PV’s Playhouse – Pro Tour Amsterdam Recap


This is my PT Amsterdam report, with some bits on GP Gothenburg too.


My trip started, as noted above, with GP Gothenburg. The decision to go to Gothenburg was easy – the ticket from Amsterdam was cheap, and the formats overlapped, so that meant not only that I wouldn’t have to do extra practice for the GP but also that the GP would be more practice for my Pro Tour. What was not easy, though, was getting to Gothenburg.

It all started when I spent hours and hours phoning a bunch of people and airlines, trying to get the optimal ticket (I couldn’t). Then I had to figure out the next best option, and came up with some pretty absurd itinerary. I am pretty sure no one in the entire tournament took longer to get to Gothenburg than I did – in fact, I would probably guess that I took almost twice as long as the person who took the second longest. I left my home Wednesday noon, and then did the following:

Porto Alegre -> Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo -> New York
New York -> London
London -> Amsterdam
Amsterdam -> Gothenburg

I got to Gothenburg Friday around 5 PM, which means the whole process, including the layovers, took around 50 hours after you factor in the time zone change, and was quite miserable. Once I was in Sweden, though, things went pretty smoothly – the country is very awesome and everything works. There are many interesting things with Sweden – the fact that everyone speaks perfect English, for example. If I go to a supermarket in Brazil and start speaking English with the cashier, he is just going to give me a weird look – in Sweden, I will probably find out that he speaks it better than I do.

Anyway, my preparation for Sweden was pretty standard – I drafted a bit on Magic Online. If you pay any attention to top 8 profiles, you will recall that in San Juan there was a question “how many hours per week do you spend on Modo”, and my answer was “zero”. At the time, that was true – I did not even have it installed in my computer. But then I came back and decided that maybe it would be cool to start playing it, so I got myself some packs and started drafting; My very first attempt saw me opening a Vengevine. I sold it for a lot, and then opened another Vengevine. Then I quit playing until M11, and decided to try a Sealed – I opened Primeval Titan. So I ended up with a bit of a “bankroll” on Modo, and, though I have zero constructed cards, I can draft pretty much whenever I want. In fact, you can probably expect a draft video from me sometime soon, as soon as I get a bit more familiarized with how those things work (though I am warning you, the first joke about my accent and I am out, and it will be all on you!)

As far as the actual tournament went, we can say I performed below expectations. I opened a sealed with no bombs whatsoever, and decided that taking the aggressive approach was better than trying anything else, since I had four Stormfront Pegasus (or Pegasi for you people obsessed with plurals). In the end, it didn’t really work out, because I could not be aggressive enough and all the creatures in my deck were very small – the only ones with more than two power were Water Servant and Stone Golem (I was UW splashing Doom Blade off a Terramorphic). More than once my opponent would kill my first and second creatures and I would start drawing small guys and they wouldn’t do anything, or they would play a bunch of Azure Drakes or Cloud Elementals (one opponent, for example, had three of those) and I wouldn’t be able to get through.

In two different games, for example, I had Scroll Thief with Whispersilk Cloak plus Crystal Ball going for a looong time and almost lost because I had nothing of impact to draw into. In one of the games, I dealt 12 damage with Scroll Thief, cycled through my entire library, and could barely finish my opponent off as I would have to double block every single one of his creatures to stay alive.

One interesting situation happened in round 7, though, against a Brazilian guy (the second one I played in that tournament). It was one of those Crystal Ball stalled games, and he had an Air Servant with Ice Cage that kills me the moment he draws a way to target it, so I have to finish him off quickly, but things are proving to be problematic even if I am drawing a spell every turn because his guys are just bigger and I can’t attack. Then, at some point during my Upkeep, I scry into Island and Elite Vanguard. I then remembered that, in the beginning of the game, I had cast Foresee, and put both Elite Vanguard and Whispersilk Cloak on the bottom – so, the next card had to be Whispersilk Cloak. I have 8 mana available, a Water Servant and he is at 6 life, so if I draw the Cloak this turn, I cannot equip it, attack and pump to kill him, because I just used one of those 8 mana to Scry on my upkeep.

I can draw the Cloak, equip it and pass, hoping to kill him next turn, but that leaves me dead to a removal spell, since we have the same number of guys and I am at one. I could draw the Elite Vanguard and count on drawing the Cloak next turn, without Scrying, so I have the exact 8 mana to kill him – but what if I am wrong and the next card is not Whispersilk Cloak?

