PV’s Playhouse – More on Mulligans, Part 1


Hello everyone!

My intention for this week is to write an article with a couple of mulligan situations. It works like this: I will select some opening hands, sometimes constructed by me and sometimes real, and present them today, and on Friday I will get some guests to discuss each of hands to figure out why you should keep or mulligan each of them.

Before you look at the hands, I would recommend you read my previous article on mulligans, on Starcity, which you can find HERE. It is of course not necessary, but the goal is to make you think about the concepts first, so that you can then apply them, and it’d feel kind of awkward to just throw examples in there without elaborating the theory first. If you happen to have any comments or questions about that article, please post them here and not there, as the article is somewhat old and I doubt I’ll read them otherwise.

I’ll list the decks so you know what you are playing. This is not to mean I think this is the best version of the deck or anything – it’s just a reference so you can properly answer the question. All the examples are against unknown opponents unless specified. The deck you want me to talk about might be missing, but there are some decks that I have close to zero experience with, such as UW in Standard or Living End in Extended, and then I wouldn’t really be able to talk about those.

Playing Conley Woods’ Bant deck from GP Oakland:

On the draw, 6 cards:


On the play, against Zoo:


On the draw, against Zoo:


Playing Saito’s Hypergenesis list:

On the play:


Playing Mori’s DD List:

On the play:


On the play, against the mirror:


On the play:


On the draw:


On the play:


Playing Emanuele Giusti’s Jund deck:

On the play:


On the draw, against UW with all the X spells:


On the draw:


Playing Nicolas Lambach’s Naya deck:

On the play:


See you on Friday,


68 thoughts on “PV’s Playhouse – More on Mulligans, Part 1”

  1. I keep the last DDT hand, the only Hypergenesis hand, and the first 2 Jund hands, and mull the rest.

  2. The second Jund hand with the Blightnings is deceptively good against UW X Spells deck. It is actually awful. The way Jund beats the UW X Spell is through early pressure in creature form. The Blightnings don’t actually do anything, they don’t apply any real pressure as you can easily recoup from discarding with one of your four Mind Springs or Divinations. It’s a mulligan.

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  4. sneakyhomunculous

    snapkeep every single one except the naya one.
    “I’d rather lose than mulligan”
    ok if i was in a good mood and didn’t mind shuffling up again i might mull the 1 lander with jund also

  5. I mulligan 1st Bant, 1st Jund, and Naya. 3rd Jund is really bad, too, I’d probably pitch that. The 2nd DDT is pretty tough, actually, cause it’s really not that good in the mirror. They have 7 ways to stop it + possibly Chrome Mox/Foundry shenanigans. Otherwise, I keep almost everything else. I hate mulliganing.

  6. the one lander with jund is so much fun. really really greedy to keep.
    if u draw almost any land you can apply enough pressure to win most games.
    so so greedy. looking at the list its 27 land, and your on the draw. so its like if u draw lands you will probably win, and you have some time to do so. but it is so greedy.

    with the 4 land, broodmate, bolt, terminate. yes you keep that. bolt and terminate are pretty good at keeping you from dying. while broodmate on turn 6 if you draw any other spells the entire game will probably get there.

    the 2 blighting 2 manland 3 other land hand, i would keep contrary to jimmy guo, whether or not the blightings are good 2 manlands is strong. and jund topdecks like a sack.

  7. I keep the 6 card bant hand, hypergenesis hand, first 3 and last DD hands, and the second Jund hand.

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  9. Haven’t played several of the decks, but replying in order, I’d make the following choices:

  10. Sorry, skipped this article due to lack of images. Overly simple reason but I “think in the moment” so need to see a hand to know what I’d do re mulligans.

  11. The hypergenesis hand is awful, I played the deck to a local PTQ top 8 and mulled those every single time I got it. The Land Fatties hand is just asking to lose, as you HAVE to draw a cascader in the first 3-4 turns to win the game.

