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Project X Gifts

I love a deck with multiple levels of synergy and seemingly incidental combos. I once played Five-Color Reveillark combo at regionals. You know, the Body Double, Reveillark, and Greater Gargadon loop? The deck played cards like Wall of Roots and Bonded Fetch, which were pretty good just for face value. Wall of Roots blocked things and accelerated you, and Bonded Fetch dug through your deck while you didn’t mind pitching cards to the graveyard. Then, they both came back from the graveyard with Reveillark if they happened to be killed. THEN once you got the combo, Wall of Roots gave you infinite green mana while Bonded Fetch went through your whole deck! It was incredible.

I didn’t want to write about Gifts Ungiven two weeks in a row, but I can’t help myself this time. I think I’ve found the most synergistic deck I’ve ever played. Maybe not the most that’s ever existed, but it’s easily the most synergistic deck that I’ve gotten my hands on. Each card has a job its doing, but then it does SO much more. I built the deck with certain synergies in mind, and then kept running into new things every game I played. Why don’t I just let the deck speak for itself:

Project Gifts

First let me explain how this deck came to be, then I’ll take you through the pieces. I’m always looking back to old Standard formats to try and find interactions that might be exploitable in Extended, or are maybe helped out by something new. One of the decks I looked back on was Project X. If you’re not familiar with the strategy, check out the cards Crypt Champion and Saffi Eriksdotter. You cast Crypt Champion without Red mana, and then you use Saffi on it. When Crypt Champion dies the Saffi ability will put it back into play with another sacrifice trigger on the stack, and then you use the Crypt Champion ability to bring Saffi back into play. Do this a million times with an Essence Warden in play and you’ve gained a lot of life.

I pitched the Project X idea to Zaiem. He’s good for pitching decks to because he tends to be pretty skeptical, which is good to keep me in check. Right off the bat he didn’t like the idea of being a graveyard-based deck. If you’re using the graveyard, why not just play Dredge? Being the second-best graveyard deck can’t be the right call. If the deck was going to succeed, then it would need a huge boost from the Standard version.

Enter the ol’ trusty Reveillark. I see a combo that involves all creatures with two or less power and I’m there. Then you throw in the fact that it’s a combo that can somewhat live in the graveyard, and you’ve got me thinking Gifts Ungiven. I was so excited when I started to put the pieces of the deck together, I knew it was going to be something awesome.

Let’s go through the pieces of the deck, starting with the straight-up combo.

The Combo
1 Essence Warden
1 Soul Warden
3 Saffi Eriksdotter
3 Crypt Champion

I’ve explained the combo already, but it’s worth pointing a few things out right now. First, it might be worth it to find room for Auriok Champion in the deck, in addition to the two Wardens. It’s a little hard to cast, but doesn’t die to Lightning Bolt and makes for interesting Gifts. Also, Saffi doesn’t have to be just a bear that combos with Crypt Champion. As we start adding interesting creatures to the deck you’ll see more and more uses for the little gal. The same is true for Crypt Champion – it doesn’t just have to be for the combo. Something that’s completely new to me is being able to resurrect small creatures with more than two power. Reveillark never did that! That’s right, for once we can put Kitchen Finks back into play.

Project X Leftovers
4 Noble Hierarch
4 Wall of Roots
3 Chord of Calling

Ok, you caught me, Noble Hierarch wasn’t in the old Project X deck. Birds of Paradise was, and if I’m running all five colors isn’t Birds of Paradise better? So far I’ve found Noble Hierarch’s exalted to be exceptional. Sometimes you’ve got to start beating down, and Hierarch is there for you. Especially when you cast Crypt Champion with Red mana and get a 3/3 or 4/4 with double strike, you can actually attack pretty well. As long as you make sure one of your lands makes Black, the Noble Hierarch only making UWG hasn’t been a big problem. It does mean that you are less likely to “kick” a Crypt Champion, but the exalted has outweighed that so far.

Chord of Calling and Wall of Roots are a team. Chord of Calling is a pretty expensive spell if you’re not convoking, and Wall of Roots does double duty. Wall of Roots is so good in this deck anyway. You’ve got cheap enough creatures and instants that you can get a lot of useful mana out of one card. It’s a way to cast Gifts Ungiven on turn three and still block their two-drop. Meanwhile, Chord of Calling assembles any missing piece of the combo. It’s actually pretty fast in this deck when you can Crypt Champion, bring a creature back from the graveyard before sacrificing the Champion, and then tap your creatures to pay for convoke and grab the missing combo piece.