This reminded me of my Nationals finals situation, with Counterbalance/Top, that I just wrote about. There were also a lot of people watching this one match, and I didn’t want to do anything very foolish, such as not scrying and drawing a Plains the following turn. I also had to make sure I was actively doing what I thought was the best play – I had to avoid doing something just to impress people (I.e. showing them I knew the Cloak was there), which was somewhat tempting. In the end, I decided that trusting what I remembered was the best play – not because it was impressive, but because it let me survive a removal spell and still kill him next turn. If I was wrong, whatever, I would look stupid. I drew and played my Vanguard, and on the following turn I did not scry, drew the Cloak and killed him. I lost the next two games, though, and was then out of the tournament.

Now, if you are smart, you might be asking yourself why the top card of my deck was Elite Vanguard, and not Whispersilk Cloak – the answer is because I am an idiot. when I scried my cards to the bottom, I put Elite Vanguard before Whispersilk Cloak. That can never be right – if the game is a stall (and, for me to draw into my entire deck and get back to the cards I sent to the bottom on turn four, it has to be), Whispersilk Cloak is the card I want to draw, not Elite Vanguard. I should definitely have put the Cloak first. I generally put the cards back instinctively in the right order of “how happy I am going to be to draw them in a stalled game” even if it is very unlikely that it comes to that, so I don’t really know why I didn’t do it that time.

I woke up the next day to have breakfast with the people who were leaving to the tournament, fully intending on going back to sleep when they were gone and showing up at around 2 PM. Things didn’t go very well as planned, since breakfast was not up yet, and then I was completely unable to go back to sleep, despite being way behind on my normal sleeping schedule. I roll in bed for about two hours, and then decide it is a futile effort and go to the site. We do some team drafts and go have dinner in an expensive place that had a lot in quality but not so much in quantity, which seems to be the standard for Swedish restaurants.

On Monday, everyone leaves for Amsterdam – well, everyone but me. You see, I had this brilliant idea to stay an extra day in Gothenburg, to sightsee, completely overlooking the fact that there was absolutely nothing I wanted to see or do in that city. Even the amusement park, which is supposedly the biggest attraction, happened to be closed on Monday. I ended up meeting with one of my Brazilian friends who had also stayed, and we walked around the city for a bit, taking some pictures of King Gustav Anderson’s statue or whatever his name is, that we learn a bit about in History classes. We also end up in a kind of science Museum that had a perfect replica of a Rainforest, the annoying humidity and the miserable heath included. We met some Magic players there, and one of them laughed at us for “coming all the way from Brazil to visit a Rainforest”. He was correct.


On the next day I finally get to go to Amsterdam, and there I meet all the people I was going to stay (and attempt to break Extended) with. We had two apartments with four beds each, and during the day there were maybe 15 different people there – it seemed that every time I went somewhere and came back a new different person had arrived, some of which I had never seen before and still have no clue who they were, who vanished just as mysteriously as they had arrived.

The apartments were really cool, and they had gigantic tables we could play in. There was a supermarket nearby, in which I could buy many family-sized Nutelas to take home (I really, reeeally like Nutela, and it is very expensive where I live, so I just bring a bunch whenever I go there), and the city of Amsterdam proved to be as cool as I remembered it being. I’ve been to the Netherlands more than to any non-US country, and every time I enjoy it a lot – the city is just very welcoming, there are so many people around, the buildings are pretty, the canal is cool, the bikes are cool, it just seems like it wants me to be outside at all times. And there, too, everyone speaks English. I am probably not going to move soon, but if I do leave Brazil, then Amsterdam is included in my list of possible places to move to.

As far as extended went, well, I was miserable. I had played a whole lot of extended in the past month – more than anyone else on that house, I believe – and I still hadn’t reached any conclusions. My main problem was that, to every deck, I could look and say “this deck is terrible, because of “. Every deck had a major problem that I didn’t know how to solve, and, therefore, I had no idea what decks people were going to play – I could not create a gauntlet of decks I had to beat, because, at least in theory, no one had any decks they liked (because they all had a major problem that would stop people from playing them). Because the field was so open, I did not want to play a reactive deck – how could I answer something if I didn’t even know what the question was?

I also did not feel like losing to a specific hoser, which kind of conflicted with wanting a proactive deck – if I wanna do something every game, regardless of what they do, then it is probably easy to stop me every game with the same card. In the end, I think some sort of beat down deck is the only one that fits both requirements I was looking for. For a while, I even considered playing Mono-Red – I mean, it doesn’t get any more proactive than that, right? In the end, though, I came to my senses (and had echoes of Luis saying “what happened to you that you now want to play [card]Goblin Guide[/card] in every tournament??“ in San Juan, and then holding Goblin Guide and Jace “which one would you rather cast?”) and decided to play Doran.

