Puzzle: Not-So-Simply Sublime

Welcome back to Possibility Storm for another week of Magic puzzles!

In Possibility Storm’s first “Mythic”-difficulty puzzle of the Core 2020 Season, you’ve got a host of artifacts and artifact-related effects, but no clear way to deal the 12 damage needed to win this turn. Saheeli is here to help you though – think you can figure it out?

Possibility Storm puzzle

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1. Cast Role Reversal, exchanging Viashino Pyromancer for Pardic Wanderer. Saheeli makes a Servo.
2. Use Saheeli's ability to turn Retributive Wand into a copy of Pardic Wanderer until end of turn.
3. Equip Captain's Hook to the Pardic Wanderer copy.
4. Attack! Your 7/5 Menace is unblockable and hits the opponent for 7, taking them to 5.
5. At the end of your turn, Saheeli's ability ends and your Pardic Wanderer copy turns back into Retributive Wand. Because it is no longer a creature, Captain's Hook becomes unattached and its ability triggers to destroy Retributive Wand. When it is destroyed, it triggers - target the opponent to deal the final 5 damage in your cleanup step!

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