Once the deck got more and more involved the options for Chord of Calling kept expending to exciting possibilities. Chord of Calling isn’t relegated to just helping the main combo – it also facilitates Reveillark, Mirror Entity, and Body Double shenanigans just fine later in the game. I’ve also won plenty of games by bringing in a Mirror Entity at the end of the turn and then attacking with a bunch of 5/5 Noble Hierarchs and Essence Wardens. In addition to the combo, Chord of Calling is great for finding small utility creatures like Meddling Mage or Qasali Pridemage (out of sideboard).

Speaking of Reveillark
2 Reveillark
1 Body Double
1 Mirror Entity

I mentioned the combo of Reveillark, Body Double, and Greater Gargadon in the opening of this article. Eventually people replaced Greater Gargadon with Mirror Entity. Step one to that combo is getting a Body Double to copy a Reveillark. Then, with Mirror Entity, you put a whole bunch of triggers where X=0 onto the stack. That will let you kill your Body Double/Reveillark a lot of times, bringing itself back each time along with a friend. If that friend is Aven Riftwatcher or Venser, you’ve done something pretty cool.

I knew that I wanted Reveillark, and if I was going to play Gifts Ungiven there was no way I’m not playing Body Double, too. Then the deck was just one Mirror Entity away from the combo, so why the heck not? The deck already has Essence Warden and Soul Warden for the other combo, and they happen to work here just as well.

Now the Exciting Part
4 Gifts Ungiven
1 Meddling Mage
1 Eternal Witness
1 Kitchen Finks
1 Aven Riftwatcher
1 Loxodon Hierarch
1 Raven’s Crime
1 Life from the Loam
1 Path to Exile
1 Temporal Isolation
1 Makeshift Mannequin

What’s cool about Gifts Ungiven in a deck like this is that the normal cards work so well with one-ofs. Once you draw one of the above cards it’s likely you’ll have access to it for the rest of the game. With Body Double, Reveillark, and Crypt Champion you can usually keep your favorite coming into play. Add in Makeshift Mannequin and the hits never stop. That’s why one Meddling Mage made its way into the deck because it’s so easy to get to and to keep around. Heck, even Life from the Loam keeps your lands coming back. Most decks can’t combo through a Meddling Mage and a Saffi in one turn, giving you enough time to untap and bring the Mage back into play if you need to.

The lifegain package is pretty good, with Kitchen Finks, Loxodon Hierarch, and Aven Riftwatcher. I love this package because the cards are pretty good when you draw them naturally, though admittedly Aven Riftwatcher can be loose in some matchups. Still, cards that overlap like this make the deck operate much smoother than it might look at first. A common Gifts pile that locks Zoo or Red out of the game is these three creatures and either a Path to Exile or Makeshift Mannequin. Note how well these creatures work with Saffi.

Path to Exile plus Temporal Isolation is a removal package that will be refined a bit in the sideboard. I want to find room for a third kill spell for when you really need to remove something, but I can’t come up with any I’m happy enough with. Must it be Doom Blade? It’s possible that just adding more removal spells to the deck is the way to make it smoother, but they are the cards that interact the least with the rest of your deck. I might start by adding a Maelstrom Pulse first because it provides a maindeck answer to any permanent.

I knew Eternal Witness was a good card. I knew you could gifts for Witness, Mannequin, and a card you absolutely needed. I knew that Reveillark could bring back Eternal Witness, perhaps one of the most useful creatures to return with the White elemental. But what I didn’t know was that even Crypt Champion can bring her back! That’s when I felt like the synergy was going over the edge. Suddenly I was recurring spells like Gifts Ungiven or Chord of Calling with ease. Cards seemed to be flowing from my hand, to my graveyard, to play, and back again almost at will. It’s like the planets had aligned.

Raven’s Crime and Life from the Loam were the last pieces to the deck, giving you a great engine of inevitability. It crushes slow midrange decks since you have enough time to demolish their hand, leaving you free to combo off. (The combo is unfortunately vulnerable to a well-timed Lightning Bolt.) It’s also a good way to pressure a control deck and force their hand a bit. Urborg has the added bonus of turning your sac lands painless and lets them tap for mana even if they’ve run out of targets in the late game.

