Replenishing Constellation with Magic Origins

Welcome back in the world of Theros, where everything is an enchantment and a creature for some reason and if it wasn’t, well, now it is:

Starfield of Nyx reminds everyone of Opalescence with a turn-by-turn Replenish attached. It has me very excited, and when I say excited, I mean going through Gatherer for hours.

Having worked a little on Theros Block Constructed, I was familiar with most of the enchantment shenanigans possible. We gained a few new pieces with the three sets of Khans, however it was only until Herald of the Pantheon was spoiled that I genuinely thought this whole thing could be competitive.

This is the glue that connects all the pieces. A reasonable body that makes your deck faster and buys you time with life gain, exactly what I needed to investigate every Standard legal card. I’ll leave Modern to Travis Woo.

Results Of My Research

I ruled out red since Outpost Siege was the only was interesting option, and blue didn’t have anything interesting besides Encase in Ice and Thassa’s Ire (which can combo with two Market Festivals!).

That leaves you with Abzan colors, mainly green and white. Pharika, God of Affliction and Doomwake Giant are basically the only cards that make black appealing, but they are too good not to jot down on the notepad.

Auto-include cards in a deck with Herald of the Pantheon and Starfield of Nyx:

Assuming we play four of each of those cards, we have 24 cards in a theoretical deck so far.

Between Starfield of Nyx, Courser of Kruphix, and Eidolon of Blossoms, I expect that once you are established on the board, card advantage will provide the inevitability. That means you have to make sure you survive the early game. Herald of the Pantheon and Nyx-Fleece Ram already do a great job, but it’s probably necessary to include some number of Silkwraps.

Round out with:

That gives us the following deck list:

GW Starfield

This looks like a lot of fun and seems powerful too. It feels like a devotion deck with ways to interact via Banishing Light and to some extent the Frontier Siege fight mode along Sigil of the Empty Throne.

I can see control decks being a problem with the above list. Banishing Light, Nyx-Fleece Ram, and Banishing Light would basically be dead. That’s why I have another take on this strategy, this time with black:

Abzan Starfield

This version is more aggressive. It has Helm of the Gods to pressure your opponent’s life total and Pharika to make sure you don’t run out of creatures to equip. Brain Maggot along with sideboarded Thoughtseize should give you a better shot against control than the green/white version.

Thanks for reading and have fun brewing!


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