This was the list I played:

I think this deck was a good choice because it was a mix of fast clock and a ton of disruption, and the disruption is the kind that is good against any deck – you don’t need to know what they are playing to have Thoughtseize be effective, for example. Its creatures were also very big, which gave it the advantage in most other creature matches, as well as against mono red.

The other appealing point was the manabase – though it wasn’t nearly as good as I would have liked (too painful), it was still miles better than any other multicolored aggro could come up with, since you effectively play 12 Bosks. Now some individual card choices:

4 Treefolk Harbinger – Harbinger was the card I was most skeptical of, at first, but he ended up being about the best card in the deck. The main reason he is good is because we have a lot of cheap discard, which means we can curve Harbinger into Harbinger/disruption (which I like to refer to as “the combo”) into Doran, and the discard spells will make sure they cannot deal with it or kill you before you kill them. You can do some very degenerate things with him, and a hand of Murmuring Bosk, Treetop Village, Verdant Catacombs, Harbinger will kill them on turn four, on the play, without any other cards (t1 Harbinger, t2 Harbinger, Treetop, turn three Doran bash for six, turn four animate Treetop bash for 14). He also helps solve the problem of many disruption heavy/threat light draws, since he is basically eight (or eleven) power by himself when you are goldfishing.

4 Tarmogoyf: When I first began building lists for this format, most green decks had the default 4 Tarmogoyfs. Then I started liking them less and less – the GR Scapeshift deck, for example, could hardly get him bigger than ½ on the first attack, and 2/3 is pretty much as good as it gets. In the end, I just cut Tarmogoyf from all my decks. In this deck, though, he was very good, because Thoughtseize and Duress usually double pump him by themselves, and we have 8 fetches and also a Nameless.

3 Loam Lion: Nothing special, just a Kird Ape that hits for three with Doran in play. There are not many ways to cast him on turn one – 10 Treefolks and 12 Bosks, plus a Caves of Koilos, which amounts to 51.35% chance to cast him on the play and 54.2% on the draw (ok, I totally made those up, but I would guess it should be around 50% chance that you can play your Loam Lion if you have it in your opening hand), but even if you don’t play him on turn one he is a fine turn two play with one of your other 11 one-drops. Some people played four, I think three was a fine number.

1 Chameleon Colossus: In most matches I figure he is worse than the third Elspeth (which is a card I really like in the deck and would never play less than two, though some people played only one – I just feel like it is really important to be able to fly your gigantic guys over Kitchen Finks), but when he is good, the value you add by having one is bigger than the value you have by having one Elspeth in his place. I would almost always rather just draw the Elspeth, but with four Harbingers, Colossus is a concession to the mirror (they were sold out of Harbingers!), and is also decent against Jund, Grixis, etc, as well as untapping your Bosks.

1 Nameless Inversion: Basically the same thing as the Colossus – not the best card to draw, but since you have 4 Harbingers, the possibility to tutor for it against a deck like Merfolk or with Sowers makes it better than running another random one-of.

0 Birds and Hierarchs: Before the tournament, I had built plenty of Doran lists (and pretty much plenty of any list you can imagine), but all of them had 7-8 accelerants, and that was the main problem with them, I think. The problem with Birds and Hierarchs is that they are a dead draw in the late game, in a deck that can’t really afford more dead draws. They sometimes speed up your game by a turn, but if you had had a disruption instead, then you’d have slowed their game by a turn, making things pretty much the same. We tried Birds of Paradise only at some point, and though it ended up being better than Hierarch, because of the multiple black spells, it was still not good enough – it is appealing when you think of turn one Birds and turn two Seize, Tarmogoyf, for example, but in the end you’d rather just play turn one Seize, turn two Tarmogoyf and save yourself a card.

Our sideboard ended up being pretty bad, and was a result of the lack of time it took us to pick a deck. We almost didn’t play side boarded games, and our sideboard was overly hateful for matches we didn’t really need help. The number of cards that came in did not match the number of cards that came out, and we’d often find ourselves not sideboarding in a card against a combo deck when the card had been there to beat that combo deck on the first place – overall it was just a mess and very unprofessional. If we had had like two more days, then I think our sideboard would have been much better. As it was, we were stuck with checking “the gatherer” for options the night before the tournament, and had to listen to things such as “Come on guys, let’s be serious, the Pro Tour is tomorrow… what do you guys think about Grizzled Leotau?” (bonus points for whoever guesses who said that… hint: it was the same person who said “I really think this deck wants exactly 1.8 four drops”)

Anyway, onto the tournament!

