Running the Gauntlet: Tezzeret, Day 3 (RUG)

Welcome to day three of battles with Tezzeret! Day one (Boros) can be found here, and day two (UW) can be found here.

As stated before, I’m trying to figure out how good Tezzeret is, what is important in each matchup, and what changes I would like to make (after testing it against the gauntlet).



And accompanying article, by Martin Juza: Forging a Tezzeret Deck.

To see the rest of this deck’s matchups, as well as the current Running the Gauntlet series, click here!

Day 3: RUG, piloted by Matt Nass.

I wasn’t sure how to feel about this matchup coming in. On the one hand, RUG does have Mana Leak and Jace, a combination I had grown to dislike playing against with Tezzeret (or really any deck, now that I think about it). The plus side was that RUG had no easy answer to Forgemaster beyond Jace, and Forgemaster trumps basically the whole deck.

Preboard Games

I went 2-1 in preboard games, and did in fact feel favored. As it turns out, RUG being unable to easily kill Forgemaster was a big edge. He may have had Mana Leaks, but Inquisitions and Planeswalkers put him under enough pressure that he either had to use his Leaks or risk having them outclassed. Inferno Titan, while good, was still dealt with easily enough by Tumble Magnet, and would even lose to a Forgemaster straight up. Game one ended up feeling good, but after that it kind of fell apart.






I put in all the anti-spell cards because of his Jaces and Mana Leaks, though they didn’t feel all that effective. I really don’t like Flashfreeze against them, because even though it counters Inferno Titan and Acidic Slime, it is usually too slow to counter Lotus Cobra, and it completely misses their best card against you (Jace).

Postboard Games

The results here weren’t very pretty. I went 2-4, and that felt about right. Now, instead of Forgemaster being a trump, it just was a Slime magnet, taking away the biggest edge I had. Precursor Golem was a little annoying, but not enough that I would really worry about it. I still like Go for the Throat more than Doom Blade, because of the Vampires matchup, and some Limited bomb isn’t going to change my mind on that. Once he could deal with Forgemasters, it reduced my active cards to Tezzeret and Jace, and that isn’t enough to base a deck on. That is in fact part of the overall problem I have with this deck; once people board in artifact hate, the main plan of the deck gets much weaker.

Thoughts on the Matchup

While I didn’t like postboard games, game one felt pretty good, and once I finally get those Mana Leaks into the deck it’ll get even better. I still don’t like the extra hand disruption much, and once Tezzeret is better equipped to fight over Planeswalkers, it should have a pretty solid edge. It does suck that there is no easy way to stop the varied Forgemaster hate cards (Nature’s Claim, Acidic Slime out of RUG, Divine Offering out of white decks, etc), since Dispel, Flashfreeze, and Mana Leak all fail to solve some of those problems.

Cards I wanted against RUG

Mana Leak (again). This is going to be a shoo-in come Thursday (where I revamp Tezzeret and play against the field)
Doom Blade. I’m not adding it, but it is worth mentioning if you expect few Vampire decks in your metagame.

Possible Cuts

In what is a literal Gruesome Encore, Ratchet Bomb is by far the worst card in the deck.
Spell Pierce. Missing on Lotus Cobra, Acidic Slime, Precursor Golem, and Inferno Titan makes this way worse than Mana Leak.
Negate. (see Spell Pierce)

The outlook doesn’t seem that positive for Tezz so far, since I have only managed to post a winning record against UW, and only just barely. Tomorrow I wrap up the gauntlet with Valakut, after which I’ll make changes and battle in a 8-man and a Daily Event on Thursday!


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  1. Brilliant Gruesome Encore link.

    Also, this series is wonderful. It’s really amazing that we get such high-quality magic content from you guys for free. Thank you so much.

  2. To many times it seemed like the cards he was playing were just more explosive than yours. Can’t get over how much I love this series, however.

  3. In the last game, why doesn’t he bounce his slime with jace, replay slime, killing foregemaster? Seems better than hoping to hit with brainstorm.

  4. I feel like there were several instances where you could have probably killed him with tezzeret + inkmoth nexus but you didn’t. I know this play is fragile but you were able to protect it. Is there soemthing I am missing?

  5. Luis Scott-Vargas

    @ Rawesome

    Most of the time when I have tezzeret in play, I feel like I’m ahead enough to not go for the play that loses to a Lightning Bolt, Acidic Slime, or the like. I may have been better served by being more aggressive with that line, but it seemed reasonable to play it safe and keep +1ing Tezz most of the time.

