Puzzle: I’m the Jugg… or not.

Welcome back to another weekly Possibility Storm puzzle.

In this week’s Possibility Storm puzzle, you need to get a handle on your overzealous Juggernaut to punch through for 8 without letting the opponent gain too much off of their lifelinkers. Can you figure it out faster than our best competitor did? You’ve got 4 minutes and 48 seconds. Tick tock…

Come back on Wednesday to see if your answer matches the official solution.

Possibility Storm Magic: The Gathering puzzle.

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1. Cast Skirk Prospector.

2. Cast Luminous Bonds on your Juggernaut.

3. Attacks: attack only with Ledev Champion, and tap your other four creatures to give it +4/+4.

4. Cast Electrodominance for X=2, sacrifice Skirk Prospector, target the opponent, and cast Metamorphic Alteration, targeting Ledev Champion. When it enters the battlefield, have it become a copy of Azorius Knight-Arbiter. It keeps the +4/+4.

5. Connect for 6 plus the two from Electrodominance for a lethal 8.


Possibility Storm competitors are currently in the middle of the nine-puzzle Ravnica Allegiance season. Follow how they’re doing on the standings below. (View the full leaderboard)

# Player Points # Player Points
1 Allen Smith 7.9 5 Paul Barrett 6.7
2 Matthew Williams 7.5 6 Willem Boskaljon 6.5
3 Josh Oratz 6.9 7 Jérémie Ross-Latour 6.4
4 Justin Francis 6.8 8 Eric Fletcher 6.2
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