Puzzle: Once Smitten

It’s time for another Possibility Storm puzzle! With a trigger-happy board state and more than a few ways to deal direct damage, today’s puzzle might look like a breeze. But look closer and you’ll see that it’s quite the head-scratcher unless you notice that one crucial thing… Good luck!

Possibility Storm puzzle

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1. Cast Smitten Swordmaster from exile.
2. Cast Curry Favor. It doesn't target, so your opponent can't do anything about it with their Cerulean Drakes, so they take 4 to go down to 3.
3. Cast Stomp, targeting the opponent. (Stomp face!) Diamond Knight gets a +1/+1 counter. Since Stomp would deal lethal damage, your opponent has no choice but to counter by sacrificing a Drake.
4. When the Drake dies, it triggers both Vindictive Vampire and Syr Konrad. Due to APNAP ordering for putting effects on the stack, the Vampire's trigger will resolve first, so your opponent goes up to 4, then back down to 3.
5. When the Drake's ability resolves, Stomp is countered and goes to your graveyard (yep - even though it would have gone to exile had it resolved.) This also triggers Syr Konrad, so your opponent goes down to 2.
6. Attack! At least 1 damage will go through, and if your opponent is going to survive combat, they must block Diamond Knight, which would kill it, giving you a lethal Syr Konrad trigger. Win!


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Thanks for playing—see you again next week!


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