Round 1: Yuya Watanabe, Pyromancer Ascension

Though Yuya is very good, I didn’t really mind being paired against him round one, because I knew there was a very good chance he was just playing Ascension like most of the other Japanese players, and that was a very good matchup for our deck, since we had a lot of disruption (Pulse is live against them too) and a big clock with creatures that don’t die to Punishing Fire. I also think I tend to play much better against good players in general, and I’ve noticed that I do better in events in which I get paired against a lot of good players than in ones I get paired against people I don’t know, for some reason.

They announced we were a feature match, and that we had to meet them so we could be “escorted” to the arena. The place ended up being cool, but was not easy to get to, and pretty much just not worth the trouble, so there weren’t many spectators in any of the games, and I never actually went there myself to watch a match. In any case, this game is covered on Wizards.

Nothing very exciting happened in our games – game one he mulliganed to five and just died, game two he killed me with three Countryside Crushers that were 3/3s all the time because of my Leyline of the Void, and game three I made a huge mistake by casting Putrid Leech on turn two over Goyf (I just wanted to be able to hit over his potential turn two Goyf, but the damage I take is actually relevant and I can pretty much count on him putting Sorcery, Instant and Land in the graveyard, and one of my creatures is probably getting countered or killed anyway [or he is just dead] ). In the end he Mana Leaked my turn three Goyf, and though I was able to swing for four that turn because he was tapped out, I’d much rather have had a Goyf in play than a Leech.

I sided:

-2 Elspeth
-1 Colossus
-1 Nameless
-1 Treetop
+1 Pact
+3 Leyline
+1 Bojuka Bog

I considered siding in Rule of Law, but it seemed pretty bad – his threatening cards are the creatures, not the spells. It is really good against Manamorphose, but really dreadful against Cryptic Command. In the end, I think if I just draw enough threats then he is not going to win.

The Leylines were OK, since they stopped Crusher and Punishing Fire, but for game three I realized I just wanted more removal spells to kill his Goyfs, and swapped them for the remaining Path and Pact. I sided in the Bog in case he kept the Ascension, and it might have been good to kill a Tarmogoyf of his after damage, though maybe the Treetop was just better.

Also in game three I attempted to cast Doran off Treetop, Bosk and Forest – oops. I did have a second Bosk in play that I could have tapped, but since I was forced to take the Doran back, I changed my mind and played Knight of the Reliquary instead, since I didn’t want to take two damage. It ended up being better, because he Mana Leaked it anyway, but ultimately didn’t matter.

Round 2 I played against RG Eldrazi LD. I know, right.

Game one both our decks did what they were supposed to do (mine, Duress his Mind Stone and then play three guys and kill him; His, destroy a bunch of my lands and then lose.)

At the end of that match, I had seen Fulminator Mage, Mind Stone, Avalanche Riders and Primal Command, as well as Eldrazi Temple. I don’t really remember how I sided; I know I added Kitchen Finks and Bojuka Bog (hah take that LD, I came prepared).

Game two did not work very well as planned; I came out kinda slow and he drew some good cards after I Duressed him twice, and in the end I died to hardcast extended staples Ulamog and Emrakul.

Game three was extremely frustrating (in case you haven’t noticed yet, the whole match was). I start well, with Thoughtseize, Duress and dudes, and I have a Treetop. I know he has double All is Dust in his hand, but he only had five lands last time I checked. On his fifth turn, he draws, makes an overly exaggerated shrugging motion, plays the fifth land and passes. You see, I am generally not the mind reader or anything, but his shrug just looked extremely fake, so I think to myself that there is a very big chance he drew either a Temple or an Eye of Ugin and just wants me to over commit.

On my turn I draw a tapped land, which means I cannot animate Treetop – if I could, then I would have attacked him down to one, which means he cannot possibly win even if he casts All is Dust next turn, because of the Treetop. As it is, I attack him to four, and I am left with the choice of playing a Tarmogoyf or not. My hand is two Knight of the Reliquary. I think for a while and decide to play it, so that he does not live even if he draws Primal Command. In retrospect, that was probably wrong, but since I had two Knights as follow ups, it seemed OK even if he did draw the [card]Eldrazi Temple[/card].

As I play it and pass, he does a fist pump, untaps, draws, plays Temple and casts All is Dust. Now, I have no problem with you being happy that you drew the card you needed – you are entitled to that. But, I mean, a little bit of respect doesn’t hurt anyone. It was especially annoying because he probably thought he had “gotten me pretty good” with his gigantic shrug, when in fact that only hurt his chances (I played the Goyf because I wanted to beat Primal Command, not because of his shrug – it might have been wrong, probably was wrong, if anything because he shrugged, but his actions did not in any way convince me to play another creature). Anyway, doing fist pumps during the match and saying “yeah” when you think you got your opponent is just impolite regardless of anything, and I would be lying if I said I got sad when I checked the standings for his name and found out he had 0-3ed the remaining three constructed matches and not day 2ed.