  6. Luis Scott-Vargas

    @ Spagnolo

    What did he do that you disagreed with? From my side, it didn’t seem bad, though I didn’t watch the videos from his perspective.

  7. This series is absolutely killer. Thanks so much for posting it. Some of the best content so far, I think.

  8. LSV, come on! Why not side in Flashfreezes? I watched 2 games so far and it doesn’t seem like jace is the most problematic card, but the -random- Avenger is, Titan is, Cobra and slime are annoying, and at least on the play I could see Freezes working way better than Pierce/Negate, since you get time to do your stuff not having cobra staring at you. Just IMHO, of course.

  9. In match 1 g2, I’m p. sure animating a nexus and making it a 5/5 infect with tezz is basically just game on the spot right there. You’ll attack him for 5 infect instantly, then on his next turn he absolutely has to death with your 5/5 flying nexus, or die… and he won’t have enough mana to deal with tezz as well. If he plays slime, then you just tezz your other nexus and kill him next turn.

  10. Also, fwiw… I think you are far too attached to using tezzeret to draw cards, and overlook how crushing making a 5/5 will actually be in certain situations.

  11. Game 3, Match 3. You had the 5/5 Inkmoth Nexus tapped. If he attacks Tezzeret with Acidic Slime you said you would have to chump block with your other Inkmoth Nexus because of Inferno Titan.

    Wouldn’t keeping the second Inkmoth Nexus alive be better? Tezzeret gets hit by Acidic Slime and goes down to 2 loyalty counters. If he taps out for Jace and bounces your 5/5 Inkmoth Nexus then he can’t cast Inferno Titan to kill Tezzeret. Then you -1 Tezzeret to turn Inkmoth Nexus #2 into a 5/5 and swing for the win.

    I forgot about the lightning bolts. He did have six cards in hand, but he’d need a Jace + Lightning Bolt to stop both Inkmoth Nexus. Is there anything else he could have to beat this play? Is it too risky to go for?

  12. @Justin

    Inkmoth will lose infect at EOT and become a vanilla 5/5 so Matt’ll just drop Inferno Titan and kill Tezz.

  13. Dear LSV,

    I appreciate the free, high-quality content you continue to put out on this website. But do you have any plans of moving to a paying system, where you charge for some amount of the content on the site (in the style of StarCityGames, for instance)?

    If not, why not?

    Thank you for your consideration.

  14. – For the one on the Top video. I’m just wondering (after watching with no sound. So, if you say something about it sorry),

    Match 2 Game 2 – Why didn’t you (once you had the second nexus) activate your Nexus–> Tezz it up–> and swing. Repeat next turn? He would’ve had to have bolt bolt in hand. The turn you played inquisition with him having two cards in hand was probably better to do this instead of actually playing the Inquisition. You activate and attempt to pump. If he bolts you float a mana then play the Forgemaster. Otherwise, he has no outs to the Inkmouth. If he attacks, Tumble Magnet. The only relevant spells would be a bolt since the rest of his deck wouldn’t stop the Tezz pump to the next the next turn.

    Game 3, Match 3. Why’d he scoop. I see the line as Bounce Forgemaster (W/Jace), Titan and swing into Tezz. You then have to have have to have a land (which you did) and a Tezz or he will win the race. It seems as though he scooped without actually taking the time to play.

    Overall, Why did you never decide to bring in the Plat? You seemed to be in those situations where he would’ve have been able to win if you had it in a lot. I know it’s considered an Aggro card but I’d suggest it. I know he’s got slimes and Jace but, You have your own Jace, the ability to use it as a combat trick, and counters. It just looked better for those hands you were on the draw to have it as an option.

  15. @Longtime Viewer,

    You are like the kid who says, “Hey teacher, don’t forget to assign our homework for Spring Break, class is almost over!” …I guess there is always one in a crowd.


    Thanks for putting in the effort to do this stuff!

  16. In g2 you can opt not to get the mindslaver with tezzeret leaving it in your deck to get later. Its +1 is a may ability.

  17. Can you just do this with Owen? Watching his videos are much more entertaining (mainly just his reactions to LSV drawing like a god). No offense to Matt.

  18. In the last game, what loyalty was tezz on at the end? It seems Nass can jacebounce the forgemaster, swing with 1/1 slime and inferno and take out tezz. Or bounce and replay slime killing nexus, play titan hitting tezz, ship turn, do it again and get there.

