Puzzle: No Land. No Library. No Problem. *Solution*

Welcome back to another weekly Possibility Storm puzzle.

In this week’s Possibility Storm puzzle, you start with zero land on board and only a ticking-up Fall of the Thran to help gain access to spellslinging resources. The opponent is at a healthy 16 behind an army of blockers. Can you figure out how to punch through for enough to win this turn?

Come back on Wednesday to see if your answer matches the official solution.

Possibility Storm puzzle with a complex board state.
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  1. Return Forest and Plains using the trigger from Fall of the Thran.
  2. Cast Song of Freyalise.
  3. Tap non-Vona creatures for 3 mana (3) and Vona to kill Baird [you go to 10 life].
  4. Cast Wildgrowth Walker (1), explore, and get a +1/+1 counter, gain 3 life to go to 13, and untap and tap Famished Paladin (2).
  5. Cast Merfolk Branchwalker twice (0), gain 3 life to go to 19, and untap and tap Famished Paladin twice (2).
  6. Untap all creatures with Jace’s second ability.
  7. Tap non-Vona creatures for 3 mana (5), and Vona to kill Everdawn Champion [you go to 12 life].
  8. Cast Depths of Desire on Imperial Ceratops (2), and sac the Treasure for mana (3).
  9. Cast Rallying Roar (0), give all creatures +1, and untap them.
  10. Cast Enter the Unknown by tapping Famished Paladin, targeting it. Make it explore to get a +1/+1 counter, gain 3 life [15], and untap it.
  11. Go to attacks. Attack with Famished Paladin for 5, Vona (vigilance) for 5, Tenth District Veteran (vigilance) for 3, and Cacophodon for 3. Target Vona with Tenth District Veteran’s ability, but don’t let it resolve.
  12. Tap Vona to kill Dauntless Bodyguard [8 life].
  13. Resolve Tenth District Guard’s ability, untap Vona, then tap Vona to kill Temple Altisaur [1 life]
  14. No blockers left! Hit for 5 + 5 + 3 + 3 = 16.

Possibility Storm competitors are currently in the middle of the nine-puzzle Ravnica Allegiance season. Follow how they’re doing on the standings below. (View the full leaderboard)

# Player Points # Player Points
1 Allen Smith 6.5 5 Justin Francis 5.5
2 Matthew Williams 6 6 Paul Barrett 5.5
3 Josh Oratz 5.9 7 Willem Boskaljon 5.5
4 Eric Fletcher 5.7 8 Christian John Hazlett 5.2
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