After that I played my Knight, and he All is Dusted again. I played another Knight, which was 6/6, and he played Primal Command to search for a Baloth and gain 7, which was somewhat weird, since I knew he had Titan in hand and Khalni Gardens in his deck. This way, I just attacked him with both Knight and Treetop, dealing 9 and putting him to two. He then plays Baloth and Titan, and I have a four turns window to draw Elspeth and win, which doesn’t happen. On a certain turn he plays his third All is Dust, and my next draw is Elspeth, but that doesn’t help me anymore and I lose.


Round 3: Shuhei Nakamura, Ascension

This match was very similar to Watanabe’s, except this time I did not bother to side in any hate, siding in Pacts and Paths instead. Game one he even mulliganed to five, too. I think I played well when I held the Doran for a turn so I could play turn four Duress + Doran, because I had a Harbinger and a Doran and no other creatures, so if he Mana Leaks or double Bolts it then all my offense is gone and he has time to recover. In the end he has neither, though, and just dies.

Game two was close, but I ended up taking too much damage from my lands (including 2 to cast the Elspeth that I kept in) and lose to triple Punishing Fire the turn before I would end up killing him.

Game three I just overwhelm him with bigger creatures.


Round 4: Brian Kowal, GW

He was playing the GW hideaway deck, with Titans, Baneslayers, etc, which seems to be a bad matchup. Game one I get a decent draw and he is stuck on two Cobras and two Lands, and then his next land is one that comes into play tapped, and the only thing he can muster is a [card]Knight of the Reliquary[/card], which is not nearly enough (especially since I had my one Path in hand).

I sided:

+1 Path
+2 Pact
+1 Elspeth
-1 Colossus
-3 Duress

Game two we got to a point where he has multiple Cobras and one Iona in hand, which means pretty much anything he draws that is not a mana creature is excellent for him (since a land casts Iona). He draws Summoning Trap, and I can only hope it fizzles for me to have a chance; It hit’s a Titan and I die.

Game three my hand is excellent – Forest, 3 Harbinger, Doran, Nameless, Loam Lion. I play Harbringer for Bosk, then turn two Harbinger for Bosk, Loam Lion, turn three Doran. He has a Nest Invader to trade with my Harbinger, but can’t do much other than that.


Round 5: Shaheen Soorani, 5cc

I had seen Shaheen’s deck before the tournament started, and it didn’t look like a very good match, since he had a ton of removal, Damnation, Grave Titans and Kitchen Finks, which is just a beating against this deck, gaining like 14 life by himself.

Game one I kept a hand that I shouldn’t have kept – it was 5 lands (no Treetop), Doran, Duress. I think I got seduced by the fact that I had a Doran and a way to protect it, but it was definitely wrong, since the fourth and fifth lands are pretty much mulligans already, and it is not impossible that his hand has two ways to deal with my Doran, since his deck is pretty much all answers. My first draw (Chameleon Colossus) made it much better, and I Duress to leave him with Titan and Cruel Ultimatum, but only three lands total. Five turns later it turned out his five draws were Damnation for my Doran and Colossus (which would race his Titan) and the four remaining lands to Ultimatum me on turn seven, and then I just die.

I side:

+2 Lark
+1 Elspeth
-1 Nameless
-2 Treefolk Harbinger

Anyway, this is how I THINK I sideboarded. I might have boarded in the other Path, or even Kitchen Finks – I don’t really remember, but it does not really matter anyway since this format is completely dead (which is very puzzling on WOTC’s part, by the way, to have the format die after a Pro Tour).

Game three I kept a hand with Swamp, Bosk, Duress, Leech, Elspeth, Elspeth, Knight, or something like that. I decide to start with Bosk, since I want to guarantee Leech on turn two. My Leech resolves but my Duress on turn three does not, and on turn four he has Jace to bounce my Leech and put me in a terrible position – this deck has no haste creatures and I didn’t have a Pulse in hand or a Treetop, so now I am pretty much “Jace-Locked” – I can only play one creature a turn and by Brainstorming every turn he is going to find an answer. I don’t know if he had that Mana Leak or not when I played Leech, but, if he did, it was very well played of him to let it resolve and save it for the Duress – a lot of people will just counter everything that moves when they have a Planeswalker, and doing it the other way was much better for him.

I still have a decent shot at winning if I draw a fourth land to play Elspeth that turn, but I draw a third Bosk and then he just kills everything I play and Ultimatums me.