  19. NM saw it was at 5 say it on nass’s video. So the second line of reasoning only, not the first

  20. Last game, right at the very end, Jace WAS your answer to the Inkmoth. Use him to bounce your Acidic Slime! 🙂

  21. PS: Watched from MattNass’ PoV. I wanted to possibly play that deck this Friday. We’ll see. 🙂

  22. Your comment after M1G2 is quite on the spot: you’d rather have Doomblade than GftT, since there are almost no black creatures apart from vampires (who all die to zenith) or Titan (which isn’t a tier 1 deck card anymore) you’d like to kill in todays standard, but there are a lot of artifact creatures (Golem, quest-armored thopters and so on) that can put you dead unless you can handle them in some way.

  23. @Longtime Viewer> Pete Hoefling! It’s been ages man, how ya doing? Don’t think I’ve seen you since your site went Premium and I stopped reading it. ;-P

  24. Hi

    lsv when u will be proposing changes to the deck can u say a word or two about manabase and lands- do u happy with what u have or would u do any changes.
    I was batling with that deck in about 12 dalys online since tez is legal online and after 3-4 dalys I have changed 2 basics for 2 tar pits.
    Before that it happens that i had problems to cast JTMS by not having UU, i read Martins article so i understand his explanation that he want cast his Inquisition turn one but i think the same was true for UB control and anyway there was 4 tar pits there.
    So i may be wrong with changes thats why if posible when u wil be doing statmet about changes at least mention about manabase. thx
    And thx for the series.

  25. You gotta use tezz -1 more (not on nexus since he has bolts) but on other stuff and apply pressure.

  26. Dear ChannelFireball:

    If you were a girl, I would marry you.

    with all my heart,


  27. I think at the point that you had a 5/5 sphere and the tumble magnet you could have just started attacking and deal some poison. The slime was only 2/2 and wouldn’t kill your tezzeret and you were able to tumble magnet the ravine down.
    This is in reference to M1 G2.

  28. LSV, as mentioned above, you’re clearly forgetting the 5/5 nexus play too often. Dude, it’s a 10/10 dragon.

  29. This Content is THE BLADE. Channelfireball becomes better and better. Dont stop guys? this is the best magic site ever!

  30. match 1 game 2
    Why not kozilek the acidic slime, keep control over what he can counter.
    This keeps you in information lead, and denies him card advantage.

    Later on in this game, why not disfigure the slime, and attack into his open board (pre hist jace casting), to drive him into a corner.
    Casting denies defense, animating + attacking denies defense. And Not casting, slows him down.

    You play’d the game too defensive in my opinion.

  31. @LSV

    The Tezz deck seems like it’s MUCH BETTER in game 1 against the various decks you’re testing. As far as I can see, it’s because every time, 5+ artifacts get sided OUT of the deck for spells. Then, you seem to consistently not have an artifact in play when you play Tezz and miss on Tezz +1 much more often. The deck needs non-artifacts that can be sided out or artifacts in the SB to replace other artifacts. Just my 2 cents, but it’s painful to watch.

  32. I don’t understand the block with the nexus on slime in the last game.
    If you let the slime through he can play titan to kill it, but you still have a 5/5 flying infect to kill him.
    If he plays the Jace he can’t play titan to kill the tezzeret and you still have the inkmoth nexus to make a 5/5 next turn.

  33. As for the modifications of the deck. It’s said that active Kudoltha = game won. It’s not entirely true as we have seen. I’m a bit amazed that Contagion Engine is not even in the sideboard or in any discussions. It handily wipes the board of creature based decks and if nothing else it can profilerate poison / tezz / jace /tumble etc..plus it can be hard casted as it’s still ‘only’ 6 mana.

    Now I’ve seen multible games that I would have liked that Engine was in the deck. Boros would have been dead in every game with contagion resolved, and if someone has the energy to go through the matches Contagion Engine in mind, you’ll be suprised how many times it would have saved the day.

    As for the Gauntlet -series, this has been quite educational, keep up the good work!


  34. @LSV

    In Match 1 Game 2 when you blocked the Raging Ravine with Blightsteel Colossus, why didn’t MattNass get 6 poison? At first I thought it was a bug, but since I’ve never encountered a bug on MODO I’m assuming I’m missing something?

  35. Have u considered playing White Blue instead ? Using Strider Harness and other equipments alongside Forgemaster, forgoing Tezz.

  36. Any chance see beyond becomes better than preordain here? Yeah it costs one more mana, but two games you lost (or would have had a better chance in) because you had the card you wanted to forgemaster up in your hand.

