Puzzle: Throne of Eldraine Preseason

It’s time for another Possibility Storm puzzle!

With all the Throne of Eldraine cards now released, it’s time to start puzzling our way through the new set? We hope you’ve brought your appetite for this one. Good luck!

Also, congratulations to @FoheoTwitch for winning last week’s Kiki-Jiki prize draw! Everyone seemed to enjoy that, so maybe we’ll have todo more of that in the future.

Possibility Storm MTG Puzzle
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  1. Cast Giant Opportunity to make three Food tokens.
  2. Cast Treats to Share to make a Food token.
  3. Cast Curious Pair from exile.
  4. Tap Witch’s over to sacrifice Curious Pair to make a Food token.
  5. Use Oko’s ultimate to exchange control of Witch’s oven and either blocker.
  6. Attack with Wicked Wolf and Manaleaf Rider. Before damage,sacrifice all six Food tokens to the Wicked Wolf to make it a 9/9, and connect for 12 unblockable.


Competitive puzzling for the Throne of Eldraine season opens October 8 over at the Possibility Storm Patreon. Give it a shot and take home some sweet prizes!

Thanks for playing – see you again next week!


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