I was not really happy with the result – 3-2 is not bad, but it is not good either. Looking back, though, I beat two good matches, beat a bad match because I got good draws, lost to a bad match, and lost to what I can only assume is a good match, so it seemed about average for my pairings (but then again you never really top 8 a pro tour by having “about average” results).

I’m going to leave you now, and then I will just group the draft and the last three rounds of the Pro Tour (in which nothing very exciting happened) into my GP Portland report (which I am planning on winning, by the way, to climb back to the PoY Race, just so you know), since they are both limited and it should make things a little easier for my schedule.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, see you in Portland!

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  14. Pv, you get yourself a Swedish girl. Or any other girl you want. Because fortunately for you, you have the extremely rare combination of actually being good looking and able to play Magic at the highest levels. You and Brian Kibler legitimize professional magic. That alone should basically entitle you to whatever girl you want in my opinion.

  15. great article as usual, good lines in the report, keep bashing poor players who deserve to be bashed in the polite way you do it and please just keep writing the way you do. many thanks.

  16. hey Paulo, você tinha um artigo aqui há uns tempos sobre o preview do metagame com destructive forces/titans mas ele desapareceu….que se passou? gostaria muito de ler outra vez..não encontrei o seu contacto no site nem em lado nenhum para lhe poder perguntar.

  17. Two things in this artcile contradict each other.

    a) “It is also noteworthy that every single girl in Sweden is pretty”


    b) “You see, I had this brilliant idea to stay an extra day in Gothenburg, to sightsee, completely overlooking the fact that there was absolutely nothing I wanted to see or do in that city”

    Huh? You should definitely look at all the beautiful girls and hit on as many as you could.

  18. there was an article (August i think..i’m not sure) about a preview of PV’s about the future metagame with decks like destructive/valakuts/UW Control etc… but the article has disappeared…anyone knows how to recover it?

  19. I found the princess comment to be entirely tasteless, and I’m dismayed by the positive reaction to it … it wasn’t even funny. Some attitude adjustments will clearly need to be in order before a lot of you form good relationships.

    Tournament report was meh. I wish I had more to say about it than criticism of the boorish, almost desperate excuse for a joke that stuck out like a sore thumb, but there’s not really much more to say because nothing else distinguishes this article. Next time I won’t bother.

  20. I’m totally with theonlyone? on the princess comment. Why would you even say that? Were you being ironic? Is this an inside joke? Do you have personal beef with the princess? I just don’t get it. Apparently it got you some cheap laughs, but seriously Paulo, you’ve got better things to say. Reading something as misogynistic and abrasive as that leaves a bad taste in my mouth that I’m completely distracted from the actual content of the report. I can’t believe the editors of this site allowed it to be printed.

  21. @Fadingthought: I checked his standings not out of spite, but because I was about to write I thought his deck was horrible, and I wanted to make sure he hadn’t gone 10-0 or something like that so that I would look extremely foolish. By finding out that he didn’t beat anyone after me, I can continue giving myself credit when evaluating a deck, and I can see that I did not miss a deck that would be good or anything like that.

    @Nico: the way I see it, I am not really being disrespectful towards people, but towards the decks they play. If a deck is bad, it is bad, and I don’t think me pointing it out should offend people as much as it seems to (certainly if someone says my deck is bad and has reasoning to back it up I will not be offended). This is a special case, because he actively annoyed me with what he did and I think he was disrespectful, so maybe you are correct and I was a little bit out of line with the way I said things (though his deck IS bad and his attitude WAS disrespectful), but I don’t think I “consistently disrespect people” as you say.

    @Sylvan: I can mail it to you when I get home, though I warn you that my predictions turned out not to be very accurate this time xP

    @Demonatrix: lol, is she actually 1/4th Brazilian? Bad beats 🙁

    @Theonlyone? and moneymoney: I obviously do not have anything against the princess and have never interacted with her in any way. I just found it ironic that every single girl in that country is gorgeous, and yet I was in the airport and saw souvenirs with the princesse’s picture and she did not match the high standards I’ve came to expect from that place. That was just what went into my head at the time, so I didn’t give it much thought and wrote it.

    As far as the report being boring, why do you think that? Do you think all my reports/articles are boring (in which case I can’t really do anything for you) or is there something specific in this one that perhaps I could fix in future ones?

    Or were you just annoyed by the princess comment?

    As far as getting myself a swedish girl, I can get behind that =)

  22. @PV: It’s the way I feel when I read some of your reports, I myself believe people get offended too easily, but the words you use (and maybe it’s not how you intend to sound) always come as a direct attack against the person.
    I just don’t like that you come up like a nice guy and then bash into oblivion someone. Be a nice dude or a badass, you can’t be both.

