Puzzle: Ravnica Allegiance Sunset Puzzle – Difficulty: Mythic *Solution*

Welcome back to the Possibility Storm Ravnica Allegiance season finale puzzle! As per season finale tradition, this one is a real mindbinder.

With two big boards staring each other down and your opponent’s library growing thin, you have a choice: Do you try to mill them out, despite their Wand of Vertebrae? Or do you think you can deal 20 in one shot? Better yet, can you pick your line and do it faster than our quickest competitor did in 23m 27s?

A Possibility Storm graphic that shows a complex board state.
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Note: It’s not in the graphic, but please assume your own library also only has eight cards in it.

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  1. Activate Fanatical Firebrand, targeting Siren Stormtamer. Whether your opponent uses its ability to counter it or not, both creatures go to their respective graveyard. Haunt of Hightower gets one +1/+1 counters from your Firebrand hitting the bin, and your opponent’s graveyard increases to 10 cards.
  2. Activate Jaya’s second ability, discarding Fiery Finish, Salvager of Secrets, and Homarid Explorer. Draw three (irrelevant) cards, and Haunt of Hightower gets another three +1/+1 counters. (4 in total)
  3. Cast Mnemonic Betrayal. Note that Haunt does not get a counter here as Mnemonic Betrayal exiles itself as it resolves as part of its card text.
  4. Cast Act of Treason from exile, targeting Haunt of Hightower. Because it goes into your opponent’s graveyard as the last step of it resolving, you control the Haunt at that point and therefore it gets another +1/+1 counter. (5 total)
  5. Cast the other Act of Treason from exile, targeting Omnispell Adept. Haunt gets another +1/+1 counter. (6 total)
  6. Cast Vicious Rumors from exile. This puts three cards into your opponent’s graveyard (Swamp from hand, top card of the library, and itself), giving Haunt another three +1/+1 counters (9 total), and your opponent loses 1 life to go down to 19.
  7. Skip through combat without attacking. (Or attack with the Electromancer if you want, but it changes nothing.)
  8. At the beginning of the end step, Mnemonic Betrayal’s delayed trigger goes on the stack. Let it resolve to return the remaining seven exile cards to their owner’s (your opponent’s) graveyard. Haunt gets another seven +1/+1 counters. (16 total)
  9. Still in your end step, activate Omnispell Adept to cast Thud, sacrificing your 19/19 Haunt of Hightower to deal a lethal 19 damage to your opponent!

The Ravnica Allegiance puzzle season is now over. Congratulations to Allen Smith for claiming the championship! He won a booster box of War of the Spark and a Possibility Storm ‘Season Champion’ playmat. The rest of our Top 4 took home their prizes as well. (View the full leaderboard)

# Player Points # Player Points
1 Allen Smith 11.9 5 Eric Fletcher 10
2 Matthew Williams 11.4 6 Paul Barrett 9.9
3 Josh Oratz 10.6 7 Willem Boskaljon 9.2
4 Justin Francis 10.5 8 Nicholas Ptacek 9.1

War of the Spark competitive season begins on April 30th. If you want to compete for great prizes, be sure to sign up on the Possibility Storm Patreon before then to get registered! We’ll continue to have weekly puzzles until then, including one with a preview card just around the corner on April 8th. Stay tuned!

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