Puzzle: Win Before You LOSE!

We’re doing things a little different this week. We start the puzzle on our opponent’s turn, and we’re under attack! Not only that, but they’re packing three Underworld Dreams that’ll finish us off the next time we draw a card. But fear not! If you’re clever enough, you’ll find a way to win while we still have life points to spare!

Possibility Storm Puzzle Theros Beyond Death #7

Check back next week for the solution!

Last Week’s Solution

Looking for the solution to last week’s puzzle? View the puzzle here, and scroll down for the official solution!

1. Attack with everything.
2, Your opponent must block Nessian Boar with all four of their creatures. When they declare these blockers, Nessian Boar triggers four times and your opponent draws four cards. (9 remaining in their library.)
3. Before damage is dealt, return both Silhana Wayfinders to your opponent’s hand with Tyrant’s Scorn and Applied Biomancy.
4. When the two Thieves of Sanity deal their combat damage, you exile the top six cards of their library. (3 cards remaining in their library.)
5. -2 Ob Nixilis to destroy Blightbeetle (who survived the block thanks to protection from green). The opponent draws another two cards. (1 card remaining in their library.)
6. Cast Unmoored Ego, naming Silhana Wayfinder. Since your opponent has two in their hand, they will exile them and then draw two cards. Since they can only draw one, they get decked and lose. We win!

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