Puzzle: Twice Smitten! (Solution Added)

Back-to-back puzzles with Curry Favor/Smitten Swordmaster? It’s true, but this time it’s a whole different barrel of monkeys with Syr Gwyn and some exciting equipment shenanigans afoot. It’s a “Rare” difficulty one—can you solve it faster than our quickest competitor did in 10 minutes 10 seconds?

A complex board Magic: The Gathering board state puzzle.
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1. Cast Mask of Immolation. Let its trigger resolve, making a 1/1 Elemental token. It will also trigger Marauding Raptor, but sacrifice the Elemental to deal 1 damage to Tajic before the Raptor’s ability resolves.
2. Pay 2 to equip Mask of Immolation to Marauding Raptor.
3. Cast Blacklance Paragon for B. Before it resolves, sacrifice Marauding Raptor to deal 1 damage to Tajic, killing him.
4. Blacklance Paragon resolves, targeting himself to gain deathtouch and lifelink.
5. Pay 0 to equip Mask of Immolation to Blacklance Paragon.
6. Sacrifice Blacklance Paragon to deal 1 deathtouch damage to either remaining blocker, killing it.
7. Attack with Syr Gwyn, hitting the opponent for 5, taking them to 2. (Unblockable due to menace.)
8. Cast Curry Favor to have the opponent lose 1 life, taking them to 1.
9. Pay 0 to equip Mask of Immolation to Syr Gwyn, then sacrifice her to deal 1 damage to the opponent for lethal! You win!


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Thanks for playing and tune in again next week!


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