Reid’s Prerelease Experience – New Capenna Sealed

The Streets of New Capenna prerelease marked the third time I’ve shuffled cards for a tabletop Limited event since the start of the pandemic. Today, I’ll share how it went and what I learned about playing Limited with the new set. 

My teammate Andrea Mengucci was also fortunate enough to attend prerelease over in Italy, and he recorded his thoughts on the event here:

The way this prerelease worked is that you’d select a box assigned to one of the five families. Inside the box would be five normal booster packs, plus a sixth that was specially seeded for your family of choice. You’d always get a rare, a couple of dual lands and some choice commons for that family. You also got a playable promo card that represented a seventh rare (though not necessarily in your family).

In other words, the event was closely comparable to a normal Sealed Deck, except that you could point it a little bit in the direction of your choice and decks would wind up a shade stronger than a fully randomized Sealed. 

Naturally, I picked Riveteers for both Saturday and Sunday. 




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3 thoughts on “Reid’s Prerelease Experience – New Capenna Sealed”

  1. When you say “Ziatora’s Envoy rarely died”, does this imply most of the time you were not casting this card for it’s blitz cost?

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