Puzzle: Parhelion II’s Crafty Crew

Welcome back to Possibility Storm for another week of Magic puzzles!

You control Magic’s biggest Vehicle in Parhelion II, but holy cow that crew cost isn’t cheap. Find a way to man your battle stations and smash in for 11 in this week’s puzzle!

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1. Cast Crafty Cutpurse
2. Cast Dowsing Dagger. You get two plants thanks to the Cutpurse's ability.
3. Cast Gird for Battle on one plant and the Cutpurse, then use those two creatures to crew Parhelion II.
4. Attack with Parhelion and your 6/6 Bioessence Hydra. Get two more 4/4 untapped vigilance Angels attacking from the Parhelion trigger.
5. Tap both Angels and the remaining untapped plant to cast Pack's Favor on Bioessence Hydra (or wait until after blocks are declared and put it on an unblocked Angel). Regardless of blocks, you'll wind up getting through for 4 + 4 + 3 = 11 for lethal!


The War of the Spark competitive puzzle season runs Apr 30th – June 28th through Possibility Storm’s patreon campaign. Follow the leader board to see who’s going to take home prizes from Magic Core 2020 upon its release!

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Thanks for playing and tune in again next week!

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