Puzzle: Oops, All Chandras

Welcome back to Possibility Storm for another week of Magic puzzles!

Holy moly – there are six Standard-legal Chandras right now! Well, there’s only thing to do with that… which is to make a puzzle with almost all of them! Can you harness the power of red magic to claim victory this turn?

Possibility Storm 124

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1. Use Chandra, Awakened Inferno's -X ability to deal 1 (or 2) damage to Rekindling Phoenix. Pay 1 to have Chandra's Regulator copy the effect, targeting Paladin of Atonement.
2. Cast Solar Flare. Drakuseth dies and is replaced by a 2/2 Zombie token. Paladin of Atonement and Rekindling Phoenix are both exiled because of the delayed effect from Chandra's -X in step 1.
3. Use Chandra, Acolyte of Flame's second 0 ability to create two 1/1 Elemental tokens with haste.  Pay 1 to have Chandra's Regulator copy the effect .
4. Use Chandra, Novice Pyromancer's +1.  Pay 1 to have Chandra's Regulator copy the effect.
5. Attack with your 8/6 Cavalier of Dawn and four 5/1 Elemental tokens. With two blockers left, your opponent takes 15 for lethal.

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