed event cut to the Top 8 on Saturday. The Top 8 was split into an upper and lower bracket, meaning a player had to lose twice to be eliminated. The last player left standing on Saturday was Gabriel Nassif. The Hall of Famer got to sit back on Sunday, knowing he had two losses to give.

Our eventual champion had no such luxury. Having lost in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, Manfield had to pilot his Sultai Midrange deck through four matches before reaching the endboss. First he dispatched Ken Yukuhiro on Goblins. Then he faced off against David Steinberg on Jund Sacrifice. For his third round on Sunday, Manfield squared off against Grzegorz Kowalski and Jund Citadel. After all that, Manfield was paired against the player who knocked him to the lower bracket in the first place – Luis Salvatto. It took three games, but Manfield prevailed and found himself with a chance to add a third major finish to his resume.

In the finals. Nassif took game one of the first match with his Jund Sacrifice deck. In game two Manfield was able to capitalize on a misplay from Nassif and turn the corner and then closed out the first match with a win to force a second match. This one went even better for Manfield as he was able to pull ahead and never look back.

Already in the Hall of Fame, Manfield now joins an elite group with three major event victories: the 2015 World Champion, the winner of Pro Tour Ixalan, and now a winner of the 2020 Mythic Invitational.

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