    Also, it feels like you need a good artifact at 3-4 mana to tez up and play when you don’t have enough mana to slaver or battlesphere. Clearly masticore doesn’t work in the deck, but is there another impact 3-4 mana artifact out there? Swords maybe? Lux Cannon sucks. It sounds pretty crazy but crystal ball to help filter cards for Tez seems ok. If it was 2 mana instead of 3 I think it could work. Does Mimic vat work with the 5/5’d Tez creatures?

    The Tez deck just seems so underpowered after the 8 planeswalkers. I watched the videos from both perspectives, and I just don’t see how tez can be competitive right now. Leaks will help of course, but the 2-3 mana cards in the tez deck are far less powerful than these other decks.

    Thanks for the videos. I have learned a lot and look forward to the next video.

  37. You guys rock. Consistently impressed with Matt’s ability to play a bunch of decks proficiently (disagree with the above poster that he played the deck “terribly”).

    I think what the slew of posters above is trying to say is that this is a combo deck and not a control deck. You seem to play it like the later, which is tempting, given the CA engine of Jace and Tezz, but ultimately it doesn’t seem like that is the best line in a lot of board states. You mention that when you feel like you are in control, you (naturally) adopt a controlling posture, but perhaps you are too quick to see yourself as in control, especially against a deck that has some pretty game changing cards (Avenger + Fetch, e.g.). Also, consider that being in control and trying for a combo kill that gets disrupted generally won’t leave you on zero outs.

    Also, I haven’t watched Nass’ side of things (which makes my comment more relevant now that I think about it), but I would have put him on boarding out some or all of his bolts, given how you didn’t see it and how he didn’t seem to dig very aggressively when you were at 1 life. Does this change your thoughts on being more aggressive with the IMN plan?

    I would consider boarding out mindslaver in some matchups. Have you thought about this?

    Also, I have a testing question: Why not just make the mana leak change after deciding that you most likely want it? Putting it in doesn’t preclude you from considering what your hand would look like if you had a negate instead. If you are over 50% sure you want the change, would not sleeving it up in future practice matches be net more informative?

    To others above: remember that IMN loses infect at end of turn. If you reactivate next turn, it loses its status as a 5/5 and becomes a 1/1 requiring you to Tezz again.

  38. this deck is 100% dependent on tezzeret. i think you should mulligan any hand that does not contain him otherwise you lose

  39. i dont like your sideboarding…you really dont have any ways to kill Matts creatures so you always got randomly swarmed out…

  40. Emperion seems much better here. Mindslaver didn’t do anything and Platz would have saved you against Avenger and Titan, especially since Slime looks like RUG’s only out to the 8/8.

  41. LSV, is Emrakul a better metagame call than blightsteel? No opponent can survive two hits from either and Emrakul cant be Jaced, journeyed, ousted.

  42. Lsv, is there any chance that anyone here on CF might do a strategy video on Black/Red Vamps? I play the deck irl and i really like it, but i can’t find any videos of anyone playing the new current black/red vamps and i’d like to see some strategys on how to play the deck more successfully. I’ve been really enjoying these new tezz videos youve been showing 🙂 it’d be nice to see alot of the new standard decks demonstrated like this. Thanks for the vids! 🙂

  43. ^ Emrakul is not an artifact so that’s probably not a good idea. It’s ironic that Matt Nass boards out the bolts, which is the main reason not to go for the -1 on Inkmoth play. I played vs a RBU Tezz deck in a tournament, with a Boros list that had 4 bolts and 4 burst lightnings. The guy very aggressively went for the 5/5 infect kill (which I think you should when playing the deck), and the way it worked out was that I would bolt Tezzeret, take 5 poison and leave the Inkmoth a normal 5/5. Killing the inkmoth is tempting but then they still have Tezzeret and you’re losing anyway.

  44. Don’t you feel like there could be better and less fragile win conditions than Forgemaster for this deck, especially in post-sideboarded games ? I’m thinking about Wurmcoil Engine which still gives you value if it dies, or even maybe a non-artifact finisher like Grave Titan in sideboard. (Also solves the mark of mutiny “issue”). Or a Sphinx of Jwar Island for all their sideboarded removal.

    I am skeptical about Foregemaster being reliable in the long term actually, so sideboarding in other win-cons seems sweet in order to win both g1 and g2 thanks to the opponent’s deck being unprepared.