Then there was the game I found myself with a Reveillark in my hand Life from the Loam and Raven’s Crime in the graveyard. Have you ever dredged before with Reveillark in your deck? It’s ridiculous.

The manabase is still a little shaky; I’m sure one of those Ravnica dual lands isn’t completely necessary. The deck has some awkward hands that usually look contain few too many expensive spells, no green sources, or no accelerators. Fixing the manabase will help at least one of those problems. If you get a Noble Hierarch on turn one it’s hard for the rest of your hand to not work out. Maybe there’s a better way than sac lands and duals to fix mana.


I haven’t completely fleshed out the next 15 cards of the deck, but there are some pretty obvious places to go. First, expanding the maindeck life-creature package will make your Zoo and Red matchups probably pretty favorable. More Kitchen Finks, Aven Riftwatchers, and Loxodon Hierarchs should do the trick. Also, more Meddling Mages should help against combo.

Qasali Pridemage works really well with the rest of the deck, and I could see that cool cat finding his way into the maindeck if need be. Yixlid Jailer is also a natural fit as it’s a great anti-dredge card that’s also full of synergy. Heck, it even cuts off Punishing Fire for a while, at least until they find another removal spell.

I would also add more removal spells to the sideboard. Gaddock Teeg can be annoying, so having more ways to kill it would help. Also, something like Baneslayer Angel can be a problem, as the deck relies more on blocking creatures than killing them.

Cranial Extraction is great against combo, and this deck can cast it pretty early most of the time.

Infinite life doesn’t automatically win the game, and a control deck is probably right to try to deck you. If they’ve got something you can’t power through like Thopter Foundry or Vedalken Shackles it’s hard for you to actually win. I haven’t come up with the counter strategy the deck can employ to win the game post-infinite life, but I’m sure there’s got to be one out there that should be in the sideboard.

The Gift that Keeps On Giving

I’ll sure be sad when I can’t play with Gifts Ungiven anymore. I hope you guys don’t mind me talking about it so much, but it’s full of so much possibility. I will be so happy if I can cast Gifts Ungiven at Grand Prix Oakland, so wish me luck. I’m still searching for the right deck for that event, and like I’ve said before this format is pretty hard to crack. This deck sure is fun, and it has pretty good matchups against Zoo and Red, and generally can’t lose to midrange decks. I haven’t tested a lot against combo and control, though, so I’m worried that a Dark Depths deck just blows me out. What I like about this deck though is the speed added by Wall of Roots and Noble Hierarch, cards that do things besides just accelerate. That gives the deck a lot of room to attack the opponent’s strategy early, a problem I have with other Gifts Ungiven decks.

Unless I hit a major breakthrough I’ll be putting Gifts Ungiven up on the shelf for a while now. And perfect timing, there are shiny new Worldwake toys to play with! Hopefully I’ll be building something spicy with those in the near future. A one-drop that makes a 5/5 dragon every turn? Sign me up.

Thanks for reading,

Jonathon Loucks
Loucksj at gmail
JonLoucks on Twitter
Zygonn on Magic Online

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  1. “ant to find room for a third kill spell for when you really need to remove something, but I can't come up with any I'm happy enough with.”

    Have you considered Shriekmaw? Yes, it’s nominally worse than Doomblade, but it’s also a creature with all the recursion potential that implies.

  2. Mogg fanatic could have a home as a one-of in the 75, just to turn the reveillark combo into an infinite damage loop and solve the problem of opponents waiting for you to deck.

  3. I was actually in my local shop today with my playtest group and saw a copy of glittering wish (the multi-color one) and started building this deck like the original build…. and now youve gank’ed my thunder =(

    Still a good deck, and I like the direction your taking it…

  4. Wow, this looks like fun!

    Can we squeeze a Venser in there to bounce the board, as in a classic version of ‘Lark? Or something like that; I’m worried that you might gain “infinite life” but then can’t finish the job against a deck like Thopter Foundry that produces a ton of tokens.

    Thank you for sharing this deck idea!

