Puzzle: It’s Proliferatin’ Time! *Solution*

Welcome back to Possibility Storm for another week of Magic puzzles!

It’s you and a gazillion ways to proliferate against an opponent who’s barely been hit all game and is still at 19. Things are looking iffy and you need to win this turn. Can you use the various tools at your disposal to pull it off?

A Magic: The Gathering puzzle from Possibility Storm.

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  1. Play your Forest, proliferate just Marwyn.
  2. Play Kaya’s Ghostform on Vraska.
  3. Cast Scapeshift, leaving one land untapped. Sacrifice all five tapped lands and grab five basics from your library that enter the battlefield tapped. Proliferate Vraska twice and Marwyn all five times.
  4. Use Angrath’s -3 to steal World Shaper.
  5. Tap your 8/8 Marwyn to add GGGG GGGG, Cast Vivien Reid and Sylvan Awakening to make your remaining untapped land a 2/2.
  6. Use Vraska’s (who is at 3 loyalty counters) -3 ability to destroy World Shaper.
    1. Vraska dies due to state-based effects when paying for the ability, triggering Kaya’s Ghostform to return her to the battlefield with her starting 6 loyalty counters.
    2. Vraska’s ability resolves, destroying World Shaper. Return all five lands in your graveyard to the battlefield tapped.
    3. Proliferate five more times, choosing Vraska and Vivien each time to give each of them enough loyalty to use their ultimate abilities.
  7. Ultimate Vivien to get her emblem giving all your creatures +2/+2 and trample.
  8. Ultimate Vraska to bring your opponent to 1.
  9. Attack with a 5/4 Evolution Sage and a 4/4 land, both trample. Your opponent has a total of 8 toughness to block with and will take at least 1 for lethal. for the answer!

The War of the Spark competitive puzzle season runs Apr 30th – June 28th through Possibility Storm’s Patreon campaign. Follow the leaderboard to see who’s going to take home prizes from Magic Core 2020 upon its release!

# Player Points # Player Points
1 Eric Fletcher 5.2 5 Ethan Brown 4.3
2 Allen Smith 5.0 6 Christian John Hazlett 4.2
3 Matthew Williams 4.8 7 Paul Barrett 4.1
4 Justin Daily 4.4 8 Justin Francis 4.1

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Thanks for playing and tune in again next week!

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