  45. I love the continuation/flogging the dead horse joke that is Gruesome Encore….

    You are pretty crafty on how you put it in there too. Brilliant.

  46. First this series is GREAT. Second, the entire site is GREAT. So no changes are really needed 🙂

    There are so many interactions and decisions that I kind of want to ask about but it would just take up too much of your time, I fear. However there are 2 I simply must ask:

    1) It seems to me that you underestimate Emperion’s utility against RUG. There were at least 2 times when being able to get him would have at least saved you if not end in a win. Slime is hard on it but it already has a bunch of targets it must handle, doesn’t it? Not to mention that if forgemaster is alive and able to tap, it seems that whatever it gets is also going to lice?

    2) You took out 6 artifacts for 6 non artifacts which to me that makes it much more likely that you will whiff – as you did a few times. So wouldn’t an artifact answer to cobra be better that GFTT? Say contagion clasp?

  47. Can’t cut Forgemaster – he provides yet another must deal threat – and having 3 lines of play in jace, tezz, and k is why juza > chapin variation.

    The old tech is a bit depressing to watch though. Having some G.Titans or Wurmcoils in the board for the direct swap does seem useful. Also suggest tangle wall over ratchet bomb – stays in play, doesn’t fight the deck, actually has an instant board effect against non-goblin tokens. Second the contagion engine vote too – over battlesphere.

  48. I think this deck has room for one or two tectonic edge.
    also is exactly 4 drowned catacomb necessary?
    what’s the most color intensive card in your deck Jace or Black Sun Zenith?

  49. I didn’t feel like reading everyone posts to see what people said, but I really feel like having a mise Contagion Engine either maindeck or sideboard seems pretty awesome. It can be tutored out with Forgemaster and then activated in the same turn, allowing you to not only steal the occasion poison win, it allows you to effectively wrath alot of decks, vampires, boros, u/w, it totally hoses avenger most of the time, I really don’t see how this card didn’t make any kind of consideration.

  50. I agree with the others on not fully understanding not putting in Platinum Emperion. Seems any time you got to a point where you could forge up something, you were going to lose to damage next turn so it would be the only thing to save you.

    I like the ideas of the Wurmcoil Engine and also the Contagion Engine. Other two things I would think about are Contagion Clasp and Steel Hellkite.

    Also kind of wonder how wellspring would act in the deck. Gives artifacts for forgemaster and tezzeret. Also replaces itself so you draw to Tezzeret which you need in play or lose. Then if you sack it to forgemaster, or if they kill it once you animate with Tezzeret you get another card in hand. Though really the deck is so light on creatures anyway I would probably rather have the Engine or Hellkite in above them.

  51. additionally you know the basic combo’s between proliferate and tumble magnets, sphere of the suns(not that this one is at all important) and planeswalkers.

  52. These have been very educational – having multiple games against the same deck really drives home how to think about lines of play and why you’re taking certain actions. I may not always agree with the lines taken (going for the ‘combo-ish’ kills I think would have forced your opponents to have an answer while still leaving you in a good position if they failed, though I respect the reasoning behind the control lines you take).

    Thanks for all of the hard work, and a particular thank you for the “alternate viewpoint” videos where we can see your opponents.

  53. Doesn’t Nass cheat in M3G3? The Inkmoth should not have been a creature on his turn when he bounced it with Jace.

    He lost anyway, but I still think thats a cheat.

  54. Not a cheat… It is no longer a 1/1 artifact creature from its activation, but it IS a 5/5 artifact creature permanently from Tezz. The permanent only needs to be an artifact when Tezz targets it.

  55. m3g1, why didn’t matt activate the 2nd ravine to block the blightsteel? lsv could only return 1 and tap 1 and matt had 3 on board

  56. These serious is so good, not only do we get to see a sweet deck development, but also learn existing decks, and general good stuff in magic = ) good value!

  57. I know I asked this yesterday, but I’ll ask it again: would Contagion Clasp be better than Sphere of the Suns (or Ratchet Bomb)? It kills Cobra dead among other things (adding counters to Tumble Magnets, Chalices, planeswalkers, opponents, etc.), and the deck doesn’t seem to really need Sphere of the Suns. The acceleration is nice, but maybe maybe Clasp would be better?

    Also, another question: when sideboarding, why do you keep taking out the Everflowing Chalices rather than the Sphere of the Suns? The only advantage Sphere has over Chalice is that it can give colored mana, which never (or at least only rarely) seems to matter. in every other regard, Chalice is just better. Something to think about.