  12. Bant :
    1) Keep (mana, jitte and a creature looks better than going to 5 and hoping that I won’t get mana screwed)
    2) Mulligan (keeping a one lander cause it has 2 path to exile? hm.. no.)
    3) Mulligan (better than the previous one but still I don’t like it)

    Hypergenesis :
    1) Mulligan (no cascade spells)

    DD :
    1) Keep (against an unknown opponent turn 3 20/20 is a keep in my opinion)
    2) Mulligan (they have lots of answers to the token)
    3) Mulligan (3 dark depths is already like a mulligan to 5 so I might as well mulligan to 6 instead. Yeah, thoughtseize + bob is really good against the mirror but this hand doesn’t do much against zoo)
    4) Mulligan (doesn’t have second black source which would make sure that I can play hexmage+depths fast. Oh and by the way, I drew 8 cards so I mulligan before my opponent will ask me how many cards do I have…)
    5) Keep (2x TfK, Sword and Muddle tutoring for the Foundry is good enough for me)

    Jund :
    1) Keep (bad against control, but okay against everything else)
    2) Mulligan (on the play blightnings are a lot better. This hand doesn’t have early pressure (I mean putrid leech) and doesn’t have any answer to a baneslayer)
    3) Mulligan (I mean automatic mulligan. I don’t even keep most of the two landers on the play when I’m playing jund. This deck needs 4+ mana to work properly)

    Naya :
    1) Mulligan (Doesn’t have the mana to cast my spells. Sure there are chances that I will draw the proper land(s), but if my opponent just kills my hierarch, I’m probably dead)

  13. I would keep the 3rd DDT hand (Thoughtseize gives you time to draw for a second black source) and 1st Jund (you have mana and removal, for me – it’s enough). The rest of those hands is just awful…

  14. Bant:
    Mull – Essentially the slowest hand possible in the deck, gets rolled by almost anything.
    Mull – On the draw, maybe. Ramping them and being manascrewed is so likely here.
    Keep – I keep a good amount of risky hands like this on the draw. 14 Green sources that I can rip off the top means a decent chance at this being amazing.

    Mull – This is a 4 card hand with no spells in it. No cascade = no deal.

    Keep – Random opponent with a turn 3 win in hand is a keep. Always.
    Mull – They are unlikely to keep a hand without thoughtseize or DD/Hex, so either way I have nothing going on after they play a spell.
    Mull – Already mulled to 5, going back with this is like drawing a card.
    Mull – River of tears isnt going to get you there unless they kept a hand like #2.
    Keep – Defensive combo + draw 6 more cards than them? Excellent hand.

    Mull – Nothing going on. I can’t think of a deck this would be good against.
    Mull – Blightning sucks against them hardcore. All blank cards.
    Keep – Again, on the draw I keep greedy hands often. If any one of 18 different cards in in the top 2 of your deck, you are probably going to destroy someone.

    Mull – I think Naya is a horrible deck, precisely because most hands I have ever drawn with it look something like this pile of steaming dog vomit.

  15. Mull all the terrible Bant hands,
    keep the Hypergenesis, it needs very little to be good,
    DDT: keep 1st hand but I’m not that happy. Mull the 2nd and 4th hands but keep the 3rd and 5th ones – Thoughtseize + Bob is great enough to ignore the extra DDs which you can always discard later and lands + double thirst is fine.
    Jund: Keep the 1st because it’s got the mana so it’s likely better than a random 6 cards. The other 2 hands are just awful, like you’ve mulled to 5 already – take a random 6.
    Naya: Ew, ship it.

  16. Mull the first Bant hand, it doesn’t really do anything. Two Jitte’s and a 1/2 wouldn’t be a keeper normally.

    Keep the second one, any green source makes this hand really good, 17 of the mana sources are green (when starting with a blue because Flooded Grove).

    The third one is also probably a keeper, you have two less green mana sources to draw into, but you have one more draw step to do it.

    Mull the Genisis hand.

    Keep the first DD hand just because you can randomly win.

    Mull the second, the mirror has too many answers to this hand (t1 thoughtseize, repeal, echoing truth, ghost quarter) making you less likely to randomly win.

    Keep the third, Confidant with protection is really great, even if you have 3 Dark Depths.

    Keep the fourth, protection for your combo with 14 black sources on the draw.

    Keep the fifth, I like draw spells.

