Secret Lair Drop: Theros Stargazing

Today during the World Championship XXVI broadcast, the latest Secret Lair was revealed. Theros Stargazing gives the 15 Legendary Gods from the original Theros Block the Constellation art treatment. There are five different drops, each centered around one of the mono-colored Gods. Each drop will be on sale through February 16th and will set you back $39.99. A full set of five costs $149.99. Each Theros Stargazing will also come with a redemption code for MTG Arena card sleeves. Theros Stargazing will be available exclusively at the Secret Lair store.

Volume I

Volume II

Thassa, God of the SeaEphara, God of the PolisKruphix, God of Horizons

Volume III

Volume IV

Volume V


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