  5. This is a deck I’ve wanted to build but haven’t been really sure how to construct it. This seems like a very good start. The chord of callings are a great idea, but it does seem like teeg could be a huge problem. I support the venser idea, as it is a way to deal with infinite thopters and dark depths tokens. The thing that most concerns me about this deck is whether the mana works out, and its vulnerability to a blood moon.

  6. Where is blasting station?

    I played project-X for some time in new extended.
    My most memorable game was probably a turn 3½ kill after mulligan to 4 against hypergenesis. Turn 2 Saffi, Turn 3 Station and then he comboed out on his turn 3 leting me put crypt champion into play ^^

    Infinite life and everything is cute but Blasting Station let you win the game and deal infinite dmg. To me it´s the obvious killcard for extended project-X. Did you test it because there got to be room for atleast 1 copy, especsially with the Gifts Engine.

  7. Felidar Sovereign says “At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have 40 or more life, you win the game.”

  8. I imagine Nissa’s Chosen might be able to prevent you from decking, given that you have a way to sacrifice it each turn and bring it back to play/your hand when it gets countered. Something like Sages of the Anima as well, although that depends on it staying around for a while, which seems entirely possible given the cards in your deck. A greedy Archive Trap might put them behind you too. Other obvious things would be a Reito Lantern or Tel-Jilad Stylus, but they don’t synnergize with the rest of your deck, not being creatures and all.

  9. Bitter Ordeal seems like a reasonable plan (albeit not a creature) against slow decks. It also has some utility against decks like scapeshift if you can remove 2 valakuts or a few mountains you can make it hard for them to combo against you especially if you gain a bit of life as well (i.e. don’t find soul warden early, just finks)

    The other option is having 1 Orzhov Pontiff to kill all the thopter tokens.

  10. If you work your deck into being able to gain infinite life and recurr cards infinitely, you should def add 1-2 cards to just kill your opponent.

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  12. A mog fanatic should be a decent one-of for a reveillark combo kill and a little utility. The project x life gain would give you the time to assemble the second combo.

    I would also look at Jotun Grunt as a one of. I’m not positive how well it would work here but it should be decent and certainly makes the deck resistant to decking. Either that or a Gaia’s Blessing.

    If you’re looking at Shriekmaw, don’t forget his cousin Nekratal which can be brought back by reveillark. It’s rough on the mana but the 3 cmc version is Garza’s Assassin. The Recover cost is actually quite nice in a deck that creates infinite life.

  13. Don’t forget bile urchin, if you want to add an infinite damage loop without having to go into red.

  14. Thanks everybody for the ideas. There are a lot of cards out there that can kill your opponent; the trick is finding one that isn’t terrible to draw. Cards like Mogg Fanatic and Bile Urchin and Blasting Station (which I would never have thought of) can get the job done, but they’re really awkward in your opening hand. The trick is to find a card that can both win with your combo but also doesn’t suck when you draw it. Venser is the card I like most so far because it adds some disruption to the deck, comes back profitably enough with Reveillark, and it really increases the value of your Chord of Callings. Preferably the card would work with both Reveillark and Crypt Champion, and their combos, but that’s probably asking a bit much. I might have to do some gathering, but Venser seems like the likely candidate so far.

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  16. Looks like an amazingly fun deck to play, and I’d love to see how it does against the current tier1 decks 😀

  17. Something to think about if you are gaining infinite life and it is game one. Don’t just say: I gain infinite life, go. Actually do it. Start gaining infinite life one at a time. If your opponent doesn’t concede to you, and the match goes to time, they lose the match because of life totals. So you don’t always need a “win condition” in your main deck. I know it sounds lame, but I’m pretty sure its not considered stalling if you are actually doing something and most people will concede to you immediately. The control deck can’t really deck you if you never take another turn. Also, if you win the first game like this, you can win the second game like that as well. Boring maybe…but you are playing an infinite combo deck…

    As far as the bounce goes, I remember playing Riftwing Cloudskate in the original Revillark deck as well as Venser. Either could be good for the “bounce all ur stuffz” route, but the Cloudskate can be suspended early and it flies so it is tough to block and could be a decent win condition, etc…however, I could definitely see casting Venser being pretty sweet too.

    I really loved playing Revillark when it was in standard with Time Spiral and along with the new ELVES! deck that was talked about today, the future of combo in extended seems super fun and powerful.

  18. Fantastic deck…I know you’re not looking for a way to draw cards as much as a win condition, but i love both shriekmaw and mulldrifter with saffi. Somebody above mentioned shriekmaw already, but its a nice slap in the face to zoo if you go turn 2 saffi, turn 3 shriekmaw, killing 2 and getting a nice blocker after. Mulldrifter for 4 cards on turn 3 plus a flier is not bad either, and could help overpower control matchups if the right cards surround it.

  19. Hi Jonathan Great Stuff. My thoughts went down this road as well & I am remember the Crypt Champion Safi Combo =). Your article sparked some innovations for me in my Deck design. I’ve posted a few lists online here for you guys. Ive posted a few breakout unique decks (IMHO) decks including giftsofthelarkmarytr. Ive gotten no comments or appreciation for them so I will stop posting them and start making them to kick all your asses at the ProTour 😛 Great Article. Too bad you won’t be getting any more of my ideas posted up for you guys. Keep Building! Great work.

  20. @Matt – Actually, that’s a pretty good candidate for earning a Cheating – Stalling infraction, since the player with priority always has the ability (per 713.2a in the Comprehensive Rules) to propose a shortcut procedure for a predictable series of repeated actions. In fact, since there are necessarily priority passes involved here, your opponent can stop you after they realize you aren’t planning on shortcutting anything and suggest one.

    I think things will go to unpleasant judge call land after that if you refuse.

  21. @John – I actually tried your Martyr deck, but realize I didn’t get back around to commenting on it. Played like Martyr, but I would have preferred more white cards for more consistency.

  22. @Matt: Also, you don’t lose on life totals when a match goes to time. That would be a draw, if it’s game one.

  23. =) Hey Thanks Jonathan. I agree. The Deck did need a few more white cards for consistency. The new version added more white cards. One simple change was Ressurection for Makshift Manekin. I added a Bant Charm and Crime/Punishment as well for more white. I also added a 3rd Ranger of Eos to make sure I got to my martyr.

    The dedicated B/W Martyr Deck Runs 7 black spells or 7 nonwhite.

    My list now runs 12 spells non white > Sakura, Muldrifter, Body Double, Eternal Witness, Life From the Loam, Gifts Ungiven

    But, if you test the deck now…. It will play like a Revilark Deck that uses the Martyr to Stabalize. Witness can bring a white card to your hand, mulls draw you into white cards, and you can always gift for 4 white Bombs.

    I took some of your Ideas and added it to the deck for testing purposes. I added 1 mirror entity (white & your cool combo) & a Safi (white also). Safi seems to have really good synergy with every creature in the deck. I really want to run Martyr because of its Zoo domination but like you and a few other versatility players I appreciate having no Bad matches and the ability to use a deck that has more options/combinations rewards play skill.

    So, I thought I’d give you the new list.

    1xYosei, the Morning Star
    1xBody Double
    1xDay of Judgement
    1xWrath of God
    2xGifts Ungiven
    3xRanger of Eos
    1xBant Charm
    1xNecrotic Sliver
    1xMirror Entity
    1xEternal Witness
    1xGlittering Wish
    1xLife From the Loam
    1xSafi Erikisdotter
    3xSakura Tribe Elder
    1xQasali Pridemage
    4xPath to Exhile
    4xMartyr of Sands
    1xMiren,the Moaning Well
    2xGodless Shrine
    3xHallowed Fountain
    4xTemple Garden
    4xArid Mesa
    1xEmeria, the Sky Ruin
    1xSnow-Covered Island
    1xSnow-Covered Plains
    1xSnow-Covered Forest

    Sideboard —>Remember you have one Glit Wish

    1xCrovax, Ascendant Hero
    1xFracturing Gust
    1xCranial Extraction
    3xIvory Mask
    3xGlen Eledra Archmage
    1xMaelstrom Pulse
    1xBant Charm
    1xWheel of Sun and Moon
    1xMeddling Mage
    1xEtherswon Cannonist
    1xPithing Needle

    Thanks Jonathan. And thanks for trying the deck. I love alll of you guy’s articles =)


  24. Ivory Mask BTW Protects you from Burn, Thoughsieze, Duress, Castigate, Tormod’s Crypt, Relic of Progenitus, Ravenous Trap, & Wheel Sun/Moon all of which are not good for this deck.

  25. @Matt That rule only applies (iirc) in the single elimination events of a tournament… plus everything else everyone else said…

  26. You should run some cruel ultimatums and martyrs, cause the deck isn’t greedy enough : )
    It seems like a solid deck, but gifts/thopters might just be better, unfortunately.
    Mogg Fanatic seems good as a win condition, and a maelstrom pulse would seems necessary, but I don’t know where it would fit.

  27. I know you don’t want to be the second best graveyard deck but have you thought about putting a singleton BRIDGE FROM BELOW in the deck. Granted if you want to Gifts for it you need a discard outlet but you can target yourself with Raven’s Crime. If you do then the Saffi combo produces infinite zombie. Throw in a good old fashioned Flame-Kin Zealout(Power 2!) and you just may have a sick combo kill. It sounds cumbersome but explosives. Might be worth a shot. Also why not pestermite/Kiki-jiki/body double/reveillark?

  28. I think Bile Urchin is fine for a win condition, its 1 card, and it can chump block for a turn.

    I need some help figuring out good gifts packages for this deck, does anyone have any suggestions?

  29. Definitely love the article, and the deck, and if you are looking for a kill cond, that actually does something, have you considered Anathemancer? with lark combo, even if it does 1 each time it comes into play its still going to kill them, and another thing i like about it is that it comes back via crypt champion as well… not to mention in the format are there anydecks that it wouldnt take a healty life total out of? obviously there isnt much room in the deck so im not sure where it would fit, but its certainly better than a mogg fanatic or bile urchin, love the idea of venser though so im not sure where it compares there, but i do like that Anathemancer comes back via champion as well

  30. Given that you’re already playing ‘Lark, Mirror Entity and Wall of Roots, you could also kill by generating infinite mana and then hitting your opponent with a giant Profane Command. Profane Command isn’t very mana-efficient outside of this combo, but it isn’t exactly dead either since you can use it as a kill spell and/or Saffi reanimator.

  31. Ok Im posting a Deck here.. I know some may not like me posting these but your ideas spark my ideas spark your ideas…. So I’m Posting something nutz I made on a whim and refined that suddenly is winning. This Deck is hard to play but with those that know how its a doosy.


    1xKiki Jiki the Mirror Breaker
    1xBody Double
    2xGifts Ungiven
    1xMakeshift Mannequin
    1xCrypt Champion
    1xLoxodon Hierarch
    1xNecrotic Sliver
    1xKitchen Finks
    1xEternal Witness
    1xAven Riftwatcher
    2xGlittering Wish
    1xLife From the Loam
    1xSafi Eriksdotter
    4xPrismatic Omen
    4xSakura Tribe Elder
    1xPath to Exhile
    1xEssence Warden
    1xOvergrown Tomb
    1xHallowed Fountain
    1xStomping Grounds
    1xWatery Grave
    1xSteam Vents
    2xTemple Garden
    1xBreeding Pool
    2xEmeria the Sky Ruin
    4xMisty Rainforest
    2xTolaria West
    4xValakut, the Molten Pinacle


    1xPithing Needle
    1xWheel of Sun/Moon
    1xMeddling Mage
    1xEthersworn Cannonist
    1xBant Charm
    1xDuergar Hedgemage
    1xCranial Extraction
    2xIvory Mask
    3xGlen Elendra Archmage
    1xFracturing Gust

    The Deck Plays like Gift/Wish Decks with most answers as creatures that come back with Lark or Emeria. It has 3 stellar combos that can flat out win you the game but none are needed and all the combo pieces are very good on thier own. You opponent will have no idea what you are doing with the deck exactly first game and they have such a hard time siding vs it. I noticed a couple Prismatic Omen decks make top 8’s and that was the inspiration for Prismatic Omen with both Emeria & Valakut. Instead of Counter Burn Omen…. Why Not Creature Recur Burn Omen? screw the counter spells (Glen Elendras in the Side), and lets have some fun with Emeria. If Omen is in play with valakut every land drop 6 and higher is damage. Tolaria for Emeria and your creatures come back with Omen in play with only 7 lands. And if they are trying to stop that.. you can combo off to infinite life with Safi/Crypt or go for Kiki/Pestermite. Definitely needs more testing and I still like Gifts of the Lark Martyr 4.0 a little better. But its definetly worth considering for us Rouge players.


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