    Jund hands: keep the first, not a bad ratio of spells to land and your spells buy time til Broodmate, also any jund gas is really good. Mull the second, it’s too slow against the UW X Spells deck, assuming the list from Kibler at Kuala Lampur, you have no answer for a Baneslayer and your Ravines are likely to get Pathed. The first creature you play will likely get answered before it hits for damage (outside of BBE). It is debatable but I would mulligan this. Keep the third, it seems like any mana source outside of mountain gives you enough plays to win. Also debatable because I hate Putrid Leech.

    Mulligan the Naya hand, it is too slow. You will get to play Stoneforge the next turn and if you don’t hit a land drop they will probably remove your Hierarch. So really you face the situation of mulliganing a 2 lander that is likely to be a 1 lander if you miss your third land. Ignoring this weird hypothetical though, even at three lands this hand doesn’t really do anything. It will take until your fourth land before this hand gets good and you likely won’t draw perfectly to get to that on turn 4.

  17. Andrea Lorenzini

    1) Not happy, but it’s a keeper. All colors and two lame cards (SM is basically a 2nd jitte) is better than going to five.
    2) Borderline but keepable. By the time the opponent realizes you don’t have a second land, you have Mana Leak up (if they try to kill Hierarch), the chance of double PtE in end step and the time to draw out of your land troubles with what is basically a good hand against Zoo.
    3) mulligan, not even close.

    1) Mulligan. Chances of drawing a cascade spell within two draw steps (third turn) about 31%. Keeping this hand is just asking for trouble.

    1) Not happy. It’s a keeper at the beginning of a tournament, a mulligan at the top tables after a few rounds (I assume a deck that’s standing 4-0 to be able to manage a second turn 20/20).
    2) Definitely a mulligan. Not a good plan for the mirror.
    3) Decent, but keepable. Bob in play and a way to protect him makes for a good game plan with this deck.
    4) Mulligan. Hand disruption would make me keep this hand against a few decks, but in the dark it’s a mulligan. This hand does nothing!
    5) Mulligan. Good for a few matchups but a loose hand in the dark. TfK without Chrome Mox is too slow against Zoo, and the same goes for the Transmute plan against a few major decks.

    1) Strongly dependent on what the opponent’s playing. Without hints, it’s probably a mulligan (no early pressure, no early drops, no card advantage).
    2) Probably a keeper. Creature-lands and blightnings seem good against UW control “in the dark” (I didn’t actually test the match-up). Seems borderline though, for the lack of early pressure and the fact that you’re cold to a Baneslayer.
    3) Drawing a B/G source on your 1st draw step: about 43%; drawing an ETBUntapped B/G source on your 2nd draw step: 21%…combining the two means that more than half the time you have a nut start with this hand and the chance of having time to draw the lands you need to secure the game (26/53 cards remaining). It’s veeeery greedy but I’m tempted to gamble and keep. On the other hand, Jund’s card advantage easily makes up for mulligans, so I probably should mull this one and shut up.

    1) Definitely a mull. Even *if* Hierarch survives, what’s the plan if you don’t draw a land?

    Very nice exercise, look forward to reading PV’s answers!

  18. m, m, m, k, k, k, k, k, m, m, k, m, k

    I kept all the DDT hands except the last. I found that interesting, since the first poster only kept that one.

  19. K M M M K M K M K K M M K (if only because I can’t think of a hand with the god-awful Naya deck that I’d actually want to keep)

  20. Guys, that bant hand is jitte+ squire. There is no second equipment in the deck. Mull that all day.

    Also this wescoe guy’s comment is the lamest troll ever.

  21. Interesting that most of the pros recommend mulliganning in more cases than everybody else. I might keep the first DD hand… I would have when the format was at the start of the season. Now, I don’t think so, but most of my experience playing DD was at the start of the season. I don’t know enough about Jund to evaluate the first hand, but I’d crush that hand with most decks in the format (it’s bad against Jund, not enough against Naya, probably not that good against UW, and you’re probably better off drawing 6 that could be actually good).

    I’m amazed at how many people are keeping so many terrible hands. If you knew the matchups, half of these become keepable in some circumstance, but I just can’t believe that almost any of these hands are correct in the dark.

