Registering 20 Plains in Standard

Why did Javier Dominguez and I play 20 Plains in the first week of MPL? Why no blue splash?

The reason is as simple as you might think: the mana base isn’t good enough to support a splash, and the upside of playing Teferi, Time Raveler or Dovin’s Veto just doesn’t cut it.
Keeping a one-lander with this deck is common, and what if that land is a Glacial Fortress? What about the 2 life of Hallowed Fountain versus an aggro deck?

Splashing blue isn’t good in White Weenie—it’s a mistake.

Mono-White Aggro

Andrea Mengucci

20 Plains
1 Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants
4 Law-Rune Enforcer
1 Snubhorn Sentry
4 Dauntless Bodyguard
4 Skymarcher Aspirant
4 Adanto Vanguard
2 Tithe Taker
4 Benalish Marshal
4 Venerated Loxodon
4 Legion's Landing/Adanto, the First Fort
4 History of Benalia
4 Conclave Tribunal

1 Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants
3 Demystify
4 Baffling End
3 Tocatli Honor Guard
3 Gideon Blackblade
1 Unbreakable Formation

Law-Rune Enforcer

Law-Rune Enforcer is the new tool of the deck. It replaced Snubhorn Sentry and its role is basically to be a 1-drop that helps you get through some annoying creatures like Rekindling Phoenix or Lyra Dawnbringer later in the game.

It has been good for me, and I’m happy with it over Snubhorn SentryLeonin Vanguard, or any other 1-drop you can think of that isn’t a Savannah Lions.

Gideon Blackblade

The new Gideon seems like a great addition to the deck, but it doesn’t quite make the cut to the main deck because Benalish Marshal, History of Benalia, and Ajani are just better.

It is very good versus control, to play around sweepers and Nexus, and to pressure and eventually kill permanents, but against decks with creatures it can be awkward, as it doesn’t protect itself against opposing creatures attacking it.

I’m happy with it in my sideboard, but that’s it.

Why Did We Play Weenie?

White Weenie is a deck with very polarized matchups. It crushes Nexus and Gruul, but loses to Sultai and Red. It’s 50-50 against Esper Control, Esper Midrange, and Bant Midrange.
We felt that Nexus and Esper Control were going to be popular and that White Weenie was the only deck that could crush one and remain fine against the other.

If Red becomes too popular (which I don’t think will happen—it’s only good against Nexus and White, and loses to Green and Esper), then White isn’t a good choice.

Sideboard Guide

It’s 2019, and if you don’t put a sideboard guide in your article, then it isn’t worth writing. This is a joke and a meme. Writing a sideboard guide isn’t easy—it requires hours and days of testing, and sometimes it’s better not to write anything than to write a sideboard guide without actual testing.

But since I did test, I am confident about my 75 and how to play in some key matchups.

Before I start, I just want to make clear that I am going to sideboard out a Plains in mostly every matchup. The matchup always become more grindy post-sideboard, as your opponent adds removal spells. You want to minimize your chances of flooding while always having the third land drop at the ready.



Adanto VanguardAdanto VanguardAdanto VanguardAdanto VanguardSkymarcher AspirantSkymarcher AspirantSkymarcher AspirantSkymarcher AspirantPlains (331)


Baffling EndBaffling EndBaffling EndBaffling EndTocatli Honor GuardTocatli Honor GuardTocatli Honor GuardAjani, Adversary of TyrantsGideon Blackblade

This matchup is bad, but winnable.

Venerated Loxodon is your best card and Experimental Frenzy is their best. Luckily for us, people were cutting Frenzy from their deck to play Chandra. This lets Weenie get into a topdeck war against them without becoming a massive dog.

They will likely kill all your creatures, so every History of Benalia is essentially a two-for-one. Runaway Steam-Kin has to die on the spot, and Goblin Chainwhirler is not only a Shriekmaw but also a great blocker. Make sure to hold your Dauntless Bodyguard to pair with a 1-toughness creature to protect yourself from Chainwhirler. If you have other 1-drops, lead with those.

Tocatli Honor Guard stops some things, but it’s basically filler. Don’t be afraid to block a 2/2 and make them Shock it, especially if you have Venerated Loxodon in your hand.

Esper Control/Grixis Control


Plains (331)Snubhorn SentryBenalish MarshalBenalish Marshal


Ajani, Adversary of TyrantsGideon BlackbladeGideon BlackbladeGideon Blackblade

This matchup depends a lot on the number of sweeper that they draw. You can’t play around everything and most likely just jam what you have.

Legion’s Landing flipping on turn 2 is your easiest path to victory, but often just a History of Benalia to make them sweep two times is good enough.

Gideon and Ajani will help you play around those sweepers post-sideboard. The matchup is hard to play, and you need to know when you can play around their sweeper and when you can’t. Lots of math is involved.



Ajani, Adversary of TyrantsSnubhorn SentryLaw-Rune EnforcerVenerated LoxodonVenerated LoxodonVenerated Loxodon


Gideon BlackbladeGideon BlackbladeGideon BlackbladeDemystifyDemystifyDemystify

This is a great matchup. All you need to do is apply pressure and put together a 4-5 kill. If they have to start playing Fogs, then they can’t successfully develop their plan.

Play Gideon as early as you can, since it will mean that you can -6 eventually, which is likely to be super relevant. Demystify is close to a 1-mana Vindicate, so it’s fine to keep a slow hand. The lack of blue splash doesn’t hurt this matchup, and this matchup is the reason to register White Weenie.

Esper Midrange


Tithe TakerTithe TakerPlains (331)Ajani, Adversary of TyrantsDauntless BodyguardDauntless Bodyguard


Tocatli Honor GuardTocatli Honor GuardTocatli Honor GuardBaffling EndBaffling EndUnbreakable Formation

This is a tough matchup. You have to flood the board and hope they can’t deal with everything. Their lack of sweepers is the only way you can win.

Tocatli Honor Guard stops annoying creatures like Hostage Taker and Deputy of Detention, but it doesn’t stop Thief of Sanity or Hero of Precinct One.

I encourage you to watch my match against Piotr Glogowski, as it was a good show on how to play and not play the matchup.

That’s all, folks. Wizards is pushing a lot Standard with the Magic Pro League. You’ll see high stakes matches played weekly, and a lot of content every day on Twitch.tv/andreamengucci. Don’t miss out on it!

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