Puzzle: Yorvo Yolo

Hello and welcome back for another week of Possibility Storm MTG puzzles!

Magic’s newest hyper-efficient beater is at the center of this week’s puzzle, already huge and with several ways to keep working on his stats. But he doesn’t have much help, and you’re facing down a pretty sizeable army. Can you figure out the line to win this turn?

Possibility Storm puzzle

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1. Use Vraska’s -9 ability to get her emblem and put get into the graveyard.
2. Cast Charnel Troll for free using Fires of Invention. When it enters the battlefield, Yorvo triggers – don’t let that resolve just yet.
3. Use Charnel Troll’s ability twice to discard your two other creatures in hand.
4. Cast Festive Funeral for free using Fires of Invention, targeting Yorvo. There are currently six cards in your graveyard, so Yorvo gets -6/-6 to become a 2/2.
5. Tap Goblin Smuggler to make Yorvo unblockable.
6. Now let Yorvo’s trigger from step 2 resolve, adding two +1/+1 counters to make him a 4/4. (But he’s still unblockable!)
7. Attack with an unblockable Yorvo. When he hits the opponent, Vraska’s emblem triggers and you win the game.


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Thanks for playing and tune in again next week!


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