Secret Lair Drop: The Godzilla Lands

The next Secret Lair is on its way. Continuing Wizards of the Coast’s partnership with Toho, the next drop is titled The Godzilla Lands. This Secret Lair will contain five full art basic lands, each featuring Godzilla, King of the Monsters, and will be printed in Japanese. This Secret Lair will be a preorder, live for 24-hours on May 7th, and will sell for $29.99. Once the cards are produced they will be shipped. There is a limit to fifteen copies of Secret Lair: The Godzilla Lands per customer.

The artist for each land is as follows:

  • Plains, illustrated by Lars Grant-West, also featuring Mothra.
  • Island, illustrated by Jonas De Ro
  • Swamp, illustrated by Lucas Graciano, also featuring Hedorah
  • Mountain, illustrated by Grzegorz Rutkowski, also featuring Rodan
  • Forest, illustrated by Jenn Ravenna
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