Puzzle: Send in the Clones

This week’s puzzle is the first “Mythic” difficulty challenge of the THB season, and this one is full to the brim with tricky moves you’ll need to use to win. Only about a dozen people solved it so far. Can you make it 13?

Theros Beyond Death Puzzle 3
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Check back next week for the solution!

Last Week’s Solution

Looking for the solution to last week’s puzzle? View the puzzle here, and scroll down for the official solution!

  1. Attack with all creatures, mentoring the Living Twister.
  1. Since all our creatures have power 3 or greater, Deputy of Detention cannot survive blocking, and if it dies, we gain access to 21 mana. Since Living Twister has a toughness of 6, it can’t be destroyed in combat, so we can use that 21 mana to bounce all seven lands and throw them all at our opponent, dealing 14, while at least 4 will get through during combat. Tl;dr: Deputy of Detention can’t block.
  1. Opponent’s best blocks are to let Truefire Captain and either 3/3 through, taking 7 to go to 10.
  1. Post-combat, cast Flicker of Fate on Deputy of Detention. While we temporarily control Nyxbloom Ancient, tap our five remaining lands for 15 mana. Use this mana to activate each of Living Twister’s abilities five times, discarding five lands to deal a lethal 10 damage to the opponent.

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