  22. @ The_Engineer

    It’s the fear of manascrew/flooding, a lot of players are so scared of those scenarios that a bad hand with the right # of lands gets kept. They don’t even get to the point where they’re thinking “what do I need in my hand to beat the guy across from me” or “what is my plan w/this hand.”

    I think a lot of people need a lot of work in this area (not excluding myself) and I’m eager for Friday’s piece!

  23. not that anyone looking to see what other people response, here’s what i have – M,M,M,M,K,M,K,M,M,K,M,M,M

  24. I only keep the first and third DDT hands. So mulligan with the res of the hands But i might mull those too if I were a little bit more familiar with the deck, and certainly in some matchups.

  25. I think I would mulligan the fourth dark depths hand because I cheated by taking eight cards and I would also call a judge.

  26. ppl who are saying they keep all of the DD hands have to be wrong there is no way…also the bant hand that has the lone stoneforger and the lone equipment for it to search out seems like a good mulligan as well i mean yes its jitte but how stupid would that look…i think you mulligan almost all of these hands save for 1 or 2 MAYBE…maybe…also lol @ wescoe’s comment

  27. Bant: 1-Mull. This hand doesn’t do anything. Plus, Mystic is a 1/2 for two. Bad.

    2-Tempting. 17 outs for a green, and the Hierarch will probably eat a bolt, letting the goyf hold the fort. I usually look for paths against zoo, but more so against some zoo decks than others. Kird Ape Zoo, this is an easy keep. Kibler Zoo (as if anyone still plays it), is an easy mull. Bant Charm zoo is the difficult one. I think I mull it.

    3-Keep, except against Kibler Zoo. Again, the Hierarch will probably eat a bolt, so the clique is dead and we’ve already effectively mulliganed, but double path on the draw is pretty hot.

    Hypergensis: Haven’t played the deck, but this hand seems poor. Mull.

    DD: 1-Keep.
    2-Haven’t played the DD mirror. While land advantage matters in the token wars, this hand doesn’t make tokens, and loses 60% of its games to a Theize (opponents are more likely to mull hands without disruption.) Mull for a Theize or a bob.
    3-Easy keep. It doesn’t matter if you only have a few cards, so long as they’re the right ones. These are the right ones.
    4-Most eight cards hands look pretty good, but if you dropped an Island from the hand I’d still keep. There are no bad cards to draw with this hand, with the exception of a couple poor mana producers. Source of black? Theize+turn 3 20/20. Muddle? Theize into thopter combo. Card draw/more disruption? Groovy.
    5-Does this hand beat anything besides a loose hypergenesis draw? Seems clunky.

    Jund: 1-Keep. The land works, and you’ve got some early plays to keep from getting rolled.
    2-The Ravines are nice, but it needs more Leech. Mull.
    3-Easy mull. Jund loses when its mana loses.

    Naya: 1-Easy mull. Hierarch eats a bolt so often, the ranger is worse with a scute mob in hand, mob itself is a 1/1, and there’s no source of red. Just terrible.

  28. I rarely play, and it is only with Type 2 control decks when I do, so I am likely very wrong.

    None of the Bant hands. They are all sub-par.

    The Hypergenisis hand is too slow for me. It needs either 2 storage lands or a Cascade spell to be in the game at all.

    The 3rd and 5th DD hands have enough gas for what i like.

    None of the Jund. They all require a good and very unlikely sequence of spells or lands to be good at all. Otherwise, they all lose flat out.

    The Naya hand is similar to the Jund. You need 2 lands in a row to work and that is only good if they don’t kill the Hierarch first.

  29. I would keep Bant hand 2, DD hands 3 and 5, and Jund hands 1 and 2.


    Hand 1: Mulligan. Two one-offs and five land? Mystic doesn't fetch anything, and if they have removal or Spell Snare for it you won't be doing anything anytime soon.

    Hand 2: Keep. Topdeck a green source and this hand is golden. You can avoid taking shockland damage pretty easily with this draw, and even if you don't draw a land until turn 4 you can hold them off.