  58. When you killed jace with your own in g2 you were playing around Bolt when you knew he only had Preordain. Did you just forget?

  59. Finally, Matt Nass’s real Identity has been revealed!

    I always wondered why his turn 1 llanowar elves were 2/2 w/ forestwalk.

  60. Having 24 lands in the Tezz deck seems like too much considering you have 8 mana artifacts. I’d cut two lands for 2 Preordains and see where to go from there, since it seemed like the deck absolutely needs a planeswalker to function and half the deck is mana.

  61. Another idea for a card less fragile coming from the side would be the regenerating Molten-tail Masticore. Unfortunately you probably don’t play enough atrifacts.

  62. I play the forgemaster deck because of it’s game ones not game two and three, you have clearly demonstrated that the game one for this deck is FANTASTIC! However I feel like your game two and threes usually end up with you getting your forgemaster targets in hand which always sucks unless you have jace. I feel like for this matchup the post board should be more even than 2-4. But I run a different deck.

    Personally I didn’t think this deck was threat heavy beyond targets for forgemaster and Tezz where as decks like this have their RR, inferno titans and avengers and multiples of each.

    Though you said you aren’t going to change the list, for me I added a mox opal instead of a swamp *because there are very few times where it’s dead, and it can become a 5/5 in at any time, I also added a wurmcoil engine in the space where your disfigure is. I did that because I didn’t like the duress it originally was. But in your case, it seems like your disfigure is lack luster every time you get it. I recommend changing it at least to a precursor golem if not wurmcoil. I say only because it’s worked so well for me. But I’m no pro so use your head.

    You are going the right way with 3x mana leak for the countermagic instead of the 1 and 1, and I love that you added the 4th magnet as they are so good though I feel like this gauntlet isn’t a true showing of the deck, I wish you could have just tezz on turn 3 then slammed a blank chalice down and made it a 5/5 as I often do.

    GL with the matchups. Hope you get better games two and three, seems like you get a lot of land draws, so much for randomization MODO.

  63. why do you chumpblock with the forgemaster in match 2 game 1 (if you untap with it titan isn’t a problem anymore)

  64. The more Tezzeret lists I see, the more convinced I am that his day in the sun hasn’t arrived yet. Basically, if you play Tezz into a clear board, you win without much of a fight, but dropping a ‘walker on an empty board has *always* been awesome, and, even though Tezzeret is better at setting up a fast clock than other 4 mana threats, he also forces you to play cards like inkmoth nexus which aren’t very good on their own. Also, you don’t really have ways to keep the board clear outside of ratchet bomb which is (1) slow and (2) garbage against decks with a higher curve, so you’re basically just hoping that they don’t play anything important while you topdeck for a turn 3 planeswalker and try to bait out their mana leaks.

    Here’s what I think is test-worthy that others haven’t mentioned (I am aware that some will test extremely badly): Lodestone golem, palladium myr, spine of ish sah and ichor wellspring + bounce package or venser splash, sword(s), triskelion, Thada Adel sideboard, baby Jace, a third color

  65. in the 3rd game, matt could have played a fetchland with cobra in play to double-activate ravine and make lsv force to block it with forge master to seal the deal…

  66. Matt Nass threw away at least two games, which would have better highlighted the problem with the Tezz deck, it just plays inferior cards. LSV alluded to this when he made the comment about the lotus cobra

  67. I’m pretty sure in Match 1 Game 2 you could have played your second Tezz, made your Sphere of the Suns a 5/5, used it to protect Tezz from ravine, or be a target for acidic slime. If he attacks with the large ravine, you chump with the sphere. Then, you activate inkmoth, make it a 5/5, then attack with it for 5 poison. if he casts acidic slime here and kills an inkmoth, he loses the next turn to your other inkmoth+Tezz. If he attacks with a ravine again, you chump with the other inkmoth, and then activate Tezz again and reactivate your original inkmoth to deal the last 5 poison.

    Or, if he targets the Sphere of the Suns with Acidic Slime, you untap, activate Tezz and Inkmoth, deal 5 poison, he has to attack back at Tezz with Slime and Ravine in order to kill him/not die the next turn (since you have an untapped inkmoth nexus), you let both hit because Tezz will die anyway, and you give him a 3-turn clock with the two surviving inkmoths as you keep activating them. On his third attack you chump a ravine with one of your inkmoths and you survive/win You can also be pretty confident about having the inkmoths survive because you have a duress in hand which you can cast before you activate the inkmoths.

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