Running the Gauntlet – Cawblade, Day 3 (UW v.2)

While today might still be about blue-white, it isn’t a gruesome encore of yesterday. I liked how the deck played out, but felt there was still room for improvement. After the changes, here is what I ended up with:

The maindeck was mostly untouched, though I wanted to try out Into the Roils, so I added two in place of an Inkmoth Nexus and the Sun Titan.

The sideboard underwent slightly more modification, with two Baneslayer Angels and an Oust going in for 1 Firewalker, 1 Jace Beleren, and 1 Day of Judgment.

Once again, the deck played out smoothly:

Channel LSV: Standard Gauntlet – UW 8-man #2

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Thoughts on the Deck

Granted, I played against some fairly niche archetypes: mono-white artifact aggro, mono-red goblins, and RG Furnace Celebration/Awakening Zone. Still, the deck is pretty awesome; there is a reason it’s the best deck in Standard.

Following up from last time, I’m still not convinced one set of removal is just better than then other. I think the two Tumble Magnets are untouchable, and I would like access to one Into the Roil, but the two Day of Judgments and the second Into the Roil could easily be Condemn or Oust. That is the biggest question in the maindeck, which just leaves the sideboard.

I like this for sure:


The last six slots should be a combination of 2-4 Oust/Condemn/Kor Firewalker, 1-2 Divine Offering, 1 Sylvok Lifestaff, 0-1 Jace Beleren, and 0-1 Deprive, all depending on what you expect in terms of aggro or control.

Ta-Da! A Cawblade deck, tuned and ready! As I write this, wrapter is 8-1 in Grand Prix Dallas with a removal suite of Oust and Condemn, and with roughly the same sideboard. Hopefully his list is up on the Wizards website under “Top 8 Decklists” by now, but I’ll have to wait and find out.

I do apologize for covering such well-treaded ground, but fact checking is always advantageous, and I think the Inkmoth Nexus tech is a reasonable reward for those who took the time to read this. At GP Dallas, there were quite a few UW decks with Nexus, and I think it is just correct to play at least one.

I feel pretty happy with how the UW tuning went. I started by looking at various lists, tried them out, and by playing games ended up with a configuration that I think is quite good. Now, if only I had heeded my advice and played UW instead of Boros at the Grand Prix…

Until next time, where I try my hardest to make the black splash work in Cawblade!



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