RW Tokens with Monastery Mentor

The card I’m most excited to try in all of Fate Reforged is probably Monastery Mentor. Monastery Mentor has prowess himself, but also the added bonus of creating another 1/1 creature with prowess every time you cast a noncreature spell. In combination with other token makers, you can establish massive board presences very, very quickly. Your Raise the Alarms basically turn into Hordeling Outbursts, and our Hordeling Outbursts turn into Icatian Towns.

Monastery Mentor will make our opponent’s combat math very tricky, as several of our creatures will have prowess when we’re attacking. Even when we’re on defense, they really won’t know how many creatures are going to be able to ambush their attackers before they decide what to attack with.

Against a single large threat, in a worst-case scenario, Monastery Mentor will be able to create a nice supply of chump-blockers, potentially holding it off for enough time to let us to cast our burn spells or find more burn spells to cast.

Here is an initial list:

RW Mentor

White/Red Tokens has increased in popularity as of late, starting with Sam Black playing it at the World Championships in Nice. There are a lot of cards from Fate Reforged that I think will try to make a home in the deck.

Given that many of the cards are quite cheap, the deck can take a more low-curve approach and keep the land count a little lower. I think this deck is quite good as it isn’t as linear as aggressive decks can sometimes be. We can go wide by making a ton of creatures, we can be really fast and aggressive, and we also have a fair amount of reach thanks to all the burn spells.

I think it’s worth considering one copy of Soulfire Grand Master in the 2 slot, as I think that card in combination with Stoke the Flames might just be completely ludicrous. Heliod’s Pilgrim could possibly still belong in the main deck as Chained to the Rocks is an absurdly powerful card. I could even see it as a potential sideboard option against decks where we really want to draw our Chains, like U/W Heroic.

I think this deck will have a lot of play, and probably be in decent shape against most decks without sweepers. It’s certainly weak to Drown in Sorrow, Anger of the Gods, or End Hostilities, but in general, it’s very powerful, and looks like a lot of fun.


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