RG Eldrazi Aggro Deck Guide

Will Eldrazi Temple be banned in Modern? Probably.

In the meantime, if you want to crush your Modern event, I suggest a different take on the RG Eldrazi deck that my former team and I brewed for last weekend’s GPs, Bologna and Detroit.

RG Eldrazi

This is not the classic RG Eldrazi you’re used to seeing—there aren’t any Mind Stones or Talisman of Impulses—but on the other hand, this deck is way more aggressive with Eldrazi Mimic thanks to Eldrazi Obligator.

I felt like RG Eldrazi Control wasn’t a great choice for a 15-round GP. There are many random combo decks in Modern, so playing control is never a good choice. Against decks like Scapeshift, Ad Nauseam, Storm, and Living End, you need to pressure them. If you just wait to reach 7 mana to cast your World Breakers, it isn’t going to work.

Against decks like Scapeshift, Ad Nauseam, Storm, and Living End, you need to pressure them. If you just wait to reach 7 mana to cast your World Breakers, it isn’t going to work.

The deck performed well overall—I ended up 11-4 in Bologna and 4 teammates in Detroit with it 12-3’d. No one reached Top 8, though, unfortunately.

I managed to beat UW Eldrazi 4 times, but I’m not positive that it’s a good matchup. I stole many games thanks to Eldrazi Obligator on Reality Smasher when they were thinking I was the control version without access to Obligator or Lightning Bolt.

Is this Deck Better than UW Eldrazi?

It is. UW Eldrazi is such an unstable deck—it reminds me of Vintage Dredge. You can’t keep any hand without Eye or Temple and you only have Adarkar Wastes as your “triland.” RG has access to Ancient Stirrings, which lets you keep hands without Eye or Temple and has Grove of the Burnwillows as an additional trilands. Eldrazi Skyspawner and Drowner of Hope are great cards, but I favor greater reliability over more power.

I decided to play one Phyrexian Metamorph over the fourth Matter Reshaper since it was the least powerful card in the deck and we were expecting many mirrors where Metamorph excels.

Eldrazi Obligator was my MVP because so many players did not expect it, and curving out with Eldrazi Mimic turn 1 and Eldrazi Obligator turn 2 was so much pressure that many other decks fell behind quickly. Remember that you can’t pay the 2 mana of his ability with Eldrazi Temple since it can only be used for activated abilities, like Endbringer, so you actually have to tap 2 lands that produce mana.

This is an aggro deck, so if turn 1 you are undecided between Grove of the Burnwillows and Karplusan Forest, play the painland and lose a life to cast your Ancient Stirrings.


UW Eldrazi



As I mentioned above, I’m not positive that this is a favorable matchup, but the whole team went X-0 against it. Drowner of Hope is really difficult to deal with, and that’s why I wanted 2 more answers in my sideboard. I don’t like bringing in Kozilek’s Return in this matchup—I have many creatures that die to it, and I would rather board out Matter Reshaper, which is slow and doesn’t do anything in particular.

RG Eldrazi Control



Bolt isn’t the best here, it only kills Matter Reshaper because they don’t play Eldrazi Mimic.

The matchup is positive, and I saw my teammates defeating it over and over again, though I never played against it during the GP. Eldrazi Obligator is huge here, and it’s the reason why I think this is a favorable matchup.

Just play around Kozilek’s Return and don’t play Endless One on turn 1.




This is a bad matchup. I was lucky enough not to play a single time against it, but my Italian teammates lost to it every time. If you expect Affinity and want to play Eldrazi, I recommend the UW version, which is very good against it. It’s also the reason why in Bologna there were 0 Affinity in the Top 32.

Melira Company



You’re boarding out the same cards as against Affinity because you’re boarding in Kozilek’s Return—whenever I do this, I like to take out cards that die to it. I’ll never cut Eldrazi Mimic though, since it lets you have broken starts that can win against any deck. I love and will always play 2 Grafdigger’s Cage in any deck because they completely shut down one of the most played decks—it’s the same reasoning behind 2 Pithing Needles for Miracle in Legacy.

This matchup is pretty even. They might have Big Game Hunter, Fiend Hunter, and Intrepid Hero to fight back. Just be aware of those and don’t use all of your removal spells on mana creatures.

Living End



Choosing which cards to board out is simple, since both cards are awful in this matchup. On the other hand, I like to board in more removal spells since the post-board games shape up in a strange way. They are usually forced to play Living End to clear your board, but if you can remove the biggest creatures and drop more creatures, then they might need to Living End again, at which point your previous board is going to come back too.

Relic of Progenitus is of course insane, and you should mulligan into it, or into an Ancient Stirrings.

Faerie Macabre is very annoying since your creatures in the graveyard matter a lot.

The most annoying card is Fulminator Mage, which turns your deck into a Sealed Deck, killing your Sol lands.

This is definitely a bad matchup that is rising in popularity to compete with the Eldrazi manace. You can add a fourth Relic in your sideboard, or just hope not to be paired against it.

If you have any questions about other matchups, ask below!

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