  23. why do people feel entitled to feel “respected” at all times? i see this a lot in writers columns. what is the problem with a fist pump, “oh yeah!”

    it is not like the guy is screaming in your face and taunting you, “the one card in my whole deck and i top deck it to destroy you, you motherf’er!”

    same thing in poker, pro’s get all hell bent that someone sucks out on the river, but it is skill when they do it. people just need to get off their high horses.

  24. Please do a draft video, that would be fantastic.

    As for people with twisted panties over the princess comment? Get a grip and welcome to the internet you kids might need a helmet and as an added bonus it’ll go great with your white knight costume!

  25. PV pode falar português cara 🙂 agradecia mesmo que você me enviasse por favor… coloco aqui o mail, ou há maneira mais segura sem que esse pessoal todo o veja? Gostaria MESMO de ler o artigo, se voce não se importasse de mo enviar..

    Ah, btw.. não liga à bobagem sobre a piada da princesa não…. 🙂


  26. Hate losing to round two opponent types. Though shit happens.Might as well just put him name up.Its on the internets anyway. Give poor Janvier his two second of “fame”

  27. El6t6one, this isn’t 4chan, and PV isn’t an 8th grader. Remarks about women killing themselves over their physical appearance aren’t just unprofessional, they’re downright childish, and I’m sure that if PV had thought for more than two and a half seconds in a row about the comment, he would’ve thought better of it. It’s the kind of thing that simply should not be said by anyone who is trying to be taken seriously, especially not a top-level pro who deserves our attention as a player and is an influence on not only the pro tour metagame but arguably the culture of the game itself as well.

    But enough about it, it was thoughtless and not malicious, and it’s not worth any more attention than it’s gotten.

    @PV: With regards to the report, I do have to admit to being slightly more turned off by the tone than anything else. Spending twice as much space complaining about an opponent’s conduct during a single play than on most matches, for example, does not contribute to anyone’s understanding of the game. Honestly, though, it’s more likely that it’s just the last-minute sideboard build that made the report less interesting. More testing and tuning in the board would’ve allowed for a closer view of the tiny but significant decisions that separate champions from other pro-level decks and players. I don’t think it’s fair to ask every pro for a top-level report from every tournament, obviously. It’s just that this one seemed a bit poorly prepared for and apathetic, and the classless faux pas didn’t help.

    Whatever, I’m not trying to tell you that you suck, you very obviously don’t. We all know your record as a player. Just calling you out where you could improve as I see it, that’s all. Good luck in Portland.

  28. @PV
    Alright man, that’s cool, but why didn’t you say it like that in the report? I’m trying to say that it came across super-abrasively. Suggesting that someone killing herself is so much stronger than anything else you wrote in the article that it just takes away from the actual content. I’m not going to remember “PV’s Playhouse – Pro Tour Amsterdam Recap” because it taught me anything about Magic, but because PV said something way out of line (or at least way out of character).

    Also, I’m all about you making those draft videos.

    Why is it okay for Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa to write about women killing themselves on Channelfireball.com? It’s not like I don’t “get” the internet or that I’m deeply offended by what PV said, but it’s just out of place. I feel like the ambiance of this website is super friendly, and this definitely goes against that. And it’s not like what he said was interesting or funny or valuable or insightful in any way whatsoever, so why write it?

  29. I think its totally on purpuse that you didnt put the name of your opponent. It only takes you 2 seconds to check it out. That attiude is not welcome.
    I do enjoy a lot your articles but i am dissapointed in the way you refer to him affter he beats you.

  30. If you played in any tournament, and you face a matchup where your opponent runs
    4x Day of Judgement
    4x All is Dust
    and you are playing a creature deck, and is given this situation.
    You are beating him down with a few creatures and is afraid to overcommit, but you realise that if you do not overcommit, you are just going to get steamrolled in like, 2 turns. You attack him, and you cast your creatures, only to see your opponent FIST PUMPING AND ACTING ALL HAPPY because you overcommited onto the board. Then you get wrathed a turn later and goes on to lose the game.

    NOW, for all those people who question PV’s report on attitude when playing a game, will you feel good on the receiving side? What if you happen to meet 3~4 of this kind of people along the way? It’s like you know you already have the game in the bag, but you want to show off that you are more superior compared to your opponent, for forcing the play and making it happen. Basic manners people. It’s okay to be happy if things goes your way, but KEEP IT TO YOURSELF UNTIL THE GAME IS OVER. Forcing to your opponent to make the worse possible best play is great, but don’t think your opponent just “STUPIDLY FELL INTO YOUR TRAP”.

  31. @PV Our queen is half brazilian half-german. If I recall correctly the Queens mother is from a Brazilian town called Puerto (Porto?) Allegre.