    Hand 3: Eh, mulligan. It has Vendilion Clique with no blue source in hand (other than a Hierarch), and you will probably have to take damage from shocklands if you draw a fetchland.


    Mulligan. While I don't know what kinds of hands this deck typically wants to keep, you are drawing pretty thin here (15 live topdecks "if" you count Oblivion Ring and Thirst).


    Hand 1: This is a super high-variance hand – a dicey keep in my opinion, and I could see myself keeping or mulliganing depending on my read on my opponent. On the one hand, bashing with a Marit Lage on T3 is pretty good, as you have T1 Depths, T2 Urborg Hexmage, combo during their 2nd EoT, T3 deal 20. On the other, you get wrecked by Path, Thoughtseize, Repeal, and Spell Snare (despite giving them only one or two draw steps to get there).

    Hand 2: Mulligan. If they go T1 Thoughtseize they just Mind Twisted your hand. If you go T1 Depths and they go T1 Depths they just Time Walked you and Mind Twisted your hand. Any blue source plus Repeal also beats you. Getting your Urborg Strip Mined also means going for a T3 Depths and T4 kill which is pretty slow. Like I said, mulligan.

    Hand 3: Keep. This hand is already a mull to 5, but on the play it's pretty good! T1 Swamp Thoughtseize, T2 Swamp Confidant is a great start against a variety of decks. For one thing it completely dominates the previous hand..

    Hand 4: Mulligan. T1 Thoughtseize on the draw isn't as good since you can't stop a T1 play. You also need to draw a black source in order to cast Hexmage. This is a problem since there are only 13 cards in your deck that you really want to draw here (Depths, Tolaria West, Muddle, or Thopter Foundry).

    Hand 5: Keep. Yes, this is a pretty slow, random hand, but it should be pretty easy to make your plan come together. T1 Tolaria West tapped, T2 Island, T3 Muddle for Thopter Foundry, T4 Sword Foundry or Thirst pitching Sword if you need a land.


    Hand 1: Keep. This hand is pretty low in EV although T1 Savage Lands, T2 Ravine (representing Bolt), T3 Mountain (representing Terminate), T4 Catacombs is fine.

    Hand 2: Keep. This is a bad hand against them but I'm pretty sure you can keep it. You have two Ravines, which are really good against them. They have Seas and/or Tectonic Edge, but still they need an answer. Blightning is also OK since it hits Jace, but it's unlikely you will be able to get their Mind Spring.

    Hand 3: Mulligan. Leech does a lot less for you on the draw, and the fact that drawing a Mountain is really bad here makes this hand a mulligan. Otherwise, I'd consider keeping it if just any old land in the deck would be good.


    Mulligan. If you only draw one more land for awhile this is a mull to 5. If they Bolt your Hierarch and you don't draw lands, this hand is a real problem. If they don't Bolt your Hierarch and you don't draw lands, that is also pretty bad.

  30. Awesome, awesome idea for an article! Thanks for doing this. I need more time to think about it though =P.

  31. I changed my mind about the second Bant hand. Mana Leak loses a lot of value in a hand with two Paths, and this is a one-lander to boot. Mulligan!

  32. I honestly don’t see why everyone hates the first DDT hand so much. Maybe it’s just because I like dicey hands, but this hand can definitely get there against an opponent with no outs. It’ll put them on a very short clock. I mean, yea, I’d love a thoughtseize instead of a land, but what are the odds of drawing this same hand with a thoughtseize instead of two non-essential lands. I think it’s a keeper on the play against an unknown field.

  33. Conley:
    1: Mull. T4 Squire with Jitte isn’t good enough.
    2, 3: Mull. I don’t think any one-land hand is good enough to beat a reasonable Zoo draw.

    You cannot mulligan this hand…fast enough.

    1: Keep? Most decks only have about 4 ways to stop being killed on T3 by this hand. I’d keep and pray, unless I draw TfK/Confidant, to give a legit reason to slow down.
    2: Mirror has too many ways to disrupt T2 20/20, T3 win. Depths, Thoughtseize, bounce spell. Chrome Mox starts may race it. Mull.
    3: Mull? That’s an awesome 5 card hand, but I haven’t played DDT enough to know what a typical 6-carder is.
    4: If the eighth card is one of the Islands, keep. Almost every card in the deck is a solid draw. If it’s one of the spells or River of Tears, mull. If Depths, uncertainty!
    5: I’d keep, but that hand is terrible against T1 Nacatl, Boreal Druid or Goblin Guide.

