Puzzle: How Do We Know It’s a Puzzle? Burn It!

Hello and welcome back for another week of Possibility Storm puzzles!

Throne of Eldraine just gave us too many Monty Python references to deal with like responsible adults… so this happened. Yes, we’ve finally hit peak geek. And we are not sorry.

Possibility Storm puzzle Monty Python

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1. Assume the opponent uses Henge now to gain 2 and go up to 7, since they'll do it at some point.
2. Cast Trapped in the Tower on Syr Carah.
3. Give everything trample and haste with Kenrith.
4. Attack! They must block Kenrith with Questing Beast, or they die.
5. Sacrifice Kenrith to Noble, Noble and Populace both get a +1 counter.
6. Trample over for 3 + 3 + 2 vs 1 toughness to hit for a lethal 7.

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Thanks for playing and tune in again next week!


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