    People, chill out about the suicide comment, it was a joke that was borderline, nothing more than that. Pretty sure that PV doesn’t go around wishing suicide on people wherever he goes. Do you?

    I would probably kick my opponent in the shins under the table if he did that annoying fist-pump versus me. I suppose writing an about him in a bad way in a tourney report is your equivalent of a shin-kick 😛

  32. Lold so hard! PV is right, the world would be better if more ugly girls killed themselves, just most people are afraid to say it. When you are the best, you can tell it how it is. PV’s tournament reports are the best, so I think it is ok that they are always two parts, because they so much anyway. Keep going!

  33. @nico: it only comes off as a direct attack against the person because they decide attacking a deck they played is a direct attack to them, when it is not. Pointing out someone made a magic mistake in a magic article is also not a personal attack. I do the same about myself every time I think I make a mistake or choose a bad deck, for example.

    Obviously “killing herself” is a figure of speech – I don’t think anyone that is not blond or has blue eyes (which would include, ahem, me, since I have brown eyes and brown hair) should kill themselves and I don’t believe I have to actually write this. Did you really, REALLY think that I would seriously suggest someone should kill themselves over their looks (or over anything else, for that matter?)

    @entitled: if there is no problem with a fist pumping, then why is there any problem at all with me talking about it? Why is there a problem with me checking my opponent’s record and appreciating the “confirmation” that his bad deck was, in fact, bad?
    Also, the fist pump was not about the topdeck, because he had the card in hand already, it was about theoretically deceiving me with the worst attempt at a fake shrug that I’ve ever seen

    @Johndoe: and how is it that I refer to him? I said he was playing a bad deck, which he was – that can’t really disappoint you. I also said he did a gesture that I found impolite, which is true – he did as I described and I do think that is impolite. I then said I was not unhappy with the fact that he had gone 0-3 after that, which is also true – it was a combination of both previous things. Every time someone plays a bad decks does badly, it makes me happy because it shows me that all the time I spend preparing and choosing a deck is actually important, because good decks win and bad decks lose. When someone who is bad does badly and someone who is good does well, it makes me feel better about the game. Are you disappointed at that? Then what are you disappointed at?

    @Sylvan: pode me deixar o seu email aqui, ou no orkut ou facebook xP

    @demonatrix: really? that’s where I live! Anyway, I apologize if I offended you, I actually meant it as a compliment to most swedish girls and not a direct offense to the princess though it obviously didn’t come off that way

    @Nothteonlyone: I understand and agree with you in the sideboard matter, it is just that we did not actually know anything so there wasn’t much more for me to write about it (and that was part of the reason we didn’t do as well as a whole as we could have, though a lot of people did well with the deck anyway). Gp portland was last weekend, though, but thanks =)

  34. PV, I think your articles are generally great. I enjoy reading them, and I appreciate the detail you put into them (more than most pro articles) and how you outline your throught processes during important play decisions.

    That said, the princess-committing-suicide comment was childish, immature, and way not funny, especially as it seemed to make spiteful mockery of real events in her life: In the mid-1990s, she had to get treatment for depression and anorexia precisely because she felt she wasn’t as pretty as she was expected to be.

    From an interview in a biography about her: “I felt like an accelerating train, going right down… during the whole period. I had eating disorders and was aware of it, my anguish was enormous. I really hated how I looked like, how I was… I, Victoria, didn’t exist. It felt like everything in my life and around me was controlled by others. The one thing I could control was the food I put in me.”

  35. Thomas: yes I was talking about the older one
    @Goto: I don’t think she is hideous or anything, she just doesn’t have the blue eyes and white hair that I like and that all the girls in sweden have

    @Argothian: I honestly had no idea about any of that. Again, it was just a comment on how I found it ironic that the swedish princess does not have the traces that I’ve came to associate with swedish girls and that I like, not an attempt at a cruel joke about her past

  36. Gonna have to agree here. She’s damn hideous. Although I wouldn’t attribute that to her hair color.

  37. Pingback: MTGBattlefield

  38. PV, I didn’t say that you thought she was hideous; you just said she was not pretty. Look:
    “(…) It is also noteworthy that every single girl in Sweden is pretty, except maybe for the Princess, (…)”
    It’s up to you to decide how much is the distance between “not pretty” and “hideous”, though 😉

    PS: uma pena que 80% dos comentarios (eu sei, incluindo o meu) foram sobre a princesa e nada a ver sobre o artigo em si.

  39. Come on guys! You know very well that a lot of Magic players are nerdy guys who don’t have girlfriends and do have stinky feet! What kind of text (or joke) do you expect from those guys? Oh… you think it’s different on the pro tour…. believe me, it’s the same freak show.

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