    1: Keep. It’s essentially a fine mull to 6, but with your late game trump.
    2: Mull. You won’t beat X-spell UW without creatures. Mind Spring makes Blightning look stupid.
    3: Mull. Jund is too mana hungry. That’s why you’re running 27 lands.

    Mull. 1 land, no red source, Scute Mob as a blank – can’t keep.

    Also, agree with Wescoe. I don’t like a lot of these decks, because they have so many clunky draws.

  34. My analysis:

    -MULL (4 lands + squire + jitte = not nice)
    -MULL (1 lander that doesn’t allow turn 1 hierarch = mull)
    -MULL (same, even worst than the previous)
    -MULL (no cascade spell)
    -KEEP (turn 3 goldfish kill)
    -KEEP (bob + seize + wasteland + swamps = good)
    -MULL (the islands and sword don’t do anything here, it’s just like a 4 card hand)
    -KEEP (mana + spells + sword to discard to TfK = good)
    -MULL (in the mirror this hand is AWFUL, your Broodmate is going to get Blightning’ed and you have 0 outs to Thrinax. if you’re playing a blind round of standard, there’s a very high chance of playing a mirror matcH)
    -MULL (no pressure, these blightning’s aren’t going to get there. swap one of those for a putrid leech and you have a god hand, though)
    -MULL (1 lander, there’s a very high chance of drawing the wrong mix of lands or no land at all. the most common way of Jund to lose is having mana problems)
    -MULL (1 lander, redundant 2nd copy of ranger of eos, redundant scute mob, 2 red cards and no red mana source, there’s so much wrong with this hand, I don’t know where to start)

  35. In order:

    I like to mull aggressively, but DDepths has the depth to hold lots of hands. Pun intended. One land hands are always bad to keep, even with a BoP, Elf, or Noble. And keeping slow hands with no action against a mid-late game deck is asking for an 0-2 drop.

  36. These hands all suck – I don’t think you can keep any of them.

    Some of the above justifications for keeping are honestly incredible.

  37. First Bant: Nice to see that Stoneforge is at Squire level since Jitte’s already in hand. Mulligan.

    Second and Third Bants: Mulligan, especially with Boom//Bust varieties running rampant.

    Hypergenesis: 43.5% chance of hitting a cascade spell in three draw steps. 54.5% chance of hitting a cascade spell or draw spell in three draw steps. Haven’t played with the deck so unsure about it. Snap decision says mulligan but keeping is so tempting.

    First DDT: Haven’t battled with the deck much but I hate seeing this hand. It’s likely a keep to call your opponent on having an answer but it’s still a very loose hand.

    Second DDT: Dead against Thoughtseize, and possible LD shenanigans with Urborgs and Depths will also cost you the game. Mulligan.

    Third DDT: I really want to keep this but I probably won’t do it in the dark.

    Fourth DDT: Such a decent-sized uncertainty about actually being able to cast Hexmage makes me a sad panda. Mulligan

    Fifth DDT: Risky keep but not worth going to six for. One of those that you’ll kick yourself for if you’re up against Zoo or you get hit by a nut draw but probably praise your mad keeping skills in other matchups.

    First Jund: A keep in my opinion. It’s obviously not ideal against any U/W deck (including Vaults) or the Jund mirror but it’s a decent hand against the rest of the field.

    Second Jund: This hand is disgustingly bad against U/W fireball. Like, bad enough to puke. You are essentially cold to them if they have a Baneslayer or a blue spell in their opener or next few draws. Yes, you heard that right, any blue spell of theirs completely rocks you.

    Third Jund: Mulligan. Jund one-landers never get there, even with 27 lands. While the Bolts might make it seem tempting, if you miss a land drop and fail to develop board position, you’re not winning.

