Puzzle: The Massacre *Solution*

Welcome back to Possibility Storm for another week of mind-melting goodness!

From the moment Massacre Girl was previewed, our gears were spinning on how to make an intense puzzle with her as the centerpiece. Well, not to put the cards before the horse, but I think we did her justice. See if you can dodge all the traps and solve this week’s puzzle. Only 17% of our competitors got it right!

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This one had a lot of traps to fall into—did you manage to avoid them? Here’s a quick overview of ways you could go wrong:

  • Dreadhorde Butcher + Massacre Girl. This interaction causes Dreadhorde Butcher to die as a 0/0, so its triggered ability will deal 0 damage.
  • Massacre Girl + multiple simultaneous creature deaths. She’s not exactly Hearthstone’s defile, as she re-triggers on each death, not once for each “successful” round.
  • Massacre Girl’s effect lasts until end of turn, so if anything dies at an unfortunate time—say, for example, during first strike damage—her ability will trigger again, perhaps before other damage is dealt as expected!

Let’s take a look at how all this adds up to the solution.

The Solution

  1. Cast Merfolk Trickster. Use its ETB to target Drover of the Mighty, making it back into a 1/1.
  2. Cast Kaya’s Ghostform on Merfolk Trickster because you’re going to want its ETB effect again later. Flux Channeler and Spellgorger Weird both trigger, leaving all three of your initial creatures as 5/5s.
  3. Cast Massacre Girl. Her ETB kills Drover of the Mighty, which triggers her, as well as Midnight Reaper, taking the opponent down to 3. Everything has -1/-1.
  4. Massacre Girl’s second trigger resolves, killing Merfolk Trickster and Midnight Reaper. Massacre Girl triggers twice, Kaya’s Ghostform triggers, and Midnight Reaper triggers (which will take the opponent down to 2.) Everything has -2/-2.
  5. Stack both of Massacre Girl’s remaining triggers to resolve first, giving everything a total of -4/-4 but not causing any new creatures to die.
  6. Now resolve Kaya’s Ghostform’s trigger, bringing Merfolk Trickster back to the battlefield to tap Rhonas. (If you tap Zetalpa instead, Rhonas will be able to block Rigging Runner and will die to first strike damage, triggering Massacre Girl again to wipe your board before they can connect for player damage!)
  7. Attack with your three 1/1s into their 0/4 Zetalpa. They take 2 for lethal.

The War of the Spark competitive puzzle season runs Apr 30th – June 28th through Possibility Storm’s patreon campaign. Follow the leaderboard to see who’s going to take home prizes from Magic Core 2020 upon its release!

Thanks for playing and tune in again next week!

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