A New Red/Green Midrange

I want to show you my own brew that I have been playing with lately—RG Midrange. I think that Outpost Siege still doesn’t get enough credit and I’ve been trying to find the best deck for it. It’s obviously great in RW because you have a lot of cheap aggressive cards, which is the best way to get the most value out of it.

But I wanted more—I wanted to ramp into it. Normally the problem with ramp decks is that you need to draw the right mix of acceleration and threats and sometimes when they have a removal spell or counter for your big spell, you are just left with a bunch of mana guys and Rampant Growths. But when you are drawing 2 cards a turn, you will almost always have more gas than your opponent. I also still wanted to be aggressive and have a decent amount of burn.

The List

RG Midrange1

This deck is a mix of Green Devotion and R/G Aggro. I’m not necessarily saying that’s the best way to go, but I’ve been really enjoying trying to innovate in this Standard format, and there is value in playing something people don’t expect and don’t really know how to play and sideboard against.

Card Choices

Elvish Mystic and Rattleclaw Mystic are in the deck to ramp you into more expensive stuff, but they can also attack. With all the burn in the deck, getting in for a couple of damage is very important. If you expect many Drown in Sorrows, you can switch the Rattleclaw Mystics for Sylvan Caryatids.

Courser of Kruphix is basically the definition of midrange. He provides card advantage and makes sure you hit your land drops for the more expensive cards.

The best thing about Polukranos is that it dodges most of the commonly-played removal spells. It still dies to Hero’s Downfall, Abzan Charm, and gets Chained to the Rocks, but it’s too big for Bile Blight and all the red burn spells.

Stormbreath Dragon is your other finisher—you need to have a decent amount of big creatures and they also both enable ferocious, which is important for Crater’s Claws.

The rest of the deck is all the cheap red burn spells that almost always cost less than what they kill, giving you tempo advantage and making sure you can always play the card you flip off of the Outpost Siege. Crater’s Claws is a perfect card for the deck because it can kill a creature early but it’s also a great mana sink later in the game that gives this deck great reach.

You probably noticed that there are no Goblin Rabblemasters, which may look weird because it goes well with cheap removal, but I think Courser is much better for this deck at the 3-mana slot and there just isn’t room for more. The same goes for Flamewake Phoenix and Fanatic of Xenagos, they are just too aggressive for what I’m trying to do.

Whisperwood Elemental is another card I wanted to play, but I just prefer the flying and hasty Dragon. I’ve seen Shaman of the Great Hunt in some of the other RG decks, but this card seems very poorly positioned right now because there are just too many cards that kill it for 1 and 2 mana. You could make room for a couple Xenagos if you don’t expect any Jeskai, because the card is really bad against Mantis Rider. Ashcloud Phoenix is just the third-best 4-drop, both Outpost Siege and Polukranos are better.


The sideboard offers you some really strong cards and covers almost everything:

• Reclamation Sage is great against RW because it destroys Chained to the Rocks and Outpost Siege. Back to Nature might actually be even better, but you have your own Coursers and Sieges.

• Arbor Colossus is for the Jeskai matchup where it stops all the Mantis Riders and Dragons and it’s really hard for them to kill.

• Hornet Queen shines against Abzan and pretty much anything with Wingmate Roc.

• Nissa is great against U/B and the best thing about her is that Ugin can’t deal with the lands-turned-into-creatures because they are too big and colorless.

• Nylea’s Disciple and Arc Lightning help against the red aggressive decks, and if you are playing 8-mans on Magic Online you have probably noticed that Mono-Red seems to be one of the most popular decks there.

With this deck you have game against pretty much anything, but the best matchups are definitely the aggressive decks because you have enough cheap removal to stop their early pressure and your creatures like Courser and Polukranos are usually too big for them to kill. On the other hand it can be difficult to win against a control deck like U/B or BUG because cards like Wild Slash are pretty bad against them, but if you can stick an Outpost Siege, you are usually fine.

I hope you have fun playing this deck if you decide to give it a try and I already have another one ready for next week!

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