    Naya: Ah, a hand that’s actually worse than the stereotypical awkward Naya hand that always seems to come up. I think you mulligan almost without question.

  38. conley bant

    1) mull – does nothing

    2) keep – 2 playble paths to find green then v good

    3) mull – has uncastable venillion anayway


    keep? m turns to find cascade


    1) mull – T2 DD no enough against random, keep if you think you wern’t being disrupted

    2) keep – T2 DD good v mirror

    3) keep – bob

    4) mull – doesnt do much

    5) keep – thirst might get there


    1) keep – 2 removal + lands

    2) keep – double ravine double blight

    3) mull – close but no


    mull – no juice

  39. 1. (Bant hand 6 Jitte /Stoneforge): Mulligan. Squire + Jitte won’t win me a game against anything in Extended.

    2. (2 Path, no Green 1-lander against Zoo with 2 PtE on the play) Yiks, PtE is so good against Zoo, thats mean. 17 G sources and I need one in the first 2 Draw Steps, better in the first. So it is a Mulligan, obvious, no green on the play, they will play a 3rd creature and I die.

    3. (Same as above, but on the draw) Keep I guess. My 6 land won’t have 2 PtE and a painless land and so I would get overrun by their 7. Matchup on the draw with average 6 against Zoo is bad enough to gamble on G in the first 2-3 cards.

    4. I guess no Cascade and no Thirst means I have to Mulligan.

    5. 6 Lands, but 20/20 flyer on turn 2? Instant KEEP. My goodness, who would Mulligan that on the play. Marit will get them.

    6. Same as before, against Mirror. KEEP. What will they do? Lose, that is what.

    7. (Confi, TS, 3 Depths, 2 Swamps, Play): I wouldnt have thought to ever Mull T1 Seize, T2 Confi, but that is just too obnoxious. Mulligan.

    8. (Many Islands, River, Hexmage, Thoughtseize): Mulligan, does not enough unless I rip.

    9. (Land, Mox, 2xThirst for Knowledge): Instant Mulligan, too slow against everything.

    10. (Jund, with Bolt, Terminate, Broodmate, Manland and Mana): Keep, no question. What do you expect?

    11. 2 Manlands, 2 Blightning against UW? Sign me in, keep.

    12. (1 Lander, double Bolt, Double Leech, on the draw) 23 G/B (+ 3 Mountains to at least get land drops) sources would make me keep this hand. The Bolts plus the fact that the deck play 27 lands make it barely keepable.

    13. No Mana Naya: Instant Mulligan, does nothing, death is certain if Hierarch dies to Bolt.

  40. Btw I keep all those Jund hands.

    The third hand can operate fine with 2 lands for a couple turns.

    Winning with that hand seems very doable. Your cards can easily stall to a mid-to-late game stage where you have an upper hand. Drawing land is not hard with 27 lands on the draw. ~74% chance of getting the 2nd land drop on time.

  41. I haven’t played any of these decks much more than testing a few sets, but whatever. MMMM K MMMMMM K M

    Bant 1: Mulligan. Does nothing, this is extended.
    Bant 2: Mulligan, though I could see an argument for keeping. It’s a bad enough matchup to gamble on.
    Bant 3: Mulligan. Asking too much from your land topdecks here, just go to 6. If the Clique was a Leak, would consider keeping.

    Hypergenesis: Mulligan. Does nothing, this is still extended.

    Dark Depths 1: Keep, but it’s very close.
    Dark Depths 2: Mulligan. Dead to a Thoughtseize or one of several outs, including any opposing combo or a turn 1 Depths of their own.
    Dark Depths 3: Mulligan. All-in on Bob for spells and blue mana to play them? The hand is already 6 cards at best.
    Dark Depths 4: Mulligan. Close though.
    Dark Depths 5: I feel like this hand lacks interaction. Aren’t we dead if the first Thirst doesn’t find a Chrome Mox and a Foundry, or a Hexmage? That’s 5 draws at them, though…I suppose mulliganing is safest.

    Jund 1: Mulligan. Does nothing against several matchups.
    Jund 2: Mulligan. We need pressure, not 2-for-1s that are easily bounced back from.
    Jund 3: Keep. The hand is cheap to play, and can stall for time if the game calls for it. We have most of our best weapons available, and have 2 shots at a coin flip for any land to be in the game. Wouldn’t fault a mulligan, however.

    Naya 1: Mulligan. Can’t play spells!

  42. bant1: mulligan…land go, land stoneforge to take nothing, land jitte…if i don’t draw any between a goyf or a rhox it’s game loss.

    bant2-3: two path and the land aren’t enough, go to six without thinking.

    genesis: dunno, it’s hard: the possibilty to draw something good are like the 25% (9 cascade spells+3 tfk=12/53), and 25% it could be enough to make me keep…depends too from “how much i’ve to risk? i lose the first game? i’m against a deck where i’m forced to cascade on turn two/three to win?” . If it’s the first game, probably i mull. If it’s not, it depends from the mu.

    DDT: even ever play the deck (lol), but…the first hand make a 20/20 flying indestructible attacking on the turn three, and we are on the play…i keep.

    DDT2: even if it’s a mirror, to save them from merit lage attacking on their turn two they have to have the combo-lage too, or they have to do a “land mox thopter foundy, land sword” . But…a seize and you’re dead, so, mulligan.

    DDT3: well, yes…land seize on a removal, land confidant, gho!

    DDT4: no, only a “land seize” it’s not enough. we can’t even cast hexmage, and we don’t have any drawer or tutor.

    DDT5: sweet hand, i like it…keep

    giusti’s jund:

    1: easy keep for us, two removal and four lands are not bad at all.

    2: no creatures no party

    3: i’ll risk and keep: on the draw we have two draw to see a land, and the two bolt could give us additional turn…then make two leech in a row it’s not bad.

    4: mulligan, eos and ajani are spells we want to do, so if i’ve they in my hand i’ll keep only with two-three land or two land+hierarch…

  43. I think this is one of those trick quizzes where all the answers are the same: mulligan. Although, the fact that you’ve got the same hand twice but with “vs random opponent” and “vs mirror” probably means that one is a keep. My gut is the former.

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  46. Bant:
    Mull all of them. The first has no action. The second two are extremely risky 1 landers. Even if you rip a fetch for the ‘draw’ one, and play the hierarch, you’re in deep trouble if the hierarch gets bolted on Zoo’s turn 2.

    Seems risky, you have absolutely no plays in hand. I would mull.

    I would keep the first two. Turn 2 marit lage on the play requiring the mirror opponent to have their 1x echoing truth or ALSO to have a turn 2 lage. I think you’re fine here.
    I don’t know this deck super well as I don’t play much extended, but I would kick the other three to the curb.

    First hand might be ok. Maybe. If you know you’re playing a deck where the bolt + terminate will be relevant on turns 1 and 2. Against an unknown, mulligan. The 2nd hand is awful against U/W, no board pressure, mull. The third hand is super risky even though I think you’re close to a 75% chance to draw into a land on 2. If you want to win the match, don’t take the risk on the mana screw. Mull it.

    Hand is garbage. Mulligan. Your hierarch will get bolted and you’ll be screwed.

  47. I’m with Kevin on this one – the correct answer will probably be “mulligan all of them”. Most of these hands are quite obviously bad (Bant, Hypergenesis, Naya, Jund – all awful), but DDT is a bit tricky. I’d mull DDTs from #2 to #5 in a heartbeat, but after some consideration I’d probably keep the first one. Sure, it’s quite a gamble because we have no defense and no backup plan, but having Marit Lage on turn two is so tempting that against an unknown opponent I’d probably risk and keep it.

  48. Haha, there isn’t really a CORRECT ANSWER for most of those hands – you’ll see that in some hands there are 4 people talking and two keep and two mull, for example.

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  50. Mu;; the first two Woods Bant hands, the Hypergenesis hand, the 2nd and third DD hands, the first two Jund hands, and the Naya hand, keep the third Bant hand, the first, fourth, and fifth DD hands, and the third Jund hand.

  51. I agree with juza. Ship all of these.

    The only one i even had to think about was the terminate bolt jund hand. Then i remembered that people sometimes play blue cards.

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