Puzzle: Revisiting the Macabre Mockery Puzzle *Solution*

Welcome back to the another Possibility Storm puzzle!

Possibility Storm’s first design for their Macabre Mockery preview card puzzle wound up harder than they wanted it to be, so they had to dial it back a little. But they pulled that version out of the archives this week for you to try.

Need a hint? There’s something unique about this card—for cards of its ilk—that the first version of the puzzle didn’t take advantage of…

Possibility Storm's latest brain challenge.
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  1. Attack with both Rowdy Crews, paying 2 mana to cover Baird’s ability.
  2. Once blocks are declared, cast Macabre Mockery targeting Hostage Taker.
  3. When Hostage Taker it enters the battlefield, exile one of the Dire Fleet Poisoners such that one of the Rowdy Crews is left unblocked by only one (or less) creature(s).
  4. Immediately after, cast Dire Fleet Poisoner, and with its ETB ability, target the Rowdy Crew that is blocked by three (or more) creatures.
  5. The less-blocked Rowdy Crew will deal at least 3 damage, and the more-blocked 6/6 deathtouch Rowdy Crew will also deal the rest for lethal (or more if the initial blocks were bad enough)!

The Ravnica Allegiance puzzle season is now over. War of the Spark season opens April 30th on the Possibility Storm Patreon. Think you’ve got what it takes to take home some prizes? There’s only one way to find out!

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