Puzzle: Judge Judy’s Verdict *Solution*

Welcome back to another weekly Possibility Storm puzzle.

This week’s puzzle is our 100th edition! Thanks to all our readers and supporters for helping us get this far. We’re working on a bit of a celebratory announcement… more details soon.

See below for our latest “Mythic” difficulty puzzle. There are lots of ways to solve it, but dealing all 15 damage will take some finesse! See if you can solve it before the answer appears here on Wednesday.

Possibility Storm puzzle featuring a complicated Magic: The Gathering board state and an opponent at 15 life.
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  1. Tap all four lands. (4 mana)
  2. Cast Grand Warlord Radha. (0)
  3. Attack with all but Novice Knight, and get 5 mana in any combination of red and green from Radha. (5)
  4. Cast Status on Judith. (4)
  5. Before blocks, sacrifice Novice Knight to Pitiless Pontiff. Elenda gets two +1 counters. Target Shalai and Radha with Judith’s triggers such that Shalai’s will resolve first, killing both due to deathtouch. Elenda gets two more +1 counters. (3)
  6. When Radha dies, you get two more Judith triggers. Target Rakdos and deal 1 to the opponent. Elenda gets another +2 and is now a 8/7.
  7. Attack. Elenda must be blocked by Humongulus or else you can deal overkill. Damage happens: hit for 3 (Judith), 3 (Pontiff), and 3 (Teysa) for 9—total damage so far 10—taking them down to 5.
  8. Sacrifice Elenda. Make a horde of irrelevant Vampires. Target the opponent with both Judith triggers, taking them down to 3. (2 mana)
  9. Sacrifice Teysa. Target the opponent with both Judith triggers, taking them down to 1. (1 mana)
  10. Sacrifice Judith, target the opponent with the one trigger to finish them off. (0 mana)


It is also possible to kill only Shalai in step 5 and then decide how to proceed depending on blocks. Effectively, Elenda must always be blocked. If Radha is blocked, sac her and Elenda to hit the opponent for 4, then finish them off with Judith triggers post-combat, If Teysa/Judith are blocked by Rakdos, sac Elenda to hit the opponent for 1 and Rakdos for 1, then finish them off with Judith triggers post-combat.

A lot of people who solved it used this direction, actually. It takes a little more time to solve and type out, but it gets the job done all the same!


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# Player Points # Player Points
1 Matthew Williams 3.9 5 Willem Boskaljon 3.2
2 Allen Smith 3.6 6 Justin Francis 3
3 Josh Oratz 3.5 7 Nicholas Ptacek 3
4 Paul Barrett 3.2 8 Eric Fletcher 2.9
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