R/G Monsters with Amonkhet

It’s about time to start jamming Amonkhet Standard matches! Despite not knowing whether any cards will be banned yet, we can still brew with new cards.

The two that stood out to me most are Glorybringer and Rhonas the Indomitable, so my first attempt was an R/G Monsters deck built with both cards in mind.

Zvi Mowshowitz wrote about a different version of R/G that tries to go off with Honored Hydra, whereas I’m just going to cram mana dorks and big creatures together.

R/G Monsters


Card Choices

This mana dork is excellent. On turns 3, 4, and 5 it’ll provide mana, and then it’ll start attacking as a 3/4 or crew Heart of Kiran. Alongside it you have Servant of the Conduit, a mana dork that has already proven its quality and is a clear addition to the deck.

This is the key card of the deck, though it isn’t a 4-of since it’s legendary and indestructible. This is probably the best God overall since it’s relatively easy to meet its conditions, it’s a great mana sink, and it’s capable of taking over the game.

You’ll need to build the deck around Rhonas and have as many monsters as possible—like Lathnu Hellion, a creature that fell off the radar, but that attacks for quite a lot of damage as long as your Attune with Aethers, Servant of the Conduits, and Harnessed Lightnings keep it alive.

The creature that gets the biggest boost from Rhonas in my opinion is Bristling Hydra, which protects itself and can threaten a huge amount of damage when paired with his God.

Arlinn Kord never saw much play in Constructed, but paired with Rhonas the Indomitable and Bristling Hydra might finally get a shot, since you can pump up your creatures to make them 4+ power, or add more of speed to the deck. With Arlinn in play, you cast Heart of Kiran, summon it with -1 loyalty, and then give it haste and smash for 6! For only 2 mana!

Speaking of Heart of Kiran, remember that even if your God can’t attack, they can jump in a Vehicle.

Frank Karsten already wrote an article about Glorybringer, but I just wanted to say that I love this card, and it’s probably my favorite out of Amonkhet.

This is so versatile and powerful—it’s able to kill a creature and a planeswalker the same turn it comes into play, and it’s much better than Verdurous Gearhulk in the 5-mana creature slot.

Turning on Rhonas is obviously another cool interaction, but almost every creature in the deck can do that.

A great interaction with Glorybringer is to pair it with Arlinn Kord, or any card that provides vigilance, and then exert it. It will deal 4 damage to a creature and come back for more the following turn!

Blue looks very good with Amonkhet—with Essence Scatter, Censor, and Pull from Tomorrow, I can easily see control being good again, so having a creature like this in your 75 is a big resource… aaaand it turns on Rhonas!

Remember the rumors of Scrapheap Scrounger being too good and on the ban watchlist? This ought to dispel that—we have here a great way to answer it, and a great weapon against Vehicles overall.

I’m not sure about this card, but it’s definitely a strong tool to have. It’s good versus Vehicles and solid versus Saheeli Combo, though I’m not sure how to feel about a 3-mana 2/2 that yes, keeps them from going infinite but just doesn’t do anything once it comes into play. It’ll definitely need some testing, and if it’s anything like Authority of the Consuls against that deck, I don’t like it.

Someone might argue that Hazoret is a wonderful way to turn on Rhonas, since they can’t be hit by removal and they look pretty good on curve. But I’m not a fan of Hazoret, since meeting the condition of having 0 or 1 card in hand is pretty hard, and if you have Rhonas out you already have a mana sink. Multiple mana sinks might be nice in the late game, but they’re terrible in the early game.

At first I got excited about this, but then I cast it, discarded a land, and got Harnessed Lightninged. I realized that you need something to exploit this card, like Fiery Temper or Honored Hydra.

It does turn on Rhonas, but that’s just not enough to push me to play this card.

Despite being a Forest and a Mountain for Game Trail and being a live draw in late-game, the fact that it enters the battlefield tapped in the early game just makes it too weak in an aggressive deck where you need to curve out as much as possible.

I’m not a fan of these lands. For an aggressive deck, drawing lands in the late game is bad, but having a tapland in the early game is even worse.

As for control decks, you actually want to make your land drops as much as possible, so you won’t be cycling unless you’re way too flooded